Dancing has gained popularity, so much so a lot of teens today find it aspirational. It is believed most of the youth have seen dancing–be it at real-life events or in videos from artists, influencers, or even non-celebrities. And when we see them perform in public or dance for themselves, the first reaction would inevitably involve astonishment and admiration. The reason is that dancing is clear evidence of one’s perseverance.

Not only can dancing boost memory and increase endurance, it also has other health benefits, as well as acting as a form of exercise that improves both physical and mental wellness.

For those in need of dance class and looking for a dance studio, Lifesara has gathered 6 renowned dance studios in Bangkok with awards and certifications to guarantee, as well as experienced dance instructors. You will get to know more about them in this article🎵

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D Maniac Dance Studio

D Maniac Dance Studio, Huay Kwang, is perfect for people who love cover dance. Classes are hosted by experienced instructors who are recognized by celebrities in the entertainment industry, including 4EVE, ATLAS, REDSPIN, and 4MIX. The studio has garnered awards at both national and regional levels.

Examples of awards include: Grand Prize at the Hip Hop International Thailand, 3rd Runner Up at the Hip Hop World Championship, and South-East Asia’s Grand Prize at the Arena Competition. It is evident that dancers will receive mentoring from seasoned instructors, as well as being able to improve idol-like dance choreography.

Why D Maniac Dance Studio
– Open to dancing of different styles
– Open to dancing of different styles Offers various dance classes and private lessons of your choice
– 10 Dance rooms for rent

Class Rates
500 THB/class, for a limited period of 2 months
– 1,300 THB/3 classes
– 3,200 THB/8 classes
– 4,500 THB/12 classes

Location : RCA Block D 21-98/99(2-4), Huay Kwang, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310

Tel : 063-796-4133
Line : @dmaniacstudio
IG : dmaniacstudio
FB : D Maniac Studio


The Artists Dance Studio

The Artists Dance Studio has in place classes for several kinds of dancing, such as Ballet for Kids, Adult Ballet, Jazz Dance, Cover Dance, Contemporary Dance, Ballroom, Yoga, Yoga Fly, as well as music classes like Piano Singing and Guitar. Such a total package!

Why The Artists Dance Studio
– Different classes for different dance styles
– Renowned ballet classes for people of all ages, from 2 to retirees. The studio also has curriculums of the Australasian Dance Association (ADA) in Australia where dancers can obtain accreditation from annual examinations.
– All classes are hosted by professional mentors with extensive dance experience
– Spacious, garden view classrooms with high ceilings and cleaning/sanitizing before and after use
– Parking space and BTS access to Punnavithi station
– Dance and yoga classes for people of all ages, heights, and weights


Just Dance Studio

Just Dance Studio is one of dance studios that offers a friendly and supportive environment for dancers, regardless of their age. This is where students can broaden their experience and invest in themselves for advancement.

Classes cover different types of dancing–such as hip hop, street dance, hit dance, ballet, modern jazz, k-pop, cover dance, and gym for dance–with world-class curriculums developed by the UDO Street Dance Syllabus from England and CSTD from Australia.

Any dancers looking to professionally cultivate their skills are encouraged to attend a class here.

📌Why Just Dance Studio
– Offers both group dance classes and private lessons with world-class curriculums developed by the UDO Street Dance Syllabus (England) and CSTD (Australia)
– Services also include dance vdo production space for rent, training for new trainees, event and show organization, and dance fitness classes
– Services also include dance vdo production space for rent, training for new trainees, event and show organization, and dance fitness classes

One free trial dance class; for monthly promotions, please contact the studio / Course rates start at 2,900 THB

📍Location :
– Lasalle Avenue (Fl. 2 Phase 2) Just Dance Studio Lasalle’s Avenue
– RK Safari (RK Park 2 Village)Just Dance RK Safari
Opening Hours : Monday-Sunday 10.00-20.00

Line : @justdancestudio
Tel : 097-246-7854 (Lasalle Avenue) | 098-426-4225 (RK Safari)
Web : https://justdance-ent.com/
FB : Just Dance Studio
IG : justdancestudio_bkk
Youtube : Just Dance Studio
Tiktok : justdancestudiobkk


Thorfun Music and Dance School

Thorfun Music and Dance School is a large, world-class dance studio located in Samyan area. The studio has spacious classrooms that give off theater vibes and acts as an examination center approved by the Royal Academy of Dance, England. Several awards have been garnered, domestically and internationally.

Parents who want their little ones to attend a ballet/exercise class, hosted by professional instructors with more than 25 years of experience, this studio offers a wide range of courses that can pave the way to a promising future.

Why Thorfun Music and Dance School (Thorfun Music and Dance School)
– Offers international curriculums and is approved by dance studios that set global standards like the RAD, CSTD, and CDA – Instructional standard under the control of the Register Teacher of Royal Academy of Dance
– Open to kids as young as 1 year old (the earlier they start, the stronger the foundation becomes) and includes courses for dancers of all ages
– Accomplished instructors with specialized knowledge



IDANCE STUDIO & SPACE is located near Samyan MRT station. This studio/cafe embraces a minimalist interior design, simple but stylish thanks to a complementary color scheme. With ambient music creating a jolly atmosphere, the studio is Instagram-worthy. Its cafe area is unbeatable, serving drinks and croffle many agree are a must!

For those looking to foster self-confidence and showcase their talents while getting effective exercise, just come here and dance! It is like killing two birds with one stone.

– Open to dancers of all ages, adults and children alike
– Classes for children welcome kids as young as 4 years old
– Adult lessons–both group and private–include jazz, hip hop. k-pop, choreograph, freestyle, and street
– Classes focus on the fundamentals and follow curriculums that allow student taking the exam to obtain a Certificate of the Australian Curriculum (A.T.O.D)
– The studio sells fresh and healthy fruit juice for gym participants

Location : Block28 : Creative & Start up village (Soi Chula 40)
Near Samyan MRT station, ample parking space

Tel : 096-356-4456
IG : idancestudio________space
FB : idancestudio________space
Line : @idance


Dance Plus Academy

Founded over a decade ago, Dance Plus Academy offers curriculums from Australia (ATOD) and is guaranteed by grand prizes from both domestic and international contests. Popular classes include jazz, ballet, contemporary, hip hop, and k-pop hosted by experienced instructors. This studio is perfect for young dancers looking to sharpen their skills.

📌Why Dance Plus Academy
– Open to dancers of all ages
– Besides dancing skills, classes also offer good physical exercise and help boost confidence
– Students can go on to a career in dance

📍Location :
– Central Chaengwattana Fl.7, 11
– Central Pinklao Tower B Fl.7

FB : Dance Plus Academy
IG : Danceplusacademy
Line : @danceplus