It’s an undeniable fact in life that our private parts sometimes are the biggest source of our worry. Not only is cleanliness down there a very big factor but it also affects our confidence in daily lives and during social function as well. Especially, in this age where we have to work, travel and play with other people very often, the cleanliness of our private parts only gets even more important. If there are any weird symptoms then take note and act accordingly!

This is the main reason why feminine wash is now a very popular item for both males and females alike. We also know that your head is spinning from the number of brands on the market. That’s why Lifesara is putting together the best feminine wash in 2022 here. These are the best wash that will uplift your confidence and dispel the worries of your friends. As for what these brands are, let’s go and find out!


Feminine Wash : Be Nice

Let’s start off with the BeNice brand feminine wash. This is a brand that everyone should recognize and is the “born-to-be” brand for all the ladies out there. The BeNice feminine wash still maintains its distinct scent with the added benefit of gentle cleaning that is absolutely safe and suitable for your private part. All BeNice formulas were tested by an obstetrician, which when combined with the gentle nature and good scent, made it the best choice for all the modern-day ladies out there!

The ‘BeNice Feminine Cleansing Active for sensitive skin’ formula is the best formula for your musty smell problem as it contains the Proodor technology that can immediately rein in your problem! It also comes with a cool and refreshing feel from natural Eucalyptus, which is augmented by hyaluron and pH balance that will ensure your skin remains healthy. Its signature smell is also very refreshing. If you are looking to quell your worries that stems from your private part then check this brand out! The cool feel and smell elimination combo is already a very good deal but it’s soap-free as well!

📌Suitable for :
– Active girls with productive lifestyle who loves exercise
– Girls with outdoor activity that encounter the blazing heat
– Girls who want to eliminate their odor worries.

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Feminine Wash : Kurin Care

The Kurin Care feminine wash has a quality level comparable to those coming from Japan and is also inspired by, you guessed it, Japan! This is because Japan is considered the cleanest country in the world. That’s why Kurin Care took this culture as an inspiration to inspire every Thai person out there to pay even more attention to cleanliness than before.

Kurin Care’s formulas focus on elimination and inhibition of bacterial growth and will gently cleanse your private parts. If you want to eliminate your odor worries, then this item should be in your bag! It’s also very cheap as every formula costs only 59 Baht!

Suitable for :
– Every gender as it is UNISEX
– People who look for a gentle care for all skin type
– Girls who are allergic to menstrual pad

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Lazada : Kurin Care
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Feminine Wash : Lactasyd

Next on the list is the legendary Lactacyd, the feminine wash brand with the highest sales in Thailand that is guaranteed to be at the top of mind for everyone when it comes to feminine wash products. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a product that every girl must have in her bathroom!

Recently, Lactacyd also changed their product look to be more minimal and friendly-looking. A new set of private part friendly formulas was also developed from milk and lactic acid. In total, there are 6 formulas that can fit every lifestyle out there. If you want to remain confident the entire day about your cleanliness down there, then grab a bottle!

🌱All Day Care – There is no dampness throughout the day, as if you just stepped out of the shower.
🌺Soft & Silky – Nourish, smooth, and soften your skin, with an even more mild scent.
❄️Odor Fresh – Sports lover’s dream as the protection is 24 hours.
🌷Pearly Intimate – Brighten and even out your pigment color for that stratosphere level of confidence
💧Extra Milky – Extra nourishment with 4 times extra milk serum and vitamins
✨Extra Sensitive – Good for sensitive and allergic skins. Suitable for menstrual fluid cleaning and could be used in conjunction with a cure for infection.

All of Lactacyd’s formulas will restore the pH balance of the skin to its natural, slightly acidic state. Zero irritation problem for every use as it is tested by dermatologists. And no more nervousness!

✨Suitable for :
– People who need to gently clean their private parts, reduce odor, and stay comfortable all day.

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Feminine Wash : Esensia

The brand Esensia is another brand that was formulated by pharmacists and is developed from the actual problems encountered by the user. This experience allows them to create a product line for every gender; a product line that is recommended by word-of-mouth for its gentleness and skin-balancing properties.

Most importantly, dermatologists have tested it and confirmed that it does not cause allergic reactions. The ingredients are also handpicked with care and include high-quality ingredients such as Centella and Chamomile. This made the brand the most direct solution for your odor problem!

It also satisfies your demand for cleanliness, gentleness and smell really well, with a really cheap price to boot! The packaging is also very cute. If any of you out there are looking for a gentle product that is guaranteed by a pharmacy, then get a bottle of Esensia!

📌Suitable for :
– Person of every gender who are looking for a feminine wash with a gentle touch that reduce odor, cut down your worries and make sure your private part remains healthy

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