“Learning martial arts” is getting more important these days because it doesn’t matter where you are, what you wear, and what you do, criminals can be lurking at you at any moment. We can see it easily from social media about the assault, sexual harassment, or loss of someone 😢
Compared to the community these days it’s getting scarier day by day. Also, social media, a taste of liberty, the rise of equity, and our country that doesn’t make us feel safe enough. As a result, we, males, females, youths, and adults, are at risk daily. So we have to prepare and learn how to deal with and live with it for our best safety🤛👊
We, Lifesara, will guide you to see martial arts academies for all ages and genders. It not only teaches you self-defense but also exercises for your physical and mental health. For those who care about yourself and your family, martial arts are a way to create confidence for self-love. Keep following to see what those academies are.
Apart from martial arts for self-defense, don’t forget to care about physical and mental health. Let’s take a look at these articles that will make you love yourself more!

Martial Art: Taeground Academy

Want to acknowledge martial arts to your children and learning in a stress-free atmosphere? Taeground Academy, an academy led by former national team athletes in the Ramintra area, will be the answer for you. Its unique curriculum is combined with the Taekwondo technique and a kid’s playground for the students making it more fun with exercises.

The academy adapted the Taekwondo technique to fit the young children in each generation focusing on your child’s physical and mental development. It doesn’t only teach self-defense but more skills at once.

It’s a place where your kid and child will be happy to enjoy and engage with their teaching method. Filling your child’s happiness with Taekwondo here, a super cute place. 🫶🏻✨

📌Promotion and fees
Course A
1,800 Baht per month
4 times a month (Average weekly per class)

Course B
2,400 Baht per month
8 times a month (Average weekly per 2 classes)

💡Register course for 3 months, free admission fee!!! (Free first trial class)
*** For More information and reservation, contact directly at the academy

📍Location: 2nd Floor The jas, Ramintra

📌Contact Information
FB : โรงเรียนสอนเทควันโด TAEGROUND – Taekwondo Playground Academy
Line : @taeground
Tel : 095-556-4411 (ครูปอ)


Martial: Aikido Tuksom

If you wanna try Aikido, a skill that you should possess in your life, this is a place for you. Aikido Tuksom is located at Rangsit Klong 4 and Rom Klao, it’s a subsidiary of the Renbukan Dojo and Aikido community of Thailand. People above 7 years old are allowed to join the class and don’t be afraid to try because there will be Aikido experts on standby and work with you closely ✨

Aikido is a martial art that applies philosophy and religious perspective into practice. Trainees can use it for self-defense by using a slight technique to gain an advantage and take control of the game.

It also teaches us to withhold and control ourselves from furious calming and denying ourselves from any provocation. That’s the main unique point for Aikido to practice self for internal and external purposes in these ages. Let’s join the community at the orange building Aikido, Klong 4 and Rom Klao ~~

Free trial classes in the first month according to the practice schedule

📍Location :
Rangsit Klong 4 Brach
Rom Klao Branch

📌Contact Information
Tel : 081-845-0805 | Line
FB : Aikido Tuksom


Martial Art: Jitti Gym Academy

Who wants to improve combating gesture skills, this way at Jitti Gym Academy, Muay Thai camp at MRT Ratchada. It’s a Muay Thai camp that has been open for more than 30 years. Thais and foreigners are coming to train their skills and exercise plus with a good friendship. Don’t be afraid to fail because coaches here will teach you from the basic to a professional level according to individual background skills.

If you want to check this out, you can walk in anytime. No need to reserve and wait. Solo walk-in is also welcome.

– 1 time 500 Baht
– 10 times 3,500 Baht / Last for 2 months
– 20 times 6,000 Baht / Last for 3 months
– 30 times 7,500 Baht / Last for 4 months
– 1 month duration for 4,500 Baht, can come in once daily
– 1 month duration for 7,500 Baht, can come in twice daily
– 3 months duration for 11,000 Baht, can come in once daily
– 3 months duration for 19,000 Baht, can come in twice daily

📌Contact Informations
FB : Jitti Gym
IG : Jittigymacademy
Line : @jittigym
Tel : 095-5345980