You lived in Bangkok (or bordering provinces), you have a car, and its surface is in need of some protection. But where can you get that around here? In that case, you’re in luck. Because LifeSara got your back right here in this post!

Glass Coating is what your car needs to keep its surface shiny and clean while braving the blazing sunlight and filthy smog that is Bangkok. If you see some nice looking car pulled up next to you that has a clear, reflective sheening film on its body, that film is the glass coating we’re talking about!

💡But what exactly did glass coating so?

Glass coating can prevent light scratching that comes from dust, pebbles, or asphalt that flicked up from the ground while your tires are spinning. It’s also protecting against UV and being water-repellant, which help protects your car from acid rains and other liquid that’ll come into contact with the surface!

While all glass coating can protects your car from elements, their prices can varied based on their hardness, which also dictates how much scratching they can withstand, ranging from 1 H the softest to 10 H the hardest. So you can choose the right hardness for your budget!

And here are 9 glass coating services in and around Bangkok that will give you the great quality for a reasonable price in 2022! Let’s see if you can find the right shop for you!


Wisdom Car Detailing & Hotel Garage

Our first choice is the premium car detailing service in Bangkok! From wash and vacuum, dry-ice blasting, and window tinting, to car and motorcycle sitting. And while your car is chilling in the spa, you can spend your time in Wisdom’s facilities like cafe and co-working space, so don’t worry about wasting your time.

As for the coating, Wisdom is proud to present 2 different ceramic coatings you can choose from!

First coating is imported from Japan and it’s famous for being highly resistant to Thailand’s unpredictable weather. No matter sunlight or rain, your car will always look good as new.

Another coating is the US imported coating under the famous brand Adams! This coating comes with 10H+ hardness to protect your car from any scratch short of directly crashing your car!

Aside from what we just said, both coatings will protect your car from water, bird dropping, insect, tree’s resin, light scratching, and UV ray!

But even the best coating in the world would fall short if the proper IPA wasn’t applied before hand!! Don’t worry about that, though, because Wisdom only uses proper IPA from either Menzerna or Sonax only! From version 400, 2400, to 3800, Wisdom’s mechanics with more than 10 years worth of experience will choose the best one for your car! So your car can looks the best it could have been! And 80% of the coating process with Wisdom is surface cleaning and prepping before actual coating! Along with applying protective film both inside and outside your car!

Wisdom guarantees that every car will be at their best clean and shining self before the coating begins!! Because Wisdom Car cares about your car, and you ✨

📌Promotion :
– NEW !! For ceramic coating (3 years onward), free protection film around the door handles and fuel tank lid.
– Ceramic coating 12,999 Baht for every car of every size with 1 year warranty
(Service every 3 months for up to 4 times a year, unlimited claims!!)
– New member got 50% discount off of car washing
– Every member can collects points from every service to redeem for more promotion/souvenir

📍Location : Wisdom Car Detailing & Hotel Garage
22 Soi Krung Thep Kritha 32 Khwaeng Saphan Sung, Khet Saphan Sung, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240

Tel : 097-962-6393
Line : @wisdom.bkk
IG : @wisdom.bkk
FB : Wisdom Car Detailing & Hotel Garage
Email :


TPS The Perfect Shine

Next up we got an autoservice in Ratchadapisek; TPS The Perfect Shine! This is the place where you can get premium car services with world-class products from Japan, USA, Germany, Canada, and much more. All of them will be applied by artisans with more than 15 years of experience!! From all manners of coating like glass, ceramic and graphene, to protection films and window tinting! TPS is large enough to works on many customers at once, and you can waiting comfortably with a cup of coffee 😎

TPS is one of the great place to visit if you want only the best for your metal baby, because your car will be pampered with the world-class products such as:

– TPS Crystal Coating, imported from Japan
– REVIVIfy Auto Protection, Self-Healing glass and graphene coating imported from Canada
– SCHOLL Concepts, High-end color coating from Germany

– Mothers®, color coating from USA
– Inozetek, high quality wrapping for easy car color changing
– Blaupunkt, protection film and window tinting product

📌Promotion :
20% Discount for glass coating, ceramic coating, or graphene coating. For LifeSara’s reader only!

📍Location : 60 Ratchadaphisek Rd Khwaeng Chan Kasem, Khet Chatuchak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10900

TEL : 087-598-5555
LINE : @tps.perfectshine
IG : tps.perfectshine
FB : TPS The Perfect Shine
Email :


Lush Cardetailing

Our third service is in Srinagarindra area. Lush Cardetailing has provided services to more than 5,000 cars for over 10 years!

But their charm is at their ceramic coating, because Lush imported their own 10 H ceramic coating directly from Japan! If you don’t believe us, you can ask to see the coating’s certifications that came from the factory with every lots! And the perfect coating must comes with a perfect IPA, and Lush’s IPA is a USA products that will gives every car a bright shine like they just came out of an assembly line!

📌Promotion : 3 years warranty for service from 4,900 Baht upward.

📍Location : 456 Soi Srinakarindra 46/1 Khwaeng Nong Bon, Khet Prawet, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250

Tel : 090-965-5569
FB : Lush Cardetailing : ศูนย์บริการเคลือบแก้วเซรามิค
Line@ : lushcardetailing


Baan Ruk Rod Car Detailing

Seaside driver heads up! Baan Ruk Rod Car Detailing has been opened in Bang Khun Thian district for more than 13 years! More than 5,000 cars have been treated to Baan Ruk Rod’s car spa ranges from ceramic coating, PPF protection film, and many other services! Not only will this shop taking a good care of your car, but there’re also many bonus for their customers too! Discount, freebies, and many other attention to detail for their customer’s satisfaction🔥🔥

📌Promotion :
– For one ceramic coating; Free protective film!
– Also free protective film for ceramic coating + scratch protection inside the car!

📍Location : 7 Soi Thakarm, Khwaeng Tha Kham, Khet Bang Khun Thian, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10150

Tel : 086-556-6999
Line : baanrukrod
FB : บ้านรักรถ Cardetailing
Web :


Lab Car Detailing

If you’re living in Bangkapi area, Lab Car Detailing is a skillful shop you can depend on! The shop owner here can work miracle with many cars that Lab Car has a long queue for every car care services from ceramic and glass coating to rust remover and every filmwork your car will need✨

But not only will your car being tended to by professionals, but every product that’ll touch your car is also the premium imported products with affordable price! Because Lab Car Detailing is an importer itself! No middle man😎

📌Promotion :
– Ceramic10H Coating: 4,900 Baht onward, 3 years warranty

📍Location : 197/2 Thanon Rat Phatthana, Khwaeng Saphan Sung, Khet Saphan Sung, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240

Tel : 064-672-8272
Line : @Labcardetailing
FB : LAB Cardetailing : ศูนย์บริการเคลือบเซรามิค


Millennium Car Care & Coffee

Our next shop is a bit far away in Nakhon Pathom, but Millennium Car Care & Coffee is considered one of the premium service of this province! And while they treat your car with utmost care, you can also chillin’ with a cuppa and some sugar fix in their cafe section as well🥰

But one of the best service in this shop is the fact that only 240 Baht is enough to get your car wash and vacuum with skillful mechanics and premium products! If you elect for their coating service, however, they’re very meticulous in their service with up to 9 steps to treat your car:

1. Spray inside car cabin with disinfectant agents
2. Wash the surface with Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax Shampoo
3. Wipe the car dry with Supreme Shine™ Microfiber Towel and blower
4. Apply Speed Detailer on surface to keep that car clean and protected against elements
5. Wipe clean and coating the car with Glass Cleaner

6. Clean the wheels with Quik Wheel Detailer
7. Coat the tire with Endurance Tire Dressing
8. Brush and vacuum carpets and interior of the cabin
9. Inspect and clean up any detail left behind, before disinfect the cabin one more time and return the car to customer

Every washing and waxing is done with premium grade product, and for the coating customer, you can return for check up every 4 months up to 3 times for free! Such service ✨

📌Service Price :

– Deep Crystal Ultra coating: From 10,000 Baht onward
– Profiline Ceramic Coating CC36: From 11,000 Baht onward

📌Promotion :
– For every purchase of car cleaning coupon book, free 1 Color X coating session!

📍Location : 2/13 Moo 6, Petchkasem Rd, Tambon Tha Kham, Sam Phran District, Nakhon Pathom 73110
-Open every day from 8.00 – 19.00

Tel : 02-429-7168-69 | 065-956-7169
LINE : @millenniumcarcare
Email :
FB : Millennium Car Care & Coffee


Cleanly Car AutoService

If you prefer to trust your car in the old hand of this field, Cleanly Car AutoService is one of the legendary car detailing shop who has opened for more than 20 years! With many customers singing praise to their acquaintances and many household brand-name cars come over for their services, Cleanly Car AutoService has grow to has 3 shops in their name, with their main location at Pata Department Store under the name Mr.Cleanly✨

For 20 years that Cleanly Car has been in business, this autoservice is not just about washing car and vacuum carpet, but also vastly experienced in all manners of coating, coloring, and leather care! Every mechanics are well-trained from spotting the scratch to applying glass or ceramic coating as customer order, so you can trust in Cleanly Car just as many other Thai has been for decades👍👍

📍Location : There’re 3 shops in Bangkok
Pata Department Store
Soi Arun Ammarin 30
Soi Nuan Chan 22

Tel : 02-096-3300 | 061-856-4696
Line : @cleanlycar
FB : ศูนย์เคลือบแก้วเคลือบเซรามิกเต็มระบบ CleanlyCarAutoService


Caractor Car Wash and Full-System Detailing

If Nakhon Pathom is too far for you, but you’re still looking to not stray far from western Bangkok, Caractor Car Wash and Full-System Detailing is a professional service provider on the new Prannok – Kanchanaphisek Rd! You can drive into their shop with a budget in mind, and Caractor will mix and match their services until they can fulfill your wish within your quota! Where else can you find detailing shop as caring to you as this one!?

Caractor’s customer care is good, but their detailing services are even better! From casual car wash and vacuum, to removing scratches and cleaning off road debris and asphalt that digging themselves into your beloved car’s surface. You can even put some color wrapping to change your car color with no hassle, too! Caractor is a one-stop service for everything your metal baby needed to shine👍

📌Promotion :

Caractor Car Wash and Full-System Detailing has 3 main promotions:

1. For every 8 points, you’ll get 1 free car washing and vacuuming session. You’ll get 1 point for every car washing and vacuuming session, and 1 more point for every purchased service above 500 Baht (The point has no expiration)

2. Cash Voucher *
– When purchasing a 3,000 Baht coupon, you’ll received a coupon worth 3,500 Baht
– When purchasing a 5,000 Baht coupon, you’ll receive a coupon worth 6,000 Baht

*For every service you received here, the cost will be deduct from your overall voucher for flexibility. There’ll be no service fix for every package, and your voucher has no expiration.

**Cash coupon use will not received promotion point
**Cash coupon can be used with every other service except deep scratch remover, ceramic coating, protection film, window tinting and color wrapping.

3. For every ceramic coating
– 1 year program got 5% discount for every car size
– 2 years program got 10% discount for every car size
– 3 year program got 15% discount for every car size

📍Location : 216 Phran Nok Phutthamonthon Sai 4 Rd Khwaeng Bang Phrom, Khet Taling Chan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10170

Tel : 080-433-4445
Line : @caractor.garage (with @)
FB : Caractor Car Wash & Full-System Detailing
IG : caractor.garage


Wizard Carcare

Let’s wrap up our list with a household name of car detailer in Thailand like Wizard Carcare, who has more than 50 shops in and around Bangkok that has opened for business for more than 25 years ✨

Not only did Wizard Club is a service provider, but also a company of R&D for all things about car care! From automatic car wash machine, to “AIR KLEAN by Wizard”, the first micro-cam air-con washing machine that you don’t have to take your car apart! There’re also many other chemical inventions in Wizard’s name that will not only taking good care of your car, but the environment as well!

So of course that the Wizard car detailing services are top-notch! One of those service that every car lover should try at least once is their crystal glass coating that using the same grade silica as spacecraft! That silica comes with nano-technology that increase its adhesion to the surface, so it can protect your car from every elements! And it’s water repellent too 🥰

We hope you haven’t forgot about AIR KLEAN yet, because that’s also another gimmick you can’t find elsewhere! Only in Wizard Club can you get your car air-con washed thoroughly without having to taken your car apart! They even have a special cleaning agent for washing out dust and insect with no salt in the mix! So don’t worry about hurting your car at all!! Confirm!

📍 Location : Click here!

Tel : 02-538-8111
Line : @wizardmember
FB :