Every time you leave the comfort of your home, you are assaulted by the numerous pollutants, the unbearable heat, which makes your clothes smell funny, and even some acne on your back! The best cure for these troubles inside your home is the good old shower and getting a whiff of your own fragrant, soap-covered skin. However, looking for a shower gel that clicks is not an easy task either due to the number of brands out there.

For those of you who are looking for fragrant shower gels that also nurture the skin, then stick around! Today, Lifesara is going to psyche you into getting some of the best shower gel in 2022 that won’t only make you feel like you are relaxing in a spa but will also nourish your skin so well that you can’t help but fall in love with your smooth and fragrant skin! We also include some tricks for a healthy shower here. if you are still unsure about the right shower gel then read on!🪷🥀

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The first brand on this list is probably recognizable by everyone out there, the supple and fragrant skin shower gel BeNice. A brand that will make your skin healthy and supple with its Fruit Essence extract. This brand’s shower gel both refreshes and cleans the skin while also retaining moisture for an extended period of time. If you don’t like applying skin cream, then this shower gel works fine as a substitute.🍊

We would also like to recommend their latest product to you, the Super Collagen C formula that helps scrub your skin while showering with the all-natural apricot scrub beads. The beads help gently peel away dead skin cells and make the skin a lot healthier after the first use. And the best part? The smell is irresistible!

For those who like a shower gel with a light and alluring scent, then we recommend the Honey & Nectarine formula. A milky gel that combines honey and shea butter together. A shower with this gel will leave you in ecstasy with its mild scent, fluffy bubbles and a fragrant skin!

We no longer believe that having clean skin is sufficient in this day and age. The gel must come with a plethora of other benefits that will push the beauty of your skin to the next level while demanding as little time from you as possible. A 2-in-1 approach to scrubbing and nourishing is the way to go for busy people like us! The best part of this brand is that you can find it everywhere! So we recommend that you have some in your bathroom!

✨Suitable for :
People who wants to moisturize their skin for a more supple look and fragrant skin on first use while reducing acne and impurities

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Let’s look at the shower oil from Solure, a shower oil with the Oil to Milk technology gimmick that will convert the oil to a gel with a milky consistency. This milky gel will help preserve the skin’s moisture and suppleness for an entire day. Solure is also well-known for its fragrance, which is impossible for other brands to replicate. Its moisture locking property will ensure that your skin remains healthy and smooth after a shower!

With 4 different scents and styles for you to choose from; easy absorption for maximum nourishment; deep cleansing of impurities from your body; natural mixture of Shea butter, Rice Bran oil, Sweet Almond oil and Coconut oil that rejuvenate your skin, you can be sure that your skin will be glamorous and your confidence will be through the roof after you use Solure!

🌺The 4 scents are

🌻 First Date : A sweet scent with a hint of citrus that refreshes and rejuvenates.
🌹Crush On You : An alluring scent that is inviting and intoxicating
🌷Be Mine : Mild and sweet just like vanilla, lively and intriguing
🥀 Anniversary : An aromatic sweet that reminds you of wild roses, just like when you fall in love.

✨Suitable for :
Those with dry skin who wants to heal it back to a supple and healthy looking skin

📌Contact Information :
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E-mail : info.solure@gmail.com


Maitre Augustin

Next up, we have the organic shampoo from Maitre Augustin, a new upcoming brand that is fully organic in nature, including the manufacturing process and the ingredients. The brand also received the Bio Cosmétique Charter while preserving the authenticity of “Soap from Marseille” with the Savon De Marseille logo.

The soap not only cleans you with a signature fragrance, but it is also free of all harmful chemicals for your body as well. 🌻 These chemicals are:

– Free from SLS or surfactants which are mostly found in shampoo or shower gel. These chemicals could cause irritation and could be carcinogenic if accumulation took place.
– Free from Paraben, a preservative that is used in a lot of cosmetics. It can cause a reduction in fertility, allergies or even cancer if it accumulates in the body.

– No Mineral oil, as they are a derivative from petroleum distillation that is mostly used in keeping the skin moist. However; their large molecules can cause pore blockage and acne.
– Free from artificial coloring that may contain arsenic and lead, a carcinogen.
– No Formalin that would irritate your eyes and nose once inhaled or cause cancer due to prolonged exposure.

The materials and packaging are all environmentally friendly, recyclable and have received certification from PME+. If you care about the environment then this brand fits perfectly with your value. Or if you want to feel like you are living in Marseille, the southern French city famous for its soap then check this brand out! 🪵🌾

✨Suitable for :
People who care about health and wants to avoid chemicals and people with allergies that need special care

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Kaff & Co

A Thai organic shower gel brand that is full of natural extract. Kaff & Co shower gel’s main ingredients are Saffron Thistle and Indian Pennywort which makes it suitable for those with allergic skin. The gel cones with a refreshing scent that is reminiscent of those relaxing spa. 🪵🍃

The Kaff & Co. formula gently cleanses the skin while retaining its moisture. The aloe vera present also helps reduce skin blemishes. This is coupled with the mineral-rich Fleur de Sel, which helps brighten the skin without causing irritation.

The formula is researched and tested by a team of pharmacists, which guarantees that your skin will receive the best care it requires. If you love natural extracts and a refreshing feel for the entire day, then try this out.~

✨Suitable for :
Those who suffer from allergic and dry skin are looking for a natural cure and nourishment.

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