A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity definitely can’t be a boring one! A profession that acts as the captain for the direction of a ceremony, the master of ceremony, is therefore a very important representative of the host who acts as a linkage, mediator and even leaving a lasting impression for everyone in order to make sure that everything is proceeding smoothly.

Being an MC is no easy feat. Skill, cunning and problem-solving are the must-have skills needed to create a memorable sight and atmosphere for all the guests in the event.

If you are planning to have a wedding, an ordination or any other important events that need a professional MC to handle the flow then read on for the Lifesara team has put together a list of high quality and experienced MC who can handle all sorts of ceremonies. We will plainly put it here: your important day won’t be complete without them. So, who are these MCs? Let’s go and find out.

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MC Looksorn

พิธีกรงานแต่ง-พิธีกร งานแต่ง-พิธีกร-พิธีกรงานแต่งงาน-พิธีกร งานแต่ง ราคา-พิธีกร งานแต่งเช้า-นายพิธีงานแต่ง-ทีมรันคิว

Let’s start off with the first MC on our list. MC Looksornand her melodic voice. A former small-time MCwho is now a full-fledged leading MC of the wedding industry.Guaranteed 5-star rating as she is proficient in both Thai and English.Not only is she very gregarious and charming with her words but she is also a very cunning MCwho can deal with any unexpected problem that crops up right there and then.Whatever style the host demands, she can arrange for them.

Thai, Chinese, contemporary, traditional or a mix of style, she can handle it all. If you want to get a bit fancier with Western-style ring ceremony, a marriage celebration large or small, or even a royally bestowed marriage, she can still get in under control so every bride and groom and the relative can relax and enjoy the ceremony. She also accepts ceremonies from everywhere in Thailand.

MC Looksorn also got her own team of professional queue runners specialized in weddingceremonies who can deal with any problem right on the spot as well as co-ordinate with any otherteams.Moreover, she also holds her own class on becoming a wedding MC;if you are interested orneed a scriptfor a wedding,she also providesit for free!

📌Contact Informations
FB : Looxorn Sornrawan (พิธีกร ลูกศร)
Line : mclooksorn


MC Bella

MC Bella, the multi-skill wonder woman packed with MC experience since her days in the UK, is now back in Thailand with even more experience. One of the most sought after highly-skilled MC.

Her most captivating ability that makes her a favorite is the ability to understand the ceremony at hand, the bride and the groom, the relatives thoroughly while taking into consideration every difference. This allows her to create a smooth co-operative atmosphere and handle all the situations exceptionally well by a careful combination of belief and modern trend while keeping the bride and the groom the center of attention.

She can also provide advice on a lot of issues about the ceremony that you might be having a doubt with and manage your ceremony as a part MCand part bridal-assistance too. Her skill is guaranteed to bring a smile to the guest and your face!

Price: Starting from 5,000 – 15,000 Baht

📌Contact informations
Line : bella0636196635
Tel : 063-619-6635 | 061-962-4935
See reviews of her past work here


MC Kaew

Next up we have P’Kaew or MC Chatkaew Chandhraporn, an MC who served in many weddings and ring exchange ceremonies. Her wealth of experience makes her the prime choice when it comes to handling a situation as well as building bridges between the families.

She can also handle both Thai, Chinese or even Isan style weddings with a hand-on style of handling that feels like a family member’s labor of love. She can also help out with any problem from the start of the ceremony all the way to the end, ensuring everything is as smooth as silk. Now she also takes on offers in the Isan region. If you are looking for a friendly MC then she is the perfect choice.❤️

Starting Price: 4,000 – 8,000 Baht

📌Contact informations
FB : MC Kaew the weddingพิธีกรงานแต่ง
Tel : 0649653629
Line : kaewaii


MC Aor

Here we have a charming MC with an innumerable amount of experience, MC Aor Aunchulee Sopharat. She is THE choice if you need a lot of ice-breaking and making sure everything runs by the auspicious timing you have looked up with your fortune teller. Her prowess is backed by more than 100 customer reviews who had her for the entire wedding ceremony starting from the monk’s prayer ceremony, Khan Maak parade, marriage proposal, bride pickup, dowry ceremony, engagement, tea salute for the elders all the way to the Bridal bed ceremony and celebration.

She can handle both Thai and Chinese weddingswith her highlight being her voice that can charmeveryone in the ceremony and insert some subliminal auspiciousmessage into the flow withoutbeing intrusive.She is also very adaptable when a problem arises,making her the best choice for ceremonies both large and small. If you are looking for an MC to get your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity right then she fits the bill perfectly.

Starting rate 5,000 Baht (*according to the ceremony’s detail and distance)

📌Contact Informations
FB : MC อ้อ พิธีกรงานแต่ง
Line : ladygeminiiiii
Web : https://weddingmc.in.th/


MC Amp

Next up we have MC Amp from the Thai-English Bilingual MC camp, a professional who is proficient in both Thai and English. Guaranteed by more than 1,000 couples, 6 years of experience and her position as a wedding MC instructor, your ceremony will flow like water and be smooth as a silk all the way to the end with nothing missing and everyone happy.

She also has her own team who will run everything in order to ensure that the ceremony can proceed in an amicable manneras she cares about the couples’ feelings a lot thus your ceremony will be one that you won’t forget anytime soon if you choose her service.

10% discount to you from the MC and queue team if you mention the page Lifesara.

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 094-224-1598
Line : Ablechaly
FB : พิธีกรงานแต่งงานมืออาชีพ นายพิธี พิธีกรสองภาษา by Mc Amp
IG : Ablechaly
Youtube : EmceeAmp
Web : https://พิธีกรงานแต่งงานมืออาชีพ.com/


MC Pumpui

For the last spot we have P’ Pumpui Krisana Thongto, an MC with an adorable voice who loves to keep pushing her talent boundaries and has appeared as MC in numerous weddings, making her a highly experienced MC who can catch every need and details without disrupting the flow of the ceremony.

Her wit also allows her to handle unexpected situations extremely well, making your ceremony a smooth smile-filled affair that you can be proud of. Your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony, just let P’Pumpui make it the perfect day that you can remember forever! 😍

MC for morning ceremony and afternoon celebration 8,000 baht. 15% discount if you mentioned that you knew the MC from Lifesara page making it only 6,800 Baht

📌Contact Informations
Web : www.krisanawedding.com
Line :@Krisana
Tel : 080-9943151
FB : นายพิธี พิธีกรงานแต่ง ขันหมากเอก ขันหมากโท พร้อมทีมรันคิว