Stop scrolling through if you are looking for a jewelry store with diamond rings!! Today LifeSara will be taking you through a dashing journey of 8 Bangkok-based stores that offer well-designed diamond rings for soon-to-be newlyweds💕 More importantly, they are updated 2023 edition! Whether you want an engagement ring or a little treat for yourself, these places have it all. Each comes with uniqueness that we guarantee you might regret not getting to know them. Moreover, scroll down to learn how to pick a diamond ring made just for you❤️

Paiboon Gems

First, Paiboon Gens (ไพบูลย์ เจมส์), a manufacturer specializing in diamond and wedding rings. With a slogan “Real Diamond and Gold at Good Prices”, a pair of rings here starts from only THB 19,900, which is such a bargain price for diamond rings! Their qualified artisans with over 40 years of experience have created splendid pieces for more than 5,000 couples. Moreover, they handpick only GIA-certified pure diamonds with 100 percent potency from the USA.

Paiboon Gems has a wide variety of rings for you to choose from and customization for customers with specific needs. You can even inform a budget to see all available options. Other than free laser engraving, the shop offers exceptional after-sale services such as lifetime warranty. Come visit and try on to see for yourself💕



  • Set budget guarantees no cost escalation, consultations by GIA-certified specialists
  • High-quality, pure diamonds with 100 percent potency verified by GIA–each possesses Perfect cut “Heart & Arrow”–and microscope to view GIA girdle code pre-placement
  • Pre-production CG designs (No designing fee!!)
  • Lifetime warranty entitles customers to unlimited inscription, sintering/cleaning, resizing, and return
  • Customization for perfect ring size takes only 7 days

💵 Prices : Start from THB 9,900

❤️Special promotions

  • Real diamond/gold couple rings start from THB 19,900 and over
  • Couple rings with GIA-graded D VVS 3Ex diamonds start from THB 29,900 and over
  • Discount on gift voucher/freebies like wedding cards, tray of gifts (in-store selection)
    ✨Mention ‘LifeSara’ for special complementaries ✨


📌 Location : Tiwanont Soi 3, Talat Kwan, Muang, Nonthaburi 11000
Near MRT Purple Line, 100 meters from the Ministry of Health station, parking space behind the shop (free parking!!)

☎️ Contact information :
FB : แหวนแต่งงาน Paiboon Gems
Line : @paiboongems
Web :
Tel : 083-990-6472 (Khun BENZ) | 094-479-9597 (Khun Oil)


CELI Jewelry

Located in Central World, CELI (เซ-ลี่) is one of jewelry stores widely trusted by many brides and grooms. The shop knows just what’s perfect for people of modern generations given more than 50 years in diamond jewelry manufacturing and services. They allow customers to co-design every ‘affordable’ piece and offer engagement rings using GIA-certified diamonds for THB 25,000,
at a minimum! As a boutique store, CELI always puts customers first as the owner supervises all sales activities and is beyond happy to give you honest, constructive advice. So no worries even though you know nothing about diamonds! Step in with a certain design and budget in mind and come back home with insights and a piece made just for you. Don’t forget to visit CELI the next time you take a stroll in Central World.


  • Extensive experience guarantees high diamond quality and advanced manufacturing process
  • Diamond evaluation workshop (we recommend advance appointment)
  • Different types of diamonds, from round to fancy cut
  • Co-designing allows customer engagement
  • Convenient commute given city-center location near the BTS

💵 Prices : Rings with GIA-grade diamond(s) start from THB 25,000, men’s rings start from THB 15,000


📍Location : 4, 4/1-4/2 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
CentralWorld, G109 | 1, 1st Floor (Opens 10.00 – 19.30 hrs.)

☎️ Contact information :
FB: CELI Jewelry แหวนเพชร แหวนแต่งงาน คุณภาพ
Line :
Web :
Tel : 02-613-1533 | 080-960-6999


AS1951 Fine Jewelry

Coming to the third store, AS1951 Fine Jewelry, a 70-year-young place located in one of Thailand’s pionereeing areas for jewelry shops like Ban Mo. Does ‘Oh Ae Seng’ ring any bells? The old store has been rebranded and come back with a name ‘AS1951 Fine Jewelry’ under the administration of the third generation of offspring, who possess over 20 years of jewelry-related experience. A great many of brides and grooms approve and trust AS1951 for their once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Their motto “คัดเพชรอย่างประณีต ด้วยประกายที่เหนือกว่า” (Hanpicked for Extra Sparkles) is well aligned with the determination to double-check even certified pure diamonds with 100 percent potency so you get the most dazzling cut at a reasonable price. What’s more, AS1951 offers made-to-order rings you will not find elsewhere. Better hurry than sorry~



  • Procurement of GIA- and/or HRD-grade diamonds according to budget
  • Extreme care every step of the way, from design to production
  • Premium-quality diamonds at reasonable prices
  • Wide array of accessories

💵 Prices : Start from THB 9,900


🕐 Opening hours: Monday – Saturday (10:30 – 16:00 hrs.)
**Offsite appointments available (Terms and conditions applied)

📌 Location : 24 Phahurat Rd, Wangburapha, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200

☎️ Contact information :
FB : As1951 by โอ้วเอียะเซ้ง บ้านหม้อ
IG : AS1951
Line : @AS1951
Tel : 080-101-1951 | 02-222-2506


ND Gems

Fourth, a manufacturer-turned-seller like ND Gems. For more than 30 years, the shop has created and exported spectacular pieces before coming up with an idea to open their own store. That’s why you can trust ND Gems and a team of over 30 highly qualified artisans and experts with extensive experience in the diamond industry.

You will be greeted by staff who are more than happy to provide consultations early in the designing process through to production to ensure you get the perfect piece. Advance appointments, rather than walk-ins, mean you will have all the time in the world in a 1:1 session. When in doubt, it would never hurt to step into ND Gems.



  • Private sessions for full engagement
  • Reasonably priced products given lack of middlemen
  • Customization with specified budget


🕐 Opening hours: **Appointments ONLY**
Monday – Saturday (11:00 – 18:30 hrs.), Sunday (13:00 – 17:00 hrs.)

📌 Location : ND Place Apartment, Ratchadapisek Rd, Chankasem, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Ratchada 32 (parking space available)

☎️ Contact information :
FB : ND Gems
IG : @nd_gemsofficial
Line : @ndgems
Tiktok : @ndgems
Tel : 082-292-6678 (Net)



Moving to the fifth store, ProudGems (พราวด์ เจมส์), a jewelry brand fueled a by genuine passion for valuable jewelry. This diamond expert offers premium-quality, GIA-certified diamonds with delicate design and uniqueness since 1994, guaranteed by certificates from world-renowned institutes like GIA and HRD and lab-verified diamond grading standard.

For over 20 years, ProudGems has created tens of thousands of pieces. Ms. Supamas Akebundit, ProudGems’ Jewelry Creator, a jelwelry expert has long shared four generations of refined expertise and gained trust from a great many admirers. Let ProudGems be your proud messenger of love!



  • Design tens of thousands of pieces for over 20 years
  • Second-to-none customization services
  • Best quality of diamonds expertly handpicked

💵 Prices : Start from THB 9,000

❤️Special promotions
✨Show this post in-store for a 35% discount on every piece of diamond jewelry ✨


📍Location : ProudGems Fl. 3 Siam Discovery
Rama I Rd, Pathumwan, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

☎️ Contacts :
FB : ProudGems
Line : @proudgems
Tel : 02-251-4949
Website :


Pattana Gems

Pattana Gems, previously known as Por.Patchtanamanee, is a brand that started as a gold accessory manufacturer and gemstone seller. With more than 40 years of experience, Pattana Gems knows the ins and outs of production,
resulting in a magnificent creation of diamond accessories for every customer. Come here to get a perfect piece for every family occasion, from engagement rings, diamond jewelry, or gemstone accessories for elder relatives.

In case you are looking for a wedding ring or real diamond accessories, yet never bought anything diamond-related or often develop awkwardness in a jewelry store,
Pattana Gems will take you through this shiny journey step-by-step!!



  • Quality products at good prices from own manufacturing facilities (every piece QC’ed by staff)
  • Use only diamonds with 99-100 percent potency, even the smallest cut
  • Use only GIA-certified 0.20 carat diamonds at a minimum (color/purity/girdle checks for each cut!)
  • Budget consultation for custom-made pieces with GIA graduates
  • Provision of certificate and videos of proposed diamonds for consideration
  • Production takes only 2 weeks
  • After-sale services include lifetime care and constructive care advice


📌 Location : The Old Siam Plaza E112, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200 Fl. G Room no. C1-02

🕐 Opening hours : Monday – Saturday (11:00 – 17:30 hrs.), Sunday (11:00 – 16:00 hrs.)
**Closed on the third Sunday of every month

☎️ Contacts :
FB : Pattana Gems
IG : @pattana_gems
Line : @pattana_gems
Tel : 065-519-6249 (ซวง)


Mentor Diamond

Moving to Mentor Diamond, a brand under THEERA GEMS GROUP Part.,Ltd., who is a manufacturer/seller of real diamond (with at least 98 percent potency) accessories. THEERA GEMS is home to a team of qualified professionals with more than 20 years of experience and certificates from world-class institutes. Throw your worries about quality away as their exceptional care extends from the gifter to the gifted.

Multifarious designs, with both tiny and bigger diamond cuts, give you loads of ring options with high quality that can mark the beginning of forever. Mentor Diamond is another emerging brand with online and offline stores (appointment basis) in Khon Kaen, where you can visit whenever the gifting season has begun 💕



  • Doubles as manufacturer to ensure authenticity and good price
  • High quality with contemporary design begins at less than THB 10,000
  • Uses only real, large, sharp diamond cuts with at least 98 percent potency
  • Certificates from world-class institutes

💵 Prices: Start from THB 6,900

❤️ Special promotion
Buy two for a discount–reach out to Mentor Diamond for more information ✨


📌 Location : Ozone Village Khon Kaen Fl. 2
**Storefront is under the name ‘THEERA GEMS’ as Partnership

☎️ Contacts :
FB : Mentor Diamond
IG : mentordiamond.official
Line : MENTOR Diamond
Shopee : Mentor Diamond



Coming to the last jewelry store, GD Jewelry. The brand has only a selection of at least 0.18 carat diamonds and makes sure every edge reflects lights to produce sparkles. Each GIA-certified cut is meticulously handpicked to ensure quality. What’s more, they offer customization so you can either co-design or craft your own piece from scratch. Moreover, pre-production 3D prototypes will leave nothing to chance.

Close monitoring in manufacturing facilities through to after-sale services guarantees you will get a dream-come-true piece with modern and remarkable design. A team of skilled designers are here to provide insightful, ring-related advice for special occasions throughout its lifespan. Gift your loved ones with a piece from GD Jewelry to create memorable moments that last forever.



  • Supervise upstream to downstream activities
  • Advanced equipment for precision, helpful designers ready to provide advice
  • One of their hats is importer, so accessible prices are guaranteed
  • Lifetime after-sale services


📌 Location :

  • Central Ladprao Fl. 3
  • Central Westgate Bangytai Fl. 1
  • Workplace Ratchaphruek

☎️ Contacts:
FB : GD Jewelry
IG : gdjewelry
Tiktok : gd_jewelry_official
Line : @gdjewelry
Tel : 094-289-6939
Web :