but did you know that this law was already in place for a long time. This law is found in the Land Traffic Act (5th Edition) 2538 B.E. which required that everyone in a car must wear a seatbelt.

This means that if a parent owns a car, acquiring a car seat is the most important thing right now as it acts as another type of seat belt that will play a role in preventing and reducing the impact of an unforeseen accident and can help reduce the mortality chance by up to 70% and reduce the chance of heavy injuries by up to 45%, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

However, the use of seatbelt is still a contentious issue as even though a car seat can dramatically boost the survival chance of children in an accident, it is also a very expensive price of equipment. As Thailand lacked any welfare relating to this piece of equipment, many families are still on the fence about this equipment and its prices. Still, it’s impossible to deny that the presence of a car seat is the best way going forward as it provides a level of comfort and safety that more than covers the cost of a car seat itself.

There are many car seats out there to choose from but the type that a parent should choose for their children must receive a ISOFIX standard or a UN standard for installation that use a steel core near the car’s folding seat. This will help ensure that it is compatible with your car. We recommend checking whether your car can accommodate an ISOFIX pole or not beforehand!

Lifesara will be sharing the best, high quality 5 car seat brands that are updated for 2022 as an option for you and your child to keep them safe. We guaranteed that you wouldn’t feel like your money has gone to waste, As for the brands; lets’ go have a look. ✨



Let’s start with the brand Leaman リーマン チャイルドシー, a very trendy car seat from Japan. They are still a newcomer to the Thai market but in Japan, the brand has been selling car seats for more than 20 years. Their factory was opened in the year 2000 in the city of Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan’s center of manufacturing for automobiles. The brand manufactures car seats for both their own brands and OEM customers as well

The selling point of Leaman’s car seat is the focus on safety first. All car seats from this company will have the phrase “All for Safety” inscribed on them, therefore you can rest assured that Leaman’s car seat will protect you.

The newest product line from Leaman is the La CoEUR series car seat. This line of product passes the UN R129 standard (I-size) which is the strictest standard in the world. The La CoEUR line contains 2 models, the La CoEUR Premium and the La CoEUR Natural. Just pick the model that fancies you

This product line’s selling point is thatit’s a breeze to turn it around, even with a single handand is equipped with a support elementthat is designed to be ergonomically friendly for the childand provide a feeling similar to a mother’s embracewhile providing extra cushion with a memory foam.A dreamy ride to be sure.

What’s more, the brand is also integrating its brand new innovative Antiviral fabric into the car seat as well. Licensed from Japan, the Aero Technotm is the anti-viral technology that came at the right time during the age of COVID-19.

Both these models can be used with newborns and children who are not taller than 105 cm. (around 3-5 years of age). The seat can be adjusted in 3 levels for the Rear-facing (RF) position and another 3 positions for the Front-Facing (FF) position. The belt locking mechanism is imported from the Italian company SABELT and every component passed the highest level of quality check. The car seat is also equipped with a large airflow slot around the seat which provides a phenomenal level of ventilation. All of this combined to make a really enticing car seat!

If any moms and dads are looking to buy a good car seat to protect their little babies throughout the journey, try out Leaman’s car seat; they have their branches everywhere in Bangkok and you can also visit their retailer for a demonstration too! If you are looking for a car seat, this is a brand you can’t miss out on

🚙 You can see the actual use and review here >> >> Leaman คาร์ซีท รุ่น La CoEUR (ลา-คู-รุ) Premium และ Natural ผ้าจัดการไวรัสได้

⛩ Let’s take a look at the car seat factory in Nagoya city, Japan >> >> โรงงาน Leaman ที่เมืองนาโกย่า ประเทศญี่ปุ่น

📍 Location
– Phung Klom child care product store, Muang Thong Thani (02-960-1998)
– Punnita store, Phatthanakarn road (094-951-6442)
– Mom and Me Store, Lad Phrao 69 (02-9330557)
– Baby & Kids Store, Ngam Wong Wan branch (02-951-0385)
– Baby & Kids Store, Pinklao branch (02-884-8112)
– ABC The baby store, Mega Bangna 2nd floor opposite of IKEA (064-265-2555)
– ABC The baby store, Rama 2 Soi Thakham (064-265-2555)
– Siam Takashimaya department store 4th floor Baby and Kids section
– Sun Child Office (Leaman Thailand) Nuan Chan 56 (061-650-2468)

FB : Leaman คาร์ซีทจากญี่ปุ่น (リーマン チャイルドシート)
IG : leaman.thailand
Line : leaman.thailand
Tel : 061-650-2468


Glowy Star

Next up is the Glowy brand of car seat. Many moms and dads should be familiar with this brand as it is a brand that prides itself on making excellent products for children and mothers that focuses on safety and values for money.

Glowy’s car seat is quite famous; especially their outstanding and popular models such as Banana Banoffee Carseat which is suitable for newborn babies and children below the age of 12. The model is tested and received a safety certification from the TUV SUD Auto Service institute from the Czech Republic. It features a 5-level Shoulder Belt height and a belt with 4 adjustable levels that could accommodate a child’s increasing height as well as a 5-point safety harness and a Side Protect structure for an increased protection for your child.

The Encore Fix II is a model suited for children weighing between 9-36 kilograms and passed the safety inspection and certification from the TUV SUD Auto Service institute of Germany. It also features a Double Shaft Safety mechanism that was designed for increased safety and strength. This is further augmented with the Easy Adjustable Headrest & Harness that have 9 adjustable positions and 5 leaning positions depending on your child’s height.

Each model satisfies a unique need of every family thus the parents can all choose the one that offers their child the most safety, making this a brand that you should seriously consider.

If you are looking for a Glowy Star car seats then the “Car Seat Chiang Mai Baby Shop” might be the place you are looking for as it is a shop that imports 100% genuine merchandise and also have a wide variety of products that covers every pregnant mother’s need such as a baby carrier or a cart. The store also accepts installment payment and credit card. If you happen to be in Chiang Mai or willing to order online you shouldn’t miss out on this store! 💪🏻

📍Location : Business Park 159 Mooh 4, Chiang Mai Soi 5, Chiang Mai city district, Chiang Mai 50000

Web : www.chiangmaibabyshop.com
FB : Chiangmai Babyshop
Tel : 065-747-2292
Line : @chiangmaibabyshop
IG : chiangmaibabyshop



Next up is the imported Italian car-seat brand Chicco, a prime choice car seat of many parents for their infants as this car seat passed the strict safety standards of the USA. Their Nextfit Zip Max Air is their most popular model currently!

The Nextfit Zip Max Air uses a backrest with the 3D Airmesh technology, a net with excellent ventilation property, and a DuoGuard® side-impact protection to protect against impact from the side to the body and torso. The seat also has a 3 years warranty for the structure and 5 years warranty for damage to the car seat as well (free change of structure). Surely, no parents could say no to such a deal! ✨

For any family that is looking to buy a Chicco car seat, they should head over to the Chubby Kids store as they are the genuine authorized distributor in Thailand. Moreover, they are also stocked to the brim with quality products for your little ones! In addition to that, they also offer a free trial for breast pump products but a 1-day reservation is needed beforehand. The store is located at Muang Thong Thani, Chaengwatthana road; very easy to reach with a lot of parking space. If walking in an actual store isn’t your cup of tea, then online shopping is also a great option as they offer installment payment options for online shopping too. Be sure to check this store out if you are looking for something for your child!

📍Location: 55/21 Mooh 5, Ban Mai, Pak Kret, Nonthaburi 11120
⏰Open every day from: 10:00 – 19:00

Linktree : Chubby Kids
Line : @chubbykids
Web : www.chubbykids.co
Lazada : Chubby Kids
Shopee : Chubby Kids
JD : Chubby Kids



Next up is the brand Doona,the only car seat brand in the world with a 2 in 1 function,as it can be transformed into a child’s stroller within 2 seconds.This product also passed criteria testing by commercial airlines in both the US and Europe.The car seat can be easily folded and is capable of locking itself as well as configured into a basket.The cushion could also be usedas an anti-fungal protection for your childtoo,

All the mentioned features and more than 12 years of experience came together to make Doona the brand that many parents trusts. The car seat also ensures that your child remains asleep when moving into the car which is a godsend during long journeys. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which can help new parents very nicely too!

📍Where to order : Lazada



And for the last but not the least we have the brand Beige, one of the top brands when it comes to quality and affordability.Beige’s car seat is well suited for newborns and children up to the age of 6with their main selling point being the ability to reduce vibration from the car,the ability to absorb impact that is on par with motorbike helmet due to its’ dense sponge and a supporting cushion.It also supports a foldable,high-density structurethat could be folded and is very sturdy but also doesn’t hurt your child when strapped to it.

The car seat also borrows features from the F1 racing car such as the 5-point belt harness that helps ensure the safety of your child. The brand also offers a variety of cool-looking color patterns for the seat as well such as the Captain America pattern or the bright bubbly cartoonish green. This is truly a brand that can satisfy your needs as a parent.

📍Where to order
Lazada : Beige Mall