In a day, our hair has to face many conditions of weather, accumulating unwelcome bacteria. 🥲 Thin hair and hair loss until your mom has to say your hair is falling and swirling around your room already is a problem that can hurt you mentally. Then once you are buying a shampoo and there are too many options that make you doubt scratching your head which one is reasonable and right for you 🍀😅
Thus, Lifesara will take a look at 5 herbal shampoos with natural ingredients, no silicone, updated in 2022 for you. The attributes are too many to list out, so let’s read the summary of what are those interesting brands✨

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Kaff & Co.

Here is Kaff & Co. It’s a natural extract shampoo brand from Thai herbs, invented by an expert pharmacist team.

The essential ingredients are Thai herbs with natural benefits, especially for the hair and scalp. These extracts are popular among people who have scalp problems such as dryness, oiliness, hair loss, white hair, itchiness, and dandruff. Kaff & Co. will bring your hair and scalp balance back to life and apparently make them stronger.

📌Suitable for :
– For those who want to strengthening scalp, hair, and skin
– For those who facing scalp problems and sensitive skin, also for those who prefer natural ingredients

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Na ha Thai

For Na Ha Thai, it is an intensely recovering herbal shampoo with fine ingredients such as olive oil and castor oil to create a foamed texture, silicone-free. There are more than 20 herbal supplements included for your healthy scalp, to repair damaged hair, and to stimulate your hair to grow faster.

Conditioner is also good to nourish and soften your hair so it doesn’t get tangled. Golden Cocoon is a source of 18 amino proteins that protect hair from heat, is beneficial and gentle, and doesn’t irritate the scalp and face.

📌Suitable for :
– For those who like detox and clean scalp, prevent hair loss and hair damage, healthy hair
– For those who want to strengthen hair root

Price: 400 Baht per bottle
Size: 230 ml

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IG : nahathai_the_official
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Bergamot is a famous brand that has been with Thais for more than 40 years, with natural ingredients extracted for a healthy scalp and hair. Bergamot Hair Complex – 75 or BHC – 75 is a gentle pH-balanced formula with no SLS, SLES, Silicones, or Parabens which is a privilege and special for this brand. There are more than 10 herbs that solve hair loss, soothe scalp irritation, and greatly stimulate hair growth.

📌Suitable for :
– For those who suffer from hair loss, dandruff, and sensitive skin
– For those who want long-term strengthening of hair condition
– For those who want to control and rebalance for scalp and hair

– First-time purchase 350 Baht, 50 Baht off, and free delivery
– For every order with 1,000 Baht or more, free delivery

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Tsubaki Premium Shampoo

This brand is also becoming more popular compared to other brands. Its shampoo texture is transparent with silicones-free, which will bring your hair back to life after chemical treatments such as straightening, curling, and dyeing. Especially after using the Tsubaki Premium Repair Mask that expresses the recovery of your hair, immediately wash off. Camellia oil, pearl protein, and royal jelly will shine and soften your hair, bringing it back to life again. Then you can assure any photo shoot that you will be perfect at every angle🌻

📌Suitable for :
– After the chemical process of dyeing, straightening, and curving
– For those who want to repair their hair

📌Price :
– TSUBAKI Premium Shampoo or Conditioner 490 ml for 299 Baht per bottle
– TSUBAKI Premium Repair Mask 180g for 490 Baht per bottle

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The next shampoo that we’re going to mention contains ginseng, the king of herbs, which has a lot of benefits for the body and hair. Wanthai is a brand that uses ginseng as an essential ingredient, along with many other herbs, to deeply clean and nourish your hair and stimulate your blood circulation, preventing hair loss, itchiness, and inflammation of the scalp.

The green package is for oily hair and the normal, orange one is for dried hair to moisturize your hair.

📌Suitable for :
– Decrease dandruff and hair loss
– Repair and recover hair root
– A deeply clean scalp and hair

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