Is anyone getting married or planning a wedding? And what do you need to arrange for? When it comes to weddings one important and indispensable thing is the pre-wedding photos of the bride and groom. These photos will reflect our identity, whether it’s a minimalist style or retro style. Today, Lifesara will be showcasing 5 top-notch pre-wedding photographers. Each photographer has their own unique style, so choose one that fits your taste best! Let’s go meet these photographers!


“MULTIFRAME01 is specialist in Oversea Pre-wedding photography”

Let’s start with Multiframe01, the specialist in Pre-wedding photography!! For those who are planning a wedding and have a relatively healthy budget, they are perfect for you because they have everything you need, from photography to videography.

Speaking of the photography, the bride and groom will definitely shed tears of joy because the photos they take are incredibly beautiful. The atmosphere in the photos is so good almost like being in a movie. The amazing thing about Multiframe01 is that they also offer photography services abroad! Currently, their portfolio of work includes shoots in Japan, Singapore, and many other places. If you want to have a Pre-wedding photoshoot abroad, they can definitely make your dreams come true!



  • Offers Pre-wedding photography abroad
  • Provides both photography and videography

💵 Price : Starting from 54,999 baht.


☎️ Contact Channel
FB : Multiframe01
IG : multiframe01



Let’s move on to the second option, Luxifer. For those who are looking for a super friendly photographer, you must consider this one. Not only will they help you out with the pose and angles, but also make the photoshoot fun and feel like hanging out with a friend! Moreover, they are skilled in conceptual work, focusing on creating a cinematic atmosphere, and capturing images that resemble movie posters. If you like this style, they are definitely a perfect match! Plus, they can shoot in various styles, whether it’s a vintage feel or a film-like vibe. They can do it all, and it’s chill!

In addition to pre-wedding photography, they also offer other types of photography services, such as graduation shoots, ordination ceremonies, and even family portraits. And the best part is, their prices are very reasonable. They are suitable for those who want to have beautiful photos to cherish or plan a unique and personalized wedding. If you’re interested, you can contact them through their page.



  • Offers versatile photography styles
  • Provides photography services other than pre-wedding

💵 Price : Starting from 5,000 baht for half-day shoots


☎️ Contact information
FB : luxifer
IG : luxi_ferrrr
LINE : nuttertwirl


Peachblossom Prewedding

Let’s continue with the third option, Peachblossom Pre-wedding, led by “P’Peach Kasa Long Kamjing” (the owner and portrait & fashion photographer) who has numerous works featured on leading magazine covers. With a distinctive and outstanding style, they provide everyone with beautiful, stylish, and classy pre-wedding photos that have a celebrity-like vibe.

We must say that they are perfect for those who want to have photos with a magazine cover vibe, making you feel like a celebrity. If you want photos that look good and have a unique style, you definitely shouldn’t sleep on them. And for those who want to have pre-wedding photos but can’t think of a concept, you can still come to them. They have a Pre-wedding package that covers everything from outfits, hairstyling, and locations. It’s really a complete package.



  • Photography with a unique and outstanding style
  • Offers a package that provides stunning pre-wedding photos even without any initial ideas. Simple the best!

💵 Price : Starting from 19,999 baht


☎️ Contact information
FB : Peachblossom​ Prewedding​
IG : peachblossom_photo
LINE : kasalongk​


BirdEyeView Wedding Studio

“Simplify your moment thru the eternity”

Let’s continue with the fourth option, BIRDEYEVIEW PHOTO. Let us tell you beforehand that they have been in the pre-wedding photography industry for a long time. They have photographed numerous weddings, combined with over 15 years of experience. They can be considered as a reputable figure in the industry. They specialize in clean, beautiful, and visually pleasing images. If you appreciate simplicity, you definitely have to check them out!



  • Over 15 years of experience
  • Clean, beautiful, and visually pleasing images

💵 Price : Starting from 15,000 baht


☎️ Contact information
FB : Bird Eye View Wedding Studio
IG : birdeyeviewphoto
Website :


Penake Cinema & Photography

We have finally arrived at the last option, Penake Cinema & Photography. Let us tell you that if any bride or groom likes minimalist style work, they will definitely love Penake’s work. Their photography is excellent, producing clean and beautiful images. If you want stunning photos to decorate your home walls, they are the perfect choice. Additionally, they are ready to take care of and provide exceptional service for everyone’s precious memories.



  • Specialize in clean and minimalist style
  • Offer both photography and videography services

💵 Price : Starting from 9,999 baht


☎️ Contact information
FB : Penake Cinema & Photography ช่างภาพงานแต่ง ช่างภาพพรีเวดดิ้ง ถ่ายภาพงานแต่ง
IG : penake_photo
LINE : Penake Cinema
Website :
TEL : 081-869-0404