In an era where harms are prevalent, it would not hurt to take precautionary measures. We believe a lot of you have been in the water, or even experienced drowning at least once. Plus, the media often includes drowning tragedies, leaving us thinking incidents like these might not have happened if the subject had known how to swim. It is obvious that swimming is as much a mandatory skill as martial arts.

As a result, Lifesara is introducing swimming schools that will increase the chance of survival from drowning. These quality schools offer instructors, amazing pools, and classes for people of all ages.What’s more? Swimming lessons can lay the groundwork for a swimming career. You will learn more about those schools in this article~🏊‍♂️

For those looking to develop additional preventive and basic life skills, here we are also sharing a variety of academies!

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Aqua-Tots Swim Schools are well-established schools with extensive teaching experience that offer world-class swimming lessons from the USA. The school now has 130 branches worldwide, 3 of which are in Thailand.

Swimming lessons, coming in a total of 8 levels, are open to babies as young as 4 months old to 12-year-old kids. Salt water and mineral pool system naturally infuses the water with so-called chlorine. The pools are regularly treated with UV and ozone, so there is no need to worry about water quality or harsh chemicals 🏊

📍Location :
Taweewattana (Liab-Klong Taweewattana 22)

Tel : Taweewattana 090-950-6767 | Sriracha 094-818-7788 | Prawet 065-081-7234
FB : Aqua-Tots Swim Schools


Bangkok Kids

Bangkok Kids is a world-class swimming school for babies and kids that offers curriculums from Birthlight, England. With lessons open to babies as young as 7 days old to 10-year-old kids, this is the only school in Thailand that has in place lessons for newborns. Saltwater pools are kept at warm temperatures and controlled by state-of-the-art technology 24/7. Safety is guaranteed.

The school now has 4 branches and offers free trial classes, making it a perfect choice for your little ones.

– Mengjai-Praram 9
– Rajapruek
– Watcharapon
– Praram 2

FB : Bangkok Kids
IG : Bangkokkids
LINE OA : @bkkkids
Tiktok : Bangkok Kids
Web :
Tel : 02-530-9631


Chulabhorn Walailak Swimming Pool

Located in Kasetsart University, Chulabhorn Walailak Swimming Pool is open to swimmers of all levels, from swimmers on the national and national junior teams to individuals who look for larger pools. The pool is perfect for both practice and regular workout. Three pools include:

1. Competitive pool that is 50 meters long and 25 meters wide
2. Pool with diving platforms that is 20 meters long and 18 meters wide
3. Pool for people who cannot swim and kids under parental monitoring

Apart from having several pools for specific needs, the pool also offers swimming lessons by professional instructors, ensuring students will learn to swim correctly. Lesson rate costs only 650 THB/month (12 hours). Plus, you will get to meet fellow swimmers!

FB : Chulabhorn Walailak Swimming Pool