Everyone probably has an image in their head where they imagined that during a concert it was you who were soloing the guitars and the drum, rousing people’s screams of ecstasy; or it was you who sang and people swayed with your lyrics. Does this thought bring you excitement? It’s because of this imagination that made music the coolest hobby in the eyes of many people and it can also make you the center of attention from everyone!

Wherever there is music, music lovers tend to gather. Music is such a powerful medium that allows you and your favorite foreign artist to potentially connect; you connect with them the moment the lyrics escape their mouth despite the difference in language and culture for music has no boundary.

It’s no wonder why during free time and special occasions we all connect through music. In order to nurture these aspirations and dreams, a lot of music schools had sprung up; a proof that music is truly a boundless medium that many people aspire to master.

As there are many musical instruments that are easy to master, if you have a knack for music or a mum and dad who wants their children to have a relaxing hobby or build upon the skill to make a career then read on. Lifesara put together 8 music schools that will surely scratch that musical itch you have. Let’s go have a look.

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KPN Music Academy

If you are looking for a classical music school in Thailand,the first school that comes to mindis the KPN Music Academy.One of the leading music schools in Thailand thatdoesn’t only support an effective curriculumbut also everything needed in order to get into the music industry.This includes activities like singing, dancing, ballet, competitionas well as other activities that will keep you engaged throughout the course.

KPN’s highlight is the ability to make the talent of their students shine. Everyone that studies here has to go through a regular standardized test. The teaching staff are all very kind and understanding as well; with many years of experience under their belt and the KCI teaching method as a guideline that makes classes easy to understand. The instruments at KPN are also state-of-art level which help ensure a smooth experience too.

The academy alsoholds frequent musical competitionson a national levelwhich allows their studentsto show the full potential of their lessons,making them a lot more confident and expressive as a whole.Any parents of people who are interested in musicshould check out KPN academy as they have branches throughout the country.

📍Location : kpnmusic

📌Contact information :
FB : KPN Music Academy
IG : kpnmusic
Line : @kpn_music
Web : www.kpnmusic.com


Churairat Music School

Next on the list is Churairat music school, this school has been producing top-notch musicians and music teachers for more than 30 years.

They are also the only representative in Thailand for the ABRSM musical grading system from the UK. The person who passed this test will receive an internationally recognized certificate that can be used as a musical qualification for their portfolio too!

The school is not only famous for their achievement but also their teaching method. Their teaching focuses on the quality of the class. The student can go in without any basics as the school will teach the student all the necessary foundational knowledge. They also place an emphasis on the practical and theoretical side of music as well through the use of examinations and concerts that aims to show the potential of all students while maintaining the entertaining facet of music.

In terms of course variety, no other place could beat Churairat; they offer everything from Classical music, popular music and even courses for retired adults that includes contemporary songs, ballroom dancing or even Muay Thai and Taekwondo if you are looking for a more outlandish experience.

The numerous facilities and specialized instructors combined with the offers from above make this place a top of the mind for many people. If you are interested, you can try contacting the school directly, or even head over to their campus at Fashion Island in Navamin area as well.

📌Promotion :
– Piano rental for home practice (990 Baht per month, the rent can be used as a discount, with interest for the deposit fees to boot!) as well as other events. We also offer instrument rental for performing bands.
– For people who knew us from the Lifesara page, free registration.
– 10% discounts for all goods and services with prices not exceeding 10,000 Baht.

**offer ends on 31st August 2022

📍Location : 100/59-62 Nawamin road, Nawamin, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10240

📌Contact Information
FB : Churairat Music
Website : www.churairatmusic.com/


Music Factor

Next on the list is Music Factory, a music school that provides comprehensive service and is led by the famed producer Mr. Kan Yaisawang; the producer behind many successful artists such as KhanomJeen, Four Mod, Neko Jump, Tai Thanawut and many others. These names are a testament to this academy’s ability to produce top-level talents.

The academy offers an all-round curriculum for music such as classical music, singing as well as a class on song composing that relies on modern computers, musical producers, mixing and mastering sounds, modern arranging and musical theory that allows the student to pursue the path they truly want.

Every Music Factor’s curriculum is focused on building upon your own style as well as creating your own work. Most of the curriculum will be tailored towards the student with flexible timing that matches the student’s need.

The instructors here are all famous producers and songwriters with a lot of experience. IF you want to try song-making as a hobby, become an artist, have your own piece of music or even make it into a music faculty of great universities, Music Factor should be the top candidate in your mind. ✨

📍Location : 30/23 Fon Thong soi 2, Phaholyothin, Victory Monument, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220
– Get down at BTS Phaholyothin 59

📌Contact information
Web : http://www.thaimusicfactor.com/
FB : Music Factor Educate
Tel : 093-519-6365
Line : musicfactor


Harmon Music School

Next is Harmon Music School,the name of a music schoolthat you must drill into the name of your child!This school is no ordinary music school as they will not only impart knowledge to your childbut also musical fun in a manner that isn’t a one-and-done class but also builds a positive attitude about music and other development in general which helps the students build characters and mental fortitude neededto live with other people in the societyas well.

The selling point of this schoolis the atmosphere of the class and the facilitiesneeded to build a communitythat encourages everyone to play musicsuch as playing with the instructors and classmates.Your child surely will pick up the knowledge from the kind instructorand fall in love with music without any boredom to bar the way.

If you are looking for an experienced instructor who is very friendly to children and is also looking for a good atmosphere, Harmon Music school is the choice for you as the school will turn your music experience into unforgettable happiness.

PS. The school accepts students who are older than 3 years old.Each curriculum is associated with an age bracket.Children who are 3-5 years old will be given a basic music course a.k.a HMC (HARMON MUSIC FOR CHILDREN)which is a subject suitable for children who are starting out their musical journeyas the course looks for the child’s favorite instrument. For children who are older than 5, they can choose an instrument that they like and focus on that instrument. These instruments are drums, piano, guitar, bass and even singing and dancing.

📍Location : Soi Bang Kaew, near Mega Bangna, slightly opposite of the Concordian International School

📌Contact Information :
FB : Harmon
IG : harmonmusicschool
Line : @harmonmusicschool
TIKTOK : harmonmusicschool
Tel : 065-669-1454


Bossza Music School

Are you looking for a tiny school that punches above its weight? Look no further than Bossza school. This school produced numerous alumni who had become professional musicians. Those who didn’t take up a career in music still use music as a tool to deal with stress and soothe their loneliness. The school started off as a congregation of Kasetsart and Mahidol university top graduates from their respective music faculty 20 years ago and had since kept producing some of the finest talents the Thai music scene had ever seen.

The most special part about this school is the use of music as a tool to speed up development, knowledge that rests on the principle of “happiness” and “quality”. The most obvious fruit of this philosophy is the string of awards won from numerous competitions throughout the country by alumni that made it to Trinity College London and the numerous students who made it into the leading musical studies faculty of leading institutions like Mahidol, Kasetsart university and the Army’s marching band school.

The school also taught a lot of instruments such as piano, guitars, drums, ukulele, violin and wind instruments. The class can also have a different focus such as music as talent-building, as a career or even for health reasons, as we have instructors who specialized in musical therapy. If you are interested in music, check out Bossza, they won’t disappoint you.

📌Promotion pricing : 3,400 – 9,600 / course
📌Promotion : If you came from LifeSara page, like and share Bossza page for another 5% discount for the first course
**Promotion expires on 10th October 2022

📌Contact Information
Tel : 02-591-7994 | 092-275-9954 | 098-276-4456
FB : โรงเรียนดนตรีบอสซ่า
Line@ : @bossza
E-mail : bossza1164@gmail.com


Music House Ramkhamhaeng

Next up is the Music House Ramkhamhaeng,a school that producedmany talents who competedin the numerous music competitions around the country.They mostly focused on letting the studentstry out music that suits their styleswhich helps build their confidencewhile looking for competition venueswhere the student can participateand garner more experience and skill at the same time.

The school’s special atmosphere doesn’t just end there, every student’s work such as fantasy-theme work is also put up for display. There is even a special lottery for prizes for everyone to take part in as well.

The school has numerous courses for every age, such as singing course that help correct off-key and off-beat singing which help build up confidence and start from the basic; Toddler course that helps develop concentration, mood balance and self-control; as well as guitar, drums, piano, bass, violin and ukulele course.

If you are looking for a school to jumpstart your on-stage career this school is the best choice for you!

📍Location : 28 Ramkhamhaeng road, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 114, Saphan Soong, Bangkok 10240

📌Contact Information
Tel : 094-515-5994 | 099-464-7142
Line : @musichouseram114
FB : โรงเรียนดนตรี Music House รามคำแหง
E-mail : Musichousegeneral@gmail.com


Aime’ Musique

If you want your kids to both have fun and develop their musical skills, then look no further than Aime’ Musique school.

Aime’ Musique is another music schoolwith a long list of alumni who received numerous awards and accoladesthat stretches back to more than 9 years. The school utilized a tried-and-true curriculum from the US and teaches piano, violin, guitar, drum set as well as singing for everyone. The class is led bya specialized instructor from a leading university in the field of musicwho are ready to transferknowledge and fun as well asother skills onto the students.

Kids who attended the class here also received the top 3 places in the national competition while the school itself was also granted the Excellence in Music Teaching award as well. The school holds an annual performance event every year in order to help the student gain more confidence and expressiveness. All these efforts make Aime’ Musique a very enticing school for a parent looking for a music school for their kids!

PS. The school accepts kids that are 3 years and older.

📍Location :
– Rattanathibet branch (Soi Tha-It) : Tel : 084-641-9517
– Ratchaphruk branch (Inside Sammakorn Ratchaphruk shopping mall) : Tel : 084-541-6692
– Watcharaphon branch (Inside Plearnary Mall) : Tel : 098-564-4519

📌Contact information
FB : Aime’ Musique (เอมเม่ มิวสิค)
IG : aime_musique


Do Da Dot Music Society

Last but not the least, we have Do Da Dot Music Society,a quality school from the Thonburi sideof Bangkok with instructors from the famed music faculty of Mahidol university.The school offers a wide selectionof subjects and musical style for all age groups to choose from.The courses are also very flexibleas the student can adjust everything according to their needs and the class could also accommodate people with zero basic skills in music to even people who need serious help with getting into a university’s faculty of music.🎹🎶🎤🎷🎺🎸

Apart from the comprehensive lesson that they provide, Do Da Dot Music Society is also a gathering hub for music lovers, a feature befitting the word Society in the name. The school hosts numerous events that accommodate all types of students such as Workshop or Live Session that anyone can join if they are interested, making this school a true “Society” in a sense.

The courses here are piano, keyboard, guitar, bass, ukulele, drums, woodwinds, brass such as Saxophones and trumpets and flute. They also offer Thai music classes as well as singing, dancing and other song production such as song-writing as well. Everything in a single place; for anyone looking for convenience that suits every age then this is the right place.

📌Course Pricing : Starts from 1900 Baht only >> Free 30-minute trial class!

📍Location : 999, 872 Soi Mooh Ban Setthakij, Bang Khae Nuea, Bangkhae 10160

Tel : 082-646-5115
FB : Do Da Dot Music Society โรงเรียนดนตรีและห้องซ้อม
Line : dodadot
IG : dodadot_music