🥐A buttery scent, brownish bread, and a pretty pattern lure you to try, decorations and designs that make you can’t resist visiting the cafe or bakery and grabbing one back. Have you ever wondered how many types of bread or bakeries there are? How do they make it so appetizing? Why do smell and taste stimulate our appetite so much? These are not skills we can create by ourselves because they require a lot of learning. They need to absorb and learn these skills from an experienced baker and keep developing to create one and become their signatures. It requires a lot of hard work.

In these ages, the most famous bakery would be French bread such as croissants, pies, baguettes, brioches, and more. For those who love these bakeries, you are in the right place. Because Lifesara collected 5 bakery schools for you here. There are not only baked bread but also baking lessons for cake and other bakeries from the schools. This will be the answer for bakery lovers. Let’s see what baking schools and institutes we have on the list.

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Baking Class: 357 °F Baking Studio

Who wants to open a unique, beautiful, aromatic, and attractive bakery to customers. Let’s get started with baking school at 357 °F Baking Studio

357 °F Baking Studio is a baking school by experienced chefs with more than 10,000 students. Their focus is not only on the taste but we will also learn and understand the scientific and artistic aspects of the bakery. They will teach in depth from the beginning and trial lessons and even apply it as a future career. Who has a plan to open your bakery, this is the answer for you.

📌Prominent points of the classes at 357 °F Baking Studio

1. Tasty recipe. With this recipe, you will be able to immediately put it on the market because we keep updating our recipe.

2. There is a Bakery Ingredients course to understand all the ingredients and improve your recipes for all bakeries.What should we put in and what is the reason why we choose these ingredients and to understand their importance.

3. The school principal is Food-Sci which will apply to infinite development in recipes.

4. The essential factor is technique. No technique, the recipe is useless. Learning technique is a key to self-development.

5. There are plenty of courses for you to select on the list below
– Cookie Artisan, Expert Cake, Basic Croissant 101, Brioche Nanterre, Shokupan & Toast
– Cake Café set “A” Teaching 3 cakes in 3 styles
– Cake Café set “B” Teaching a unique shape cake to increase its value
– 🔥 New class is coming! Chef baking course 8 weeks, 72 menus. It’s another course that accumulates all the essential parts to become a professional baker

📍Location : Front of Suankularb School, Nonthaburi,
Near Chaengwattana Rd, 10 minutes from Muang Thong Thani

📌Contact information
Tel : 095-119-1695 | Inbox
Line : @357bakingstudio
Website : https://www.357baking.com/


Baking Class: Friday Kitchen

For those who want to have a class with adept chefs answering for all baking styles, you should come to Friday Kitchen. It’s an institute that has been open for more than 6 years with baking specialists and 5 stars hotel bakers.

There are also foreign chef assistantsand chefs from famous restaurantsall over Bangkok.They will join and give you secret tips and techniques from the beginning to professional levels.If you want to open your bakery, it won’t bedifficult anymore.

📌Prominent points of classes at Friday Kitchen

1. The school has a variety of specialists in many different fields of baking coming with many secret tips for baking

2. We’re ready to share our experience and the new tastes we explore to students understand themselves and what they need

3. Taking care of every teaching step finely and performing all the processes of baking

4. Taking care, giving advice, and answering questions after classes to students. Provided warm and knowledge you couldn’t find anywhere else

5. Learners will be able to develop and apply all the techniques in their styles

6. It’s a limited private class for privacy, focus, and attentively taking care of all students

7. Budget price, short-term classes but a long-term benefit for all classes

📍Location : MitrPracha 50, Baan Mai, Pakkred, Nonthaburi 11120

📌Contact information
Line : @fridaykitchen
Tel : 061-928-9149
Courses on Web


Baking Class : Webbaking Workshops

Who wants to have a lesson with Michelin french patisserie, you have to come to Webbaking Workshops

It’s a bakery and pastry school full of techniques and baking practice. They focus on bakery and pastry knowledge from the beginning without experience. Short-term lessons.

Teaching by Fabrice Cardelec, Michelin French patisserie, who is an expert in pastry and bakery with more than 35 years of experience. He was a head chef at Alaine Ducasses and a professor at Le Cordon Bleu, etc. Learning here will be a long-term benefit for you.

📌Prominent points of classes at Webbaking Workshops
1. Short-term classes but long-term benefit lessons by a french chef with more than 35 years of experience
2. Focus more on practice and explore your styles
3. No basic skill is required. Learn full of new techniques
4. Get cool reasonable courses such as Three-day bakery and Two-day bread workshop. Short-term lesson but the long-term benefit

📍Location : 269 Pattanakarn Rd, Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250

📌Contact Information
FB : Webbaking Workshops
Line : @webbaking
IG : @fcardelec


Baking Class: KM Viennoiserie & Patisserie

If you are a disciple of aromatic bread scents like croissants, pies, and brioche feuilletée; and you want to learn bakery techniques for your future career. You should come to KM Viennoiserie & Patisserie

KM stands for Kai and Max who are chefs and close friends with 14 years of experience in a bakery. There will be both Thai and foreign chefs who give lessons to you who have love in baking.

An essential uniqueness for KMis focusing on themesmerizing shapeand pattern of croissants finely.This technique will be one of the lessonsthat learners will practice and develop for you,keeping it for the rest of your life or your business.

📌Prominent points of classes at KM Viennoiserie & Patisserie

1. Learning from the real experiences of chefs with advice through the course

2. Class for practice and techniques that you will develop and use for your future business

3. Focusing on making bakeries such as croissants, brioche feuilletee, and puff & pastry

4. the Main lesson will be practice, recipes, and decoration that will make you enchanted in the bakery

5. No basics are required. It’s a practice class determine your future career

📌Contact Information :
FB : KM Viennoiserie & Patisserie | Inbox
Tel : 064-915-2999


Baking Class: The Layers Pastry and Studio

If you are in an ice cream, cakes, mousses, and decorative bakery in a cafe, you must come to The Layers Pastry and Studio, a dentist that is in love with bakeries.

The Layers Pastry and Studio is formed by a dentist who loves making bakery and dreams to be a pastry chef. Believing that learning never ends, so after graduating the collaboration with a friend from Le Cordon Bleu Dusit Culinary School is formed and gives lessons in a French styles bakery in Bangkok. Their major is focusing on a small class to be able to take care of all of the steps finely and gain all the experience. Classes are provided in Bangkok and Surat Thani.

📍Prominent points of classes at The Layers Pastry and Studio

1. Practice from the performance, teaching all steps in detail and finely
2. It’s a small class so it’s accessible, no pressure, and friendly advice from chef Dr. Joy
3. Having the skill for the rest of your life and developing to become a business
4. Many classes for a variety of bakeries such as Brownie & Craft Ice cream course, No Bake Desserts; Trio mousse, French classics; Pot de crème, Crème Brúlée, and Charlotte Cake Course

📍Location :
– (Bangkok) TheHomeChefStudio : 083-118-6555
– (Surat Thani) The Layers Pastry and Studio : 080-145-4715

📌Contact Information
Tel : 080-145-4715 (Chef Dr. Joy)
Line : @thelayers
FB : The Layers Pastry & Studio
IG: Thelayerspastryandstudio