🧎‍♀️Have you ever wondered why some people are so great at speaking and can easily persuade others? Just a bit of their words can already build a lasting impression in your mind. Even their appearance, walking gait and conduct already gets you thinking “This person is trustworthy” even if you have never met them before. Do you ever wonder why?
All of the things mentioned above all have to do with the “personality” of a person which acts as the first layer that everyone can see or “First Impression” in every social encounter. These social encounters don’t have to be at a fancy ball or event but also have to do with daily interaction with other people. All of this means that if we have a good personality and look confident then these traits can have a positive effect on our lives.
Personality also isn’t the only important thing here. The final key to a lasting impression is “Mindset” which comes from within. This is a distinguishing factor that causes people to think: “Why are they so good at convincing us”
This is the reason why Lifesara wants to recommend some personality development courses for all of you guys out there who feel that they are not so good with their communication, can’t make eye contact and lack the confidence to speak up. These courses will help you adjust your thought and speech, gait, the way you dress and other ways you express yourself. A new you is within reach thus let’s go and read about them!

The Best Speech
Communication personality improvement

Let’s start off with the speech and personality improvement course from The Best Speech Plus. This course is conducted by a team of highly experienced instructors who have been instructing for more than 18 years. The course has produced a lot of great personalities over the years. If you want to up your communication skill to sound confident and charming, then try out the personality and communication course here and you will find yourself an entirely new person in no time!

They also offer In-house training for organizations and companies who want a more exclusive experience for their employees as well!

📌The Best Speech’s Highlight
1.This course is best suited for people who needs communication skills such as company staff, managers, businessmen, politician, students, Youtuber, TikTok stars, online merchant, MC or anyone who need the art of speech in general
2. Guaranteed to yield results as the course focus on personal detail and issues and the instructor is willing to help iron them out
3. Exercise that aims to maximize the learner’s potential via a simple and efficient method
4. People who passed the course will be awarded a certificate and can receive free advice and guidance.

📌Training course length
– 2 full days 9:00-16:00 .

📌Pricing and Promotion
✨The most popular Art of Speech The Best Speech course for a professional level of communicating
– 9,900 Baht per person
– Current promotion is 7,800 Baht

📍Location : Thong Thara River View Hotel Charoen Krung road

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 061-356-3964 | 093-459-5562
Line : @thebest1
FB : The Best Speech Plus
Web : www.thebestspeechplustraining.com
Email : thebestspeech.plus@gmail.com


Image Power Consultant
Image and Communication Personailty Improvement

Next up is the personality and image enhancement course for inter-personal and organizational communication taught by Ajarn Varaluck or Kru Anne from the Image Power Consultant institute. This course is arguably the best personality improvement course as the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and has won numerous awards. Taking this course with Kru Anne will surely yield tangible results!✨

If you are looking to increase your level of confidence and take on a new perspective for yourself while building up a trustworthy personality and a professional aura; Kru Anne will guarantee a different you after the course just like those Before/After testimonies!

📌Image Power Consultant’s highlight
1. Analyze your body’s made and posture for a dressing style that helps maximize trustworthiness and aura of success.
2. Style Personality Test to learn your true personality and style of dress that will maximize your professional aura.
3. Facial feature analysis for the best hair style and accessories
4. Case-by-case analysis of personality and bearing.
5. Communication and presentation classes for high-profile level job application through body language and trust-building.

– 8,900 Baht per person including lunch (in case of organizational client, doesn’t include withholding tax)

📌Contact Informations
Line : @valalak_imagepower
Web : www.imagepowerconsultant.com
FB : Image Power พลังแห่งการเปลี่ยนแปลง by Valalak
E-mail : imagepowerconsultant@gmail.com


Bespoke image maker
Image Personailty Improvement

For this spot we have an institution that can provide a comprehensive image and personality improvement service for personal and organizational level. This course is taught by Ajarn Tum (Khemakorn Aphichatayakul) the Vice president of AICI: Association of Image Consultant International, the founder of Bespoke Image Maker. His experience is guaranteed by the numerous certifications from more than 10 institutes in 7 countries.

He is also the first licensed trainer who can directly issue a Canadian issued certificate. From the numerous testimonials, there are a lot of people who took Ajarn Tum’s course and saw immediate and gainful results as well!

Bespoke Image Maker provides analysis for your tone, style, shape and facial features and also provides advice on how to improve them in order to look professional; deliver better communication and establish a personal brand. Also, if you are interested in the numerous other soft skills courses that could truly elevate their personality to a more charming level then check out Ajarn Tum’s classes!

📌3 Layers Color Analysis course highlight
1. Learn the personal seasonal color, which color suits them best; which one exudes a brighter aura; which style enhances a persons’ bearing. Numerous businessmen, movie star, singers and actor had already taken a class with Ajarn Tum
2. Deep and detailed analysis by color expert Ajarn Tum himself who will analyze not only the skin tone but also the bearing and character and the ideal self of everyone

📌IMAGE Blurprint in Action
1. Help elevate the learner’s image through dressing style with a deep analysis for a person’s skin tone, style, shape and facial feature. Also includes 7 lifelong guidelines.
2. Detailed deep dive and practical. Ajarn Tum’s class is very personal in nature (no more than 4 persons at a time) Numerous businessmen and respectable personalities have already undergone Ajarn Tum’s class!

📌Pricing and Promotion
1. 3 Layers Color Analysis
: Promotion starts from 9,900 Baht from the usual 15,900 Baht
**Free Imported Personal Color Wallet of your own seasonal color. A tool to help compare the color shade of clothing, accessories and makeup to determine whether it suits you or not

2. IMAGE Blueprint in Action
: Promotion starts from 22,500 Baht from the usual 35,900 Baht

📍Location : Phomphan building 3, 6th floor, Soi Ladphrao 3

📌Contact Informations
Line OA : @bespokeimagemaker
FB : อาจารย์ตั้ม Bespoke Image Maker ที่ปรึกษาภาพลักษณ์ และบุคลิกภาพ
IG : bespokeimagemaker
Web: https://www.bespokeimagemaker.com/
Tiktok : imagecoachtum


Sharp Sharp Studio
Sharp Personality Improvement

For the final place we have an institution that will resonate with those who love modeling. The course here at Sharp Sharp Studio aims to overall improve the personality and bearing of a model. The results are guaranteed by Kru Tui, an image enhancement and improvement specialist with the moniker “Jarit Jru Tui Image Personality Expert” and the beautiful Khun Pla or “Porrapassorn Warasirinda”, the Miss Grand Thailand 2014. These two will confidently take those with desire on a journey to become a new version of themselves.

Even if you are not a professional model you can also take a course here as this institute is created in order to build confidence and improve personality while providing some useful knowledge. All of these are guaranteed to change you into your ideal self!

Even if you are not a professional model you can also take a course here as this institute is created in order to build confidence and improve personality while providing some useful knowledge. All of these are guaranteed to change you into your ideal self!

📌Sharp Sharp Studio highlight
1. Suitable for all gender and ages as the lesson focus on practical lessons the learner can apply in daily lives
2. Private class ensure efficiency.
3. All round improvement for characteristics such as: Mindset & Attitude, Personality Development, Voice & Communication, Beauty Pageant, Model, Fine dining, Mind & body, Personal Branding and Influencer.
4. A good personality is bound to create good value for oneself and those around.

📍Location : Center of Ratchada soi 7

📌Contact Informations
Line : @jaridkrutui
Tel : 095-323-2959 | 092-564-2928
FB : Sharp Sharp Studio by ครูตุ้ยครูปลา
IG : Sharp.Sharp.Studio
Tiktok : Sharp Sharp Studio Youtube : จริตครูตุ้ยครูปลา