It is true that nobody can drive the moment they are born as everyone needs to learn how to crawl and walk which isn’t that different from driving. Although driving is a comfortable time for a lot of people, it’s also a very dangerous affair because you won’t know what’s going to happen during the ride.

As we have said, no one can drive the moment they were born but people should also place a lot of importance on the first time. We all have heard of people who practiced driving with their families which isn’t a wrong thing to do but if something were to happen, then it would be a big trouble for everyone involved.

Therefore, driving with a professional driving school is way better than training with someone you know as it doesn’t only speed things up but also reduces the chance of friction with your family members as well as the risk for accidents.

If any of you are looking to learn driving then Lifesara would like to recommend you the D Driver driving school as this is a private driving school that teaches driving, test driving skills and is certified by the Department of Land Transport with a lot of professional instructors to boot!

If you want to be able to handle the wheel you must be able to handle it correctly. What constitutes this “correct” word? If you are wondering then read on and learn about this driving school and why we shouldn’t do it ourselves. Read on to learn about those points!

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Driving School teaches you the right mindset

Before even getting into the car,the school will give you the correct mindset as a lot of Thai people nowadaysoverlook the fact that driving school is a necessary part of the learning process.Driving school methodis definitely better than self-learning but due to a lot of factors,Thai people areoverlookingthis factand fearthat it would be a waste of money


Driving School provides you with more than a driving lesson

A lot of people are probably thinking that self-learning is betterin many ways as it is more convenient,but did you know that a driving school doesn’t only teaches drivingtechniques and how totap the accelerator and the brakes but also the basics on how to driveto keep other peoplesafe and reducesan accident as well asthe related laws.

These include the traffic law, traffic light, traffic signs and other signs on the road. Therefore, learning with the school will also help make everyone drive safely and abide by the law more than self-learning as the school is the correct standard before getting on to the real roads.


Reduces risk, increase safety

The school is run by professionals who can deal with unforeseeable emergencies better than your family members as the driving school’s car isn’t exactly the same as your average car where the gear and brakes system is on the driver side only.

Here the cars have their gears and brake system on both sides; therefore, learning with the school carries much less risk and is a lot safer than learning by yourself as there is a professional who can resolve the situation better.


Learn driving techniques from the pros

Driving school always has some tips that make it better than your family member as every instructor here received a qualification from the Department of Land Transport that matches the type of car they are instructing for.

Therefore, learning from the true professionalcan help make you a lot more confident when getting on the road.If you are afraid that the instructor is going to use only the school’sground for driving then you would bewrong as the school does take you to anactual road so no need to fret aboutnot getting on an actual road,you definitely will get to!


Comprehensive tools and equipment

The school doesn’t only teach the right driving techniques as before teaching and driving license exam the school will measure the student’s eye capability according to the Department of Land Transport’s specification. The cars are also very sturdy with all the equipment required by law which make the school a certified institution when it comes to safety.


Makes your driving license exam easier

Driving school is an integral part of a driving license exam and isn’t something that far from the truth. During the practical training,

there is no way we could know the theoretical exams and all the questions.wbr This is further complicated if you are not trained with a professional directly. wbr wbr

As we have read, learning how to drive isn’t focused only on getting onto the road but also becoming aware of safety factors when using the roads with other people, a basic courtesy in driving, as well as the law when driving.


D Driver driving school

If you are looking for a high quality and comprehensive driving school then D Driver school is the choice that a lot of Thai people recommend as this is another private driving school that is certified by the Department of Land Transport.

The school covers training and teaching all the way to the driving exams which mean once you finish the course you can take the driving license exam right away. They offer courses for cars, motorbikes, vehicles for land transportation Tor.2 Tor. 3 and various other vehicles as well.

This is another school that aggregates together a lot of professionals that will closely take care of you with a friendly atmosphere that will make the course a breeze while keeping everything safe. If you plan on getting a driver license or want to learn how to drive then this is the place. Try visiting a branch near you, they have more than 25 branches around the country.

See their details and locations here.

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