Physical therapy is one of the methods used to care for and rehabilitate the body, helping it regain mobility and function normally in daily activities. It is commonly administered after injuries, fractures, surgeries, nerve disorders
and even for those experiencing office syndrome, body aches, and any condition affecting daily life. However, the treatment approach may vary.
During each treatment session, patients receive an assessment and a personalized rehabilitation plan from skilled physical therapists with expertise in diagnosis and rehabilitation planning. This approach aims to reduce pain, prevent further injuries, increase muscle strength and flexibility, and improve overall body function for long-term quality of life.
Today, LifeSara would like to take you on a tour to explore physical therapy clinics around Bangkok. It’s essential to know where to go to alleviate pain, improve comfort, and support your recovery. Don’t wait any longer; let’s find out which clinics are worth a visit!

Kaorarinsuk Clinic

For those experiencing office syndrome, back pain, or individuals who require physical therapy treatment, Kao Ror Kao Ruin Suk Clinic is the place to consider. They offer a longer treatment duration than general hospitals or clinics,
with a strong focus on providing comprehensive care in an affordable price range.

Established with the aim of fully caring for patients, they prioritize treatment duration, with each session lasting approximately 90 minutes. During this time, they emphasize manual therapy and employ suitable equipment tailored to each patient’s condition. This approach helps individuals who are not feeling well with their bodies relax, relieve pain, and reduce tension effectively.


Treatment duration of 90 minutes, longer than typical clinics, allowing for more comprehensive and deep treatment that covers various conditions.
– Although the clinic primarily emphasizes manual therapy, they also employ state-of-the-art technology like large hospitals.
These include advanced treatments such as Focus Shockwave and High Power Laser at prices significantly lower than larger medical facilities!

📌 Promotions :
– Treatment costs range from 1,200 to 1,600 Baht, with treatment sessions lasting up to 90 minutes, provided by physical therapists at every stage.
– Focus Shockwave, with 1,500 shocks, is available at the lowest price of 700 Baht!
– Utilize a buffet-style approach to physical therapy equipment with the “All You Can Treat” package at 1,990 Baht.
– Special discounts of up to 22-35% are available when purchasing treatment packages.


📍Locations :
Phatthanakan Branch (094-746-5419)
On Nut 90 Branch (062-992-4656)

📌 Contact :
Line Official : @kaorarinsuk (มี @ นำหน้า)
Web : Click Link
FB : คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด ก้าวระรินสุข
IG : kaorarinsuk
Youtube : Click Link


ROOTS Physio

For those traveling to the Nonthaburi area, consider ROOTS PHYSIO CLINIC, a clinic that offers both physical therapy and pilates services all in one place. With its warm and homey style, you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable,
almost like being in a cozy cafe.

The physical therapy services provided here are top-notch, with comprehensive equipment and experienced physical therapists ready to help you with various conditions. Whether you’re experiencing neck pain, back pain, office syndrome, sports injuries, or if you’re interested in playing pilates, the clinic has you covered.


📌 Highlight
– Convenient parking facilities and easy access, located near The Mall Ngam Wong Wan, just 5 minutes away, and close to the Srirat Expressway.
– Suitable for individuals with chronic pain, office syndrome, sports injuries, elderly individuals, and those interested in pilates.
– A private and well-equipped clinic that is clean and convenient.

📌 Promotions
– Physical therapy sessions range from 1,500 to 2,500 Baht per session.
– Private pilates classes are available for 1,200 Baht per session (1:1).

Special discounts
– Up to 12% when purchasing treatment packages.
– Additional 10% discount if it’s their birthday month.
– Free structural and movement assessment worth 300 Baht for physical therapy or pilates clients.


📍 Location : 3 Ngam Wong Wan Soi 6, Intersection 3, Ngam Wong Wan Road, Bang Khen, Nonthaburi Province

📌 Contact :
FB : ROOTS PHYSIO CLINIC คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
Line : @rootsphysio
Tel : 095-578-6393 | 02-550-7354


DGAN Physio Clinic Nonthaburi

Continuing with physiotherapy clinics, we have DGAN PHYSIO CLINIC. This charming clinic is trusted by many, especially teenagers with back pain and office workers. They offer a unique “DGAN STRETCHING” technique that focuses on muscle and nerve stretching. No matter where your pain is, DGAN PHYSIO CLINIC is ready to help you stretch your muscles effectively.

But that’s not all; they also have the “DGAN Relax & Go” program, which combines physical therapy and relaxation massage. Whether you’re in pain, tired, or feeling sore, this program can help. They even provide postpartum massages to prevent breast engorgement and address low milk supply issues in breastfeeding mothers. Plus, it helps new mothers relax from taking care of their babies. In short, this clinic has solutions for a variety of problems.


📌 Highlight
– They offer two massage programs suitable for those with muscle and nerve pain as well as post-illness fatigue.
– They have programs designed for mothers who need to breastfeed but face issues with engorgement and low milk supply.


📍 Location : 91/7 DGAN Physio Clinic, Bang Krang Sub-district, Mueang Nonthaburi District, Nonthaburi 11000

📌 Opening Hours :
Tuesday – Friday: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM – 19:00 น.
*Closed on Mondays

📌 Contact
FB : DGAN Physio Clinic คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด นนทบุรี
Line : @dgan_physio_clinic
Tel : 094-889-9996


Banrakkhun Physioclinic

For those who are looking for a comprehensive physiotherapy clinic that cares for you like family, you should definitely get to know “Ban Rak Khun” This clinic is ready to provide complete and comforting physical therapy for various conditions, including neurological problems, orthopedic issues, and more. You can receive comprehensive physical therapy here without needing to go anywhere else. Additionally, they offer free assessments, so you should definitely give it a try.


📌 Highlight
– Professional physiotherapists take care of your rehabilitation comprehensively, including bone, muscle, and nervous system issues.
– They use gentle and specialized physiotherapy techniques, along with modern technological tools like Electrical Stimulation and PMS (Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation) to aid in recovery.
– You can come in for a consultation or assessment without any charge.

📌 Promotion and Service Rates :
– Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation programs are available for just 999 Baht per session (for new customers), reduced from the regular price of 1,500 Baht.
**This price includes :

  • Pulsed Magnetic Stimulation (PMS)
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • Cervical/Lumbar Traction
  • Heat/Cold Therapy and Free assessment


📍 Location : Phutthamonthon Sai 2 Road, Bang Khae District, Bangkok
(near Phetkasem Road)
🕐 Opening Hours : Daily from 10:00 – 19:00 (Reservations are recommended)

📌 Contact
Tel : 065-145-1536 | 065-141-5536
Line : Banrakkhun
FB : บ้านรักษ์คุณ คลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
IG : Banrakkhun_physioclinic




Finally, let’s conclude with “Atik Clinic,” a physiotherapy clinic that boasts over 20 years of experience with physiotherapists who have graduated from Mahidol University. They also have Thai traditional medicine practitioners who are skilled in treating various conditions right at its source using detailed manual techniques and state-of-the-art tools. This combination allows for precise diagnosis and improved pain management. The clinic offers a serene and private atmosphere, and it’s known for its cleanliness and personalized care. If you’re looking for physical therapy that relaxes both your body and mind, this is another highly recommended option.


📌 Highlight
– Free consultations with a focus on helping patients recover at reasonable prices.
– Suitable for those experiencing office syndrome, chronic headaches, chronic neck pain, or anyone who has received treatment at multiple places with unsatisfactory results.
– The clinic can deeply analyze physical issues, from sports injuries to knee pain, ankle pain, and stiffness in various joints.

📌 Promotions andService Rates:
– They offer course packages for 5 or 10 sessions.
– Treatment sessions are priced at 800 Baht for 1 hour and 30 minutes. They also have extended treatment options.


📍Location : Bang Sri Muang, Nonthaburi
Opening Hours : Daily from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Advance booking is recommended)

📌 Contact
Tel : 081-456-3226
FB : อธิกคลินิกกายภาพบำบัด
Line: @atkclinic