You probably saw a lot of people dancing on Tiktok, social media or music videos of some trending K-pop song, so it isn’t off the mark to conclude that the music and dancing scene is having a bigger impact than before on a lot of people. Although dancing has been around for a long time, its popularity hasn’t gone down at all. Dancing isn’t only about moving your body along with the musical rhythm; it also takes confidence, your brain and your inner instinct in order to make a good-looking dance. That’s why when we see someone dance, we can’t help but appreciate their flow!

Nowadays, there are also numerous types of dances, which make it hard to decide, which is better? Will the dance type I like be too difficult for me? That’s why a lot of dancing schools are taking steps to help you build your dream, even if you don’t know how to dance at all!

If you are looking for an awesome dancing class with an experienced instructor and a large venue, then follow us! Lifesara is taking you on a journey to see a dance course that is full of benefits, as well as the location of this amazing dance school that is guaranteed to meet your needs. Read on for the courses offered.📌

If you are interested then you can contact them here: The Artists Dance Studio – โรงเรียนสอนเต้นบัลเล่ต์

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Adult Ballet Classes

Let’s start off with the classic Adult Ballet class that helps build posture for the learner, which includes standing, walking, sitting or posing for all sorts of posture. Ballet helps make these postures more graceful, as well as make the dancer more flexible while strengthening every muscle in our body. If you want to try out ballet, you can go in with no prior basics as well!

✨Adult Ballet Highlights

1. A dance with classical music rhythm that will train the body and the various sensory nerves in coordination. This includes listening to the songs, eye focus and the usage of hand and foot.

2. No age or gender restriction; a really good exercise.

3. Adult ballet class can be built upon by taking a standardized test or pursued as a career in ballet teaching as well. This is because the studio holds a standardized test that is arranged by the Australasian Dance Association from Australia.


Ballet for Kids classes

For the Ballet for Kids class, a bit more imagination is involved than usual as it utilizes creativity in interpreting the songs, which are then conveyed out in a graceful fashion. This is another class that helps make your kids a lot more healthy, bright and more confident.

Moreover, ballet is also considered the base for a lot of dances such as jazz dance, Hip-hop, contemporary dance, ballroom dance, gymnastic or even ice-skating etc. This gives your child a lot of option for dances to be built-upon in the future, such as the popular K-pop or T-pop

✨Kid’s Ballet Class Highlights
1. Learnable starting from the age of 3
2. Helps develop muscle and proper child development as well as imagination and proper posture for children of all ages and gender. It is also the base for a lot of dances out there!


Dance Classes

This class is an amalgamation of various dances that the learner can pick according to their needs. The dance lesson covers a lot of aspects of dancing, such as:

1. Zumba, Aerobics, Hip-hop, Latin and even Belly-dancing These dances focus more on cardio which is really useful for burning calories and weight.

2. Ballroom dance Something that everyone should know as it is a dance between a lady and a gentleman with graceful moves. Really suited for people who love to dance as a pair or a lover who are looking for something to do.

3. Street Dance A type of dancing that teenagers nowadays enjoy as it incorporates new moves and focuses on fun factor. It is also a dance that helps let the body flow with the rhythm and could be done in groups or alone as well. The dance can also be built upon into a career in choreography as well!

4. Hip Hop Dance Time for some love for all the Y2K gens out there! Hip-hop dance is a dance that matches hip-hop style of music with a heavy focus on bold beats and a flashy and dashing move that matches the style of the songs.


Yoga Classes

A class that many people must be familiar with because it helps relax the muscle at the beginning or end of an exercise. It also helps build balance by blending the mind and body as one in order to control the breathing and build mindfulness. This makes Yoga learners benefit from mindfulness, muscle flexibility, as well as an improved sense of balance.

✨Yoga’s highlights
1. It is an exercise that people of every gender and age can participate in. Even those who are overweight can study Yoga!
2. A very safe dance as there is no impact force.
3. Yoga helps build muscle and joints flexibility, slows down body cell deterioration and increases the efficiency of the body.
4. Helps reduce stress and restore hormonal balance in the body.


Yoga Fly Classess

You must have seen this kind of exercise in the movies, series or in articles about celebrities where they use a large piece of cloth for an exercise. This is the same type of exercise that blends the moves of yoga, pilates, dancing and gymnastics together.

This dance must be conducted on a U-shaped cloth or a hammock with good tensile strength and properties that can take up to 1,000 kilograms of weight. This is another type of exercise that helps build bodily flexibility. While the learner is exercising, the cloth will support all the weight of the learner.

✨Yoga Fly highlights
1. A fancy way of challenging the learner that helps build concentration and helps train the body’s sense of balance.
2. Help the Yoga learner train every muscle in the body while helping the learner to relax and enjoy the moves performed with the cloth.


The Artist Dance Studio: The most comprehensive school for dancing classes

✨If you want a one-stop class for dancing, then pay The Artists Dance Studio a visit, a school that will make your inner dancer proud.

The Artists Dance Studio is a school that is made for people who love dancing and could also be considered a center for the aesthetic art that is dancing. Everyone, no matter their gender or age, can fully enjoy the spirit and freedom of dancing.

They are also the leading school when it comes to generating a fun and colorful atmosphere that helps build confidence under the philosophy “anyone can dance”. And in the backdrop of these dance classes, skilled instructors also teach yoga as a method of exercise.

When it comes to dancing, nothing is impossible for The Artists Dance Studio, be it dancing as a hobby, an exercise or a stepping stone for a career; the classes here are bound to fit someone’s demand. If you want a large dance room with a lot of space that allows you to dance safely with a lot of supporting facilities and the watchful eye of an instructor and a topping of healthy amount of new friends, this school might be just what you are looking for ✨

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📍Location :
Accessible via the Punnawithi BTS station (Exit 1), 2 stations from the BTS Bang Na.

⏰Opening Hours :
Mon – Fri : 09:00 – 21:00
Sat. – Sun : 08:30 – 21:00

📌Contact Information
Tel: 095-4804646 | 085-4962696
FB : The Artists Dance Studio – โรงเรียนสอนเต้นบัลเล่ต์ | Line
IG : theartists_dancestudio
Web :