“Eyebrows are the crown of the face” is a timeless phrase. A pair of eyebrows in perfect shape, color, and amount of hair is important to the appearance in the same way as how uneven eyebrows can draw other people’s attention even when their owner doesn’t want them to.

A lot of people of every gender identity have to spend a lot of their morning hours carefully drawing a perfect pair of eyebrows on their face. The worse their natural brows are, the more time they consumed. This is why a lot of people are willing to pay quite a large sum to just tattoo them on their face, especially when the artisan tends to draw a brow better than their customers do.

So if you find yourself to be in Bangkok for quite a while, and your eyebrows are really in need of some long-term adjustment, where can you go? How can you find an artist with a decent portfolio you can trust? You can get started by taking a look at LifeSara’s 14 Bangkokian eyebrow tattoo salons of 2022! These salons are staffed by renowned artisans with impressive lists of satisfied customers of their own!!

But these artisans are trained in beauty tattoos only, so if you’re looking for the actual artistic tattoo to add to your skin, these 16 tattoo parlors around Bangkok will be more suited to your need. Otherwise, let’s take a look through our list!



Our first stop is ZuperEgo Family Beauty, a one-stop-service for everything about beauty✨

And if you want to be beautiful, but also have to keep your eyes on your kids, ZuperEgo is even more of a perfect choice for you! Because this place has a Kids Club with sisterly staff to take care of your little ones and let you focus entirely on pampering yourselves✨

But if your follower is a fellow adult, ZuperEgo also has a comfortable waiting area for them. Or they can get a massage or haircutting session for themselves as well❤️

ZuperEgo is fully invested in being a Family Beauty club, where everyone in a family can have a good time here and walked away better than before, appearance or relaxation-wise💕

📍Location :
JW URBAN HOME OFFICE 555/36 Thanon Song Prapha, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210

Tel : 02-114-3654
Line : @zuperego
IG : ZuperEgo
FB : ZuperEgo Family Beauty
Shopee : ZuperEgo


Heart Attract

This list is not only for women because Heart Attract studio is a tattoo service for men only! Their eyebrow tattoo comes with a natural and Korean look just like what you can see on many idols and celebrities!! Heart Attract’s artisans are trained in layered tattoo style from a world-class Jo&Mi Design Academy in Seoul, South Korea!

From mixing colors to designing painting layers for you, every tattoo done here is meticulously planned case by case to ensure that in the end, your tattoos will enhance your looks as best as a handsome pair of eyebrows can do💪🏻

⭐️Special Promotion :

  • Layered Eyebrow Tattoo: 46,999 Baht
  • Healthy Mouth Tattoo: 46,999 Baht

– 0% Instalment for 10 months via Krungsri bank, KTB, Bangkok bank, SCB, and KBank.
– 5% Discount for cash

📍Location :
U Center2, Soi Chula 42, Wang Mai Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

Tel : 063-936-3696
Line : @heartattract.bkk
Web : Heartattractbangkok.com
FB : Heartattract.bangkok
IG : Heart_attract



Our third salon is where you’ll want to go for a tattoo that is worth your money because The Calla studio has many customers that got their brows tattooed exactly how they want, with little to no pain, with European imported color pigments! Safety and quality are guaranteed!

Whether you’re aiming for a feminine or masculine look, the artisan here will select the pattern that is the best suited to your appearance, so that your brows will looked so good everyone would’ve think you’re born with them😗

The Calla’s tattoo needle is nano-size and sanitized after every use, so your brows tattoo can look wonderful and natural without pain or infection! And if you’re a believer in Chinese face reading, you can get your eyebrow design that will boost your fortune and opportunity, too!

📍Location :
Sathorn Business park
– BTS Wongwian Yai, Exit 1
– The studio is right next to the station’s escalator. (Parking lot available)

FB : Thecalla.studio
IG : thecalla.studio
Line@ : @thecalla.studio
Tel : 063-569-1462 (Ms.Pam) ❤️



Crystal Crown Eyebrow by Abbie is not your usual salon, but they are the leader among Thai beauty schools for their all-in-one beauty tattoo! Eyebrows, mouth, nipples, hairline, and everything on your body that need a touch of color can be done here! But eyebrow is the most famous because Crystal Crown is among the first artisans who pioneer the Hair Stroke Fluffy technique in Thailand!!

And their nano tattoo needle is only 0.30 mm. in diameter! So your eyebrow tattoos can be seen down to a realistic hair strand by strand, and you don’t have to suffer from painful effects, and are able to wash your face normally right away!

So your beauty routine or any daily activity can continue without interruption, and your eyebrows will be in perfect shape no matter the time of the day💕

Crystal Crown has been a national level beauty school for more than 7 years, has treated more than 10,000 satisfied customers, and won countless awards from many beauty competitions on the national level✨ So if you want your beauty tattoo done by a reputable artisan, Crystal Crown is the answer for your🥰

📌Location :
inside The Shelter community mall
– Inside MM Food Service Chokchai 4
– From Soi Chokchai 4 (Ladprao 53), 500 meters inside passing Chokchai 4 Soi 5
– On the 3rd floor, rooms 301-306
– Going up the stair on the left of the security station. The salon is above Kerry Express and Nittaya Grilled Chicken

📌 Contact
Tel : 083-496-9659



Babebrow studio might be one of the smallest salons on our list, but this little shop has inked more than 1,000 customers to their satisfaction! After all, ‘Be the best version of you’ is what Babebrow has always aimed for!

✨Babebrow also uses Phibrows products, so every tattoo here will be inked with premium pigments so your eyebrows will glow with natural beauty without harming your skin!

⭐️Special Promotion :

  • Natural Microblading 3,500.- (From 6,500.-)
  • Powder Microshading 3,900.- (From 7,500.-)

*This price doesn’t include color filling
**🔥Buy both packages at once for even more discount!

📍Location :
Babebrow studio
– Free 3 hours of parking for customers.
– BTS Bangna, Exit 5. Inside a condo 300 meters away from the station.
– Can arrive via bus number: 2, 23, 45, 102, 116, 142, 507, 508, 511, 513, 563, 544

IG : Babebrow.studio
Line : Babebrow.studio


Poonya Academy

Next up we got Poonya Academy which has trained many classes of reputable beauty artisans! From eyebrows, mouth, and color filling, to hairline tattoos, the artists here can ink them all in every style you want thanks to their over 20 years worth of experience✨

But out of everything, Poonya is perhaps the most famous school in Thailand for teaching the NaNo Baby Lips technique that has won a number 1 award in the Thailand mouth tattoo competition of 2022! So if you want to tattoo with the master of the trade, come to Poonya Academy!!

📍Location :
Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani

Tel : 092-782-6569 (Ms.Dao)
IG : master Poonya
FB : Poonya Academy
Line : @master_poona


NoonSecrets Eyebrows

If you’re looking to add more than just beauty to your face, but also a boost in your fortune through some magic, Noon Secrets Eyebrows is where you can get both your facial and fortune boosters at once🌞

Because in addition to their European technique and color pigments that will create a pair of natural look eyebrows on your face, the artisans here are also well-versed in special rituals and how to draw the eyebrow shape that will draw wealth and adoration into your life!!

And no matter whether you want to add some magic or not, every tattoo done here will last up to 2 years! So if a few years go by and you feel like adjusting the shape of your inked facial features, that will be the perfect time for them to wear off anyway! So you can be sure that your tattoo will be worth its price!! 🌞✨

⭐️Special Promotion :

  • Tattoo with artist Noon: 11,900 Baht (Full price 16,000 Baht)
  • Tattoo with other artists: 7,500 Baht (From 9,999 Baht)
  • 1,000 Baht discount for 2 or more packages at once ✨

📍Location :
Treat Nails. Sukhumvit 55 Soi 12, Soi Sukhumvit 55, Khlong Tan Nuea, Bangkok 10110

Web : Noonsecrets eyebrows
FB : Noonsecrets eyebrows
IG : @noonsecrets.eyebrows
Tel : 084-242-6636



For anyone who lives near Ari, Browbar is a good choice in your area! Whether you want a micro-blading, powder, or a combination of both, Browbar can make them all look natural on your face✨

Other than eyebrows, Browbar can also tattoo lips, eyeliners, and SMP hairline, along with the eyelash extension! And this place is also very serious about sanitation! Every tool will either be washed in alcohol or thrown away after every session, and every surface will be wiped with alcohol periodically. No need to worry about Covid at all!

Because of their high quality, however, Browbar usually has a long queue! So reserve your time slot before going in✨

📍Location :
Soi Phaholyothin 8, Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400

IG : Browbar.bkk
Line : @browbar.bkk
Tel : 083-470-9915 | 081-641-7314


By Sherbet

By Sherbet may sound like a cafe rather than a salon, but that’s ok because it is indeed a salon and a cafe XD. And getting your eyebrow tattoo here is not just about fashion, because By Sherbet can adjust your eyebrows to the Chinese physiognomy standard, too!

✨Since many people in Thailand seriously believed in Chinese physiognomy, a wonderful pair of eyebrows may look good on you, but proper eyebrows as dictated in the book can open a window of opportunity in your career✨ By Sherbet’s artisans have designed eyebrows for many Thai celebrities, their pigments are high-quality imports that’ll cause no irritation on the skin, and every tool will be sanitized after every session!

P.s. If you’re still on the fence about the tattoo, you can come in just for a consultation first! No matter what gender identity or look you’re aiming for, By Sherbet will find the right brow for you ✨ Also other than eyebrows, you can also get eyelash extensions here! And if getting stuck in the same pose during the session left you sore, you can reserve a session with a traditional Thai doctor in here for some bone setting massage, too😁

📍Location :
Number 11, Suan Siam 24 Alley, Khwaeng Khan Na Yao, Khet Khan Na Yao, Bangkok, 10230

IG : By_sherbet
FB : By Sherbet
Line : @by_sherbet
Tiktok : By_Sherbet
Tel : 090-971-7194



Do you prefer privacy? Because if you want your eyebrows tattooed in solitude, Bnb.eyebrows is a solo artisan who accepted solo sessions only! And don’t let their somewhat informal establishment deceive you, because Bnb.eyebrows have a fine list of satisfied customers to their name. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at their IG!

All pigments used here are of international quality as certified by Biotech institution! So don’t worry about safety or health issue!

💡Bnb.eyebrows accept one customer a day only! So don’t forget to reserve your session before you go! Then you can get your brows tattooed in solitude, and the artisan can devote their attention just for your tattoo only✨

⭐️Special Promotion in May

  • Micro-blading, 50% off; to 3,999 Baht. (Full price 7,999 Baht)
  • Micro-blading Eyebrow + Shading, 50% off; to 4,499 Baht, from 8,999 Baht
  • Ombré technique, 50% off; to 3,999 Baht from 7,999 Baht
  • Eyeliner, 50% off; to 4,499 Baht from 8,999 Baht
  • NdnoBaby Lips, 50% off; to 3,999 Baht from 7,999 Baht

🔥Lifesara’s reader got an additional 500 Baht discount.

  • 1,000 Baht discount for eyebrow+mouth tattoo package.
  • Even more promotions can be found on their IG

📍Location :
The Address, number 1, Sukhumvit 28 Alley, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

FB : Bnb.eyebrows
IG : bnb.eyebrows
Tel : 061-825-5519
Line : 061-825-5519



Once again we have a salon specializing in natural looks, but Farfallabrows.studio has a secret that sets them apart from other salons.

Because you won’t find any repeated patterns to choose from here. Every customer got their own design tailored just for their face!! Yes! Every case! A pattern designed just for you😍

Because every customer has their own facial features, their own hairstyle, skin condition, and many other factors that must be considered! So might as well draw up a new pattern for everyone! If you gonna pay for something, why not get the best of its worth and let Farfalla designed a pattern that’s perfect just for you💕

⭐️Special Promotion :

✨ 3,990 Baht (from full price of 7,990 Baht)

✨Free one color filling session within 1-3 months

📍Location :
Casa Condo Asoke-Dindaeng

📌 Contact
FB : Farfalla Brows Studio
IG : Farfallabrows.studio
Line : @Farfalla.brows
Tel : 065-954-8770


Beauty Brows By loogmai

Beauty Brows is a salon that can make your brows as beautiful as their name😍 Micro-blading, micro-shading, or any other style can be done right here ✨

Beauty Brows is very careful in every detail from drafting a pattern to tattooing strand by strand among your real hair so that your brows can look good while also enhancing the rest of your facial features at the same time!

You can take a look at Beauty Brows IG to see how good they are, and how satisfying their customer is💕

📌 Contact
IG : beautybrows.lm
FB : Beauty Brows by loogmai
Line ID : beautybrows.lm
Tel : 099-159-6966


Sine Eyebrow

At Sine Eyebrow, you won’t just get a bunch of common patterns to choose from, because your eyebrows will be designed based on your real face. Your skin color, hair color, face shape, and lifestyle will be taken into consideration so that your new tattoo will be an improvement to your appearance as a whole!

The color pigments here are the premium German brand with international quality. The pigments have zero metal compound to affect your health, and the color tone will be exactly the same after being put under your skin.

But the real feature of this salon is Sine’s tattoo removal service! Sine Evebrow uses the machine imported from the USA and the solution used to pull the pigments out of your skin is a brand certified by the U.S.Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals!! So if your current tattoos are more harmful to your psych than to let them fade on their own, come to Sine and get your eyebrows back!!

📍Location :
98, Happy Land, Khwaeng Khlong Chan, Khet Bang Kapi, Bangkok, 10240

Tel : 099-052-2251
FB : SINE Eyebrow
IG : Sine_eyebrow
Line : tonghasalon



Our last salon is LSNbeauty; The Eyebrow specialist! Because the head artisan here had taken an eyebrow course in Netherland, and they had won many eyebrow tattoo competitions both in Thailand and international level!

From ombré brows to powder or micro-blading, LSN beauty can paint every eyebrow style on your face with their premium Phibrows products and their imported organic pigments, which can withstand water after the session right away! No need to keep them dry!! With this much quality for a reasonable price, this is a good studio for people of every gender! Because eyebrows are important regardless of sex!!

⭐️Promotion Price:

  • Tattoo with LSN team : 3,500 Baht
  • Tattoo with awarded artist : 6,900 Baht

📍Location :
Nakhonratchasima Rd, Dusit, Bangkok 10300, Thailand
– Saunruenrudee Junction, close to Si Yan market.

FB : LSN beauty ล้านแสนงาม
IG : lsnbeauty_
Tel : 095-656-1699
Line : @LSN6D