Yaowarat, the Chinatown of Thailand is already the heaven of foodies everywhere! From casual snacks to pique your stomach’s interest, to the full course meal filled to the brim with authentic Chinese cuisine, and various manners of desserts both healthy and not to end your delicacy tour on a high note.

But that was only during the daytime! Yaowarat at night is a different beast, with just as many dazzling culinary wonders that last all the way to midnight or even after!! So if your perfect nightlife is less about drinking or dancing, but more about feasting and sightseeing, here are LifeSara‘s 71 best eateries in Chinatown that open ’til midnight!!

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Now put on your glass slippers, gourmet Cinderella! Because it’s time for a foodie joyride, and these wonders only stick around ’til the clock strikes twelve!!


Toi & Kid Seafood

Seafood lover, rejoice!! Because this seafood restaurant is ready to cater to your every want and convenience! Do you wanna sit indoors or outdoor? Eat-in or take-out? You wanna make your way here? Or do you want your food to make its way to you? No matter how you want ’em, Toi&Kid has all the fresh seafood, spicy dipping sauce, and an army of delivery men of all brands to satisfy you!!

Open hours : 15:00 – 00:00

Call : 02 223 4519

Location: ร้านต๋อย&คิดซีฟู้ด



Despite its English name, Sweettime’s bestseller is the traditional Thai dessert “Bua Loi” (Tapioca Pearls in Coconut Milk), which is the culinary ancestor of the globally famous Boba Pearl!! (At least in Thailand) And if you don’t want the beady eyes thingy, you can eat their delicious milk with Sago, cantaloupe, or cendol!!

Open hours : 18:00 – 00:00

Call : 086 722 2458

Location : Sweettime


Nam Dao Hu

One of the Yaowarat’s landmarks, this shop is near Wat Mangkon MRT station and it sells… well, literally its name in Thai, which is soymilk! This delicious beverage has been the best friend of every Thai of every dietary since forever! Don’t worry about finding the place, because this shop is busy every night! So just look for a nice cafe with lots of people XD.

Open hours : 08:00 – 23:00

Call : 02 221 6944

Location : Nam Dao Huu


Jae Li Fish Maw Soup

The famous shop at the entrance of Plaeng Nam Road, opposite Burapa Bird’s Nest, Jae Li’s fish maw soup is known far and wide for her generous portion of fish maws and crab meats. No fishy smell, too!!

Open hours : 16:00 – 22:30 (Closed on Monday)

Call : 086-103-4050

Location : เจ๊หลีกระเพาะปลาน้ำแดง


Gin Mun Khaopad Puu

This place is all about crab and prawn! Fried crab legs, grilled prawns, roasted prawns with glass noodles, every dish here are cooked with fresh seafood and high-quality ingredients that will make you feel no regret for coming to Thailand at all! And of course the signature menu everyone here must order; Crab fried rice, or as Thai people called: “Khaopad Puu”!!

Open hours : 16:00 – 23:00

Call : 096-224-9626, 090-921-9463

Location : กิน มันส์ ข้าวผัดปู


Kruo Ponlamai

This Thai fast food joint has opened for more than 20 years! From quick suki dishes, oyster omelet on the iron pan, to the signature Rat Na Volcano that serves on the piping hot pan that’ll stay sizzling to your last bite, this legendary food joint only has 20 tables only so don’t stall if you plan to visit!!

Open hours : 18:00 – 02:00 (Tue – Sun)

Call : 099-249-5414

Location : ครัวพรละมัย


Nong Tan Gyoza

The cheapest gyoza that every Yaowarat fans know by name! Nong Tan’s gyoza comes in 55 Baht per five pieces, but they’re big, crispy, not too oily, and they come with a delicious dipping sauce that is worth much more than their actual price!!

Open hours : 11:00 – 20:00

Location : เกี๊ยวซ่าน้องธัน


DD Kaolad

Another legendary stall on Yaowarat, DD is one of the famous sellers of Yaowarat’s signature souvenirs: Kaolad! (Roasted Chestnut) For 200 Baht per box, the chestnuts you’ll get aren’t very big, but they’re all sweet and smell very nicely!

Open hours : Monday 16:30 – 01:00, Tue – Sun 10:00 – 01:00

Call : 0894589393

Location : เกาลัดดีดี


Jae Paew

Mango is not always paired with sticky rice, and if you don’t believe me you can see for yourself right here on the Yaowarat side of Plaeng Nam Road. Jae Paew’s mango set comes with sweetened fish sauce(?), dried shrimps(??), and many kinds of unripened mangos(???) to choose from! If you think this combination is weird, let Jae Paew’s mango set enlighten you about the versatility of Thai cuisine, where being sweet and savory at once can be a good thing!

Open hours : 10.00-24.00 (Closed on Monday)

Location : เจ๊แป๊วมะม่วงน้ำปลาหวาน


Nai Weng (Juk Kaji Lerd Rod)

No one can really tell how old is this shop, but at least three generations of Thai people have been loyal customers since their youth! Pork blood soup and Kuay chap here are full of big pieces of pork and its organs, totally worth their price, so long as you didn’t get scared off by the cook’s harsh voice, that is. (He’s actually nice, though)

Open hours : 15:00 – 23:00

Call : 0847558027

Location : นายเว้ง (จั๊กกะจี้เลิศรส)


Iang Or Hao Chi

This Chinese old-school dessert shop has opened for more than 40 years!! Their signature desserts are the Chinese herbs and Swiftlet’s nest in iced syrup. But if that’s too weird for you, the usual sago and cantaloupe in coconut milk are available, too!

Open hours : 18:00 – 02:00

Call : 081 855 1549

Location : ร้านเอี๊ยงออ ฮ่าวซือ


Homemade Bread (Pang Mangkon)

This vintage coffee shop is a compact version of the old-school coffee shops that were once everywhere and doubled as both a breakfast shop and an impromptu debate hall for Thai men in the 20th century. That atmosphere of sipping Kopi and debating politics may be gone, but the tasty toasted bun and Thai coffee and tea are still here to be enjoyed 🙂 So if you enjoy a vintage atmosphere, don’t forget to swing by!

Open hours : 11:00 – 22:00

Call : 092 962 8991

Location : ร้านขนมปังโฮมเมดปิ้ง กาแฟโบราณ


Leng Kaolad

Another famous chestnut roaster on Yaowarat, Leng is right next to the Sweet Circle cafe and is pretty easy to find. The sweet chestnuts are a sure thing to find in Yaowarat everywhere and every time!!

Open hours : Monday 09:00 – 17:00, Tue – Sun 10:30 – 23:59

Call : 0938266366

Location : เล้ง เกาลัด


Iang Or Hao Chi

This Chinese old-school dessert shop has opened for more than 40 years!! Their signature desserts are the Chinese herbs and Swiftlet’s nest in iced syrup. But if that’s too weird for you, the usual sago and cantaloupe in coconut milk are available, too!

Open hours : 18:00 – 02:00

Call : 081 855 1549

Location : ร้านเอี๊ยงออ ฮ่าวซือ


Daimaru Gyoza

Daimaru Gyoza of Yaowarat Soi 9 is another famous choice for dumpling lovers! Especially if you’re a bit conscious about your health!! Daimaru is not only fried their gyoza and chives dumpling in oil but also has a fried in water version as well! No more sacrificing your diet for dumplings!!

Open hours : 11:00 – 22:00

Call : 092 962 8991

Location : เกี๊ยวซ่า ไดมารู


Talat Plu Gyoza And Chives Dumpling

The most legendary name of all gyoza and chives dumplings in Thailand is also here for your enjoyment!! From usual pork filling to chives to sweet potato, Talat Plu’s dumplings are as good as the ones you can eat at Talat Plu, but with no more trekking else where!! If you already love dumplings, this shop is always worth your revisit!!

Open hours : 15:00 – 23:00

Call : 0875161520

Location : ร้านเกี๊ยวซ่า กุยช่าย ตลาดพลู


Healthy Time Yaowarat

If too much oil and sugar on Yaowarat make your inner health nut sweat, try flushing them all out of your system with healthy fruit! From your usual fruit smoothy (sans sugar if you are still feeling guilty) to the fancy cold-pressed juice if you want all those extra nutrients, Healthy Time got them all!!

Open hours : 17:30 – 0:00

Call : 0875161520

Location : Healthy Time เยาวราช


Xia Chinatown

Another famous Chinese restaurant, Xia Chinatown is all about seafood, Chinese dishes, and all the noodles! And this place is big enough for 30 – 40 people coming in at once!! Their signature menus are fish maw soup, Hongkong noodles, sliced abalone, and the giant prawn baked with glass noodles! You can sit in the restaurant or take your order away as well!

Open hours : 15:30 – 00:30

Call : 0969156659

Location : ร้านเซี้ยไชน่าทาวน์


Coco Ice-cream

If all the previous desserts on this street are too exotic for you, we got something familiar for you! Coco Ice cream is a small stall where you can get a tasty treat for a cheap price from a friendly vendor!

Location : Coco Ice-cream


Deksomboon Original Shop

Who in their right mind would make a black soy sauce ice cream!?! Well… Deksomboon did. And it’s actually tasty in a very weird way. But this shop is one of the original soy sauce brands that living in every Thai kitchen forever, so they probably know their sauce alright. You can try too! It’s only 20 Baht per scoop!

Open hours : 08:00 – 22:00

Call : 0953650761

Location : Deksomboon


Song Pinong Ice Cream

This small ice cream stall comes with a small price but a much bigger satisfaction! From traditional coconut milk flavor to chocolate chips, not only can you get this delicious sweetness cheaply, but you can also add a lot of toppings for only 5 – 10 Baht per topping!!

Open hours : 08:00 – 22:00

Location : ร้านไอศกรีมสองพี่น้อง


Chao Aroi Ded Toasted Bread, Yaowarat

The original seller of the famous bursting filling toasted bun! This shop is in front of GSB bank, right next to Xia Fish Maw Soup. Always be careful when you eat their bun because every one of them was filled to bursting!!

Open hours : 18:00 – 22:30

Call : 0655533635, 0943328820, 0813988111

Location : ร้านขนมปังเจ้าอร่อยเด็ด เยาวราช


Nai Jui (Original In Yaowarat)

Crispy pork belly, red roasted pork, stewed pork knuckle, and every famous Chinese pork menu can be found here, and all of them are delicious! And this place is easy to find, too! Just looking for Chao Aroi Ded toast shop, and you’ll find this one right next to it!

Open hours : 17:30 – 22:00

Call : 081 009 9746

Location : ร้านนายจุ้ย เจ้าเก่าเยาวราช


Chayanin Gyoza

Crispy outside, soft inside, this is what Chayanin’s gyoza is all about! This tiny stall in front of 7-11 is where you can get this delicious gyoza for a cheap price! Something to snack on while you take a walk through Yaowarat!

Call : 085-2269855

Location : เกี๊ยวซ่าขญานิน


Jae Ki Mango Sticky Rice

Jae Ki has been selling mango sticky rice here for more than 10 years! Her sticky rice comes in two colors; Pandan Green, and Coconut Milk White. The rice might feel a bit too wet for some people, but once paired with sweet mango that shortcoming will be the furthest thing on your mind!

Call : 0846509813

Location : ร้านข้าวเหนียวมะม่วงเจ๊กี


Shark Fin Soup With Brandy

Despite the name, the best dishes to taste here ain’t shark fin! But they’re all other common Chinese cuisine dishes like fish maw soup, Hongkong noodles, and many more!

Open hours : 18:30 – 00:30

Call : 061-873-4466

Location : ร้านหูฉลามน้ำแดงบรั่นดี



Shanghai’s famous Red Rose dining room is where you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine with live Jazz music in the background. A very unique experience if you’re looking for a romantic evening!

Open hours : 11:30 – 23:00

Call : 02-221-2121

Location : Shianghai


Lhong Thow

This Chinese teahouse has many menus you can eat here or take away! Their signature menus here are Lava Custard Bun and Lhong Thow blended tea. The shop is a bit small, but the herbal aroma that will hook your nose as soon as you walked by will make your visit worth it!!

Open hours : 09:00 – 20:00

Call : 0649356499

Location : หลงโถว คาเฟ่


Fresh Squid Yaowarat

This street vendor grills their squids right where they are, so you can just follow your nose! You can get them with the usual dipping sauce, or you can get Mala spice powder on them, too! And they’re only 15 Baht a stick!

Call : 085-226-9855

Location : ร้านปลาหมึกสด เยาวราช


Talae Taak

Opposite Hua Seng Ngun, this cart will put all creatures of the sea right here on your table! From Phao Taek (Tom Yum’s spicier cousin), shrimp baked with glass noodles, to broiled blood clams and oyster omelet, every dish here is fresh and satisfaction guaranteed!!

Open hours : 18:00 – 02:00

Call : 095-470-8000, 0971234852, 0945350723

Location : ร้านทะเลแตก


Jae Kheng Grilled Squid

Spicy sauce, fresh squids, grilled to perfection, this stall has all the classic traits that every perfect squid stall must have! And it comes with a friendly price and a friendly vendor, too!

Open hours : 18:00 – 02:00

Call : 094 464 1155

Location : ร้านเจ๊เข่งหมึกย่าง


High Street

Let’s take a break from the savories, and take a bite into some sweetness! This waffle and ice cream stall is a famous landmark here, and their signature flavor is the coconut milk ice cream!!

Open hours : 11:00 – 23:30

Call : 0818280039

Location : High Street


Oyster Bar

A fresh seafood bar in the heart of Yaowarat, the oyster here comes directly from Surat Thani, the capital of Thai oysters!! Aside from oysters, roasted river prawns and an all-in-one seafood set are also the bestsellers here! And this bar is easy to find too! That chic bar can be seen from far away!

Open hours : 18:00 – 00:00

Call : 096 879 7978

Location : Oyster Bar


Hoi Jor Puu Thong

Another landmark stall of Yaowarat. Their must-try menus are Hoi Jo crab leg and crab flute! The crab meat is meaty, and the flour is crispy!

Open hours : 12:00 – 00:00

Call : 095 198 9198

Location : ร้านหอยจ๊อเจ๊ปูทอง


Nei Krob Yak

This shop sells the jumbo size crispy butter for only 40 Baht per box! This crispy butter scent wafer is a trending snack in Thailand, and if you like butter, you’ll easily understand why once you put it in your mouth!

Open hours : 13:00 – 23:00

Call : 082 954 1608

Location : ร้านเนยกรอบยักษ์


Ms.O Fresh Juice

Once again we’re here with a fresh fruit smoothy stall! No additives, no industrial compounds, the fruit smoothy here will taste exactly what it suppose to taste like!

Open hours : 10:00 – 23:00

Call : 0970075009, 0997465333

Location : ร้านคุณโอ๋ น้ำผลไม้คั้นสด 100%


Joke Yaowarat (Joke Nar Muang Thong)

This porridge shop is one of the legendary landmarks of Yaowarat that only shows up after dark! The signature menu here is, of course, the porridge! Pork porridge, in particular.

Open hours : 16:30 – 20:30

Call : 0841652158

Location : ร้านโจ๊กเยาวราช (หน้าเมืองทองเยาวราช)


Bua Loi Niew Thong

This famous Bua Loi shop always has a long queue for its soft yet chewy tapioca pearl in sweet coconut milk! And if that traditional menu is not enough, you can add some sticky rice with mango or durian on top as well!!

Open hours : 18:00 – 22:00

Location : ร้านบัวลอยนิ้วทอง


Cann – Cha

This beverage booth is a bit different from other juice vendors because they have “Cann-Cha” here! You can get the Cannabis juice directly, or any of their cannabis-infused juice, like their famous Rose Linchee juice!!

Location : Cann-Cha


Yu Fish Ball Yaowarat

Another original restaurant on Yaowarat, this shop is next to BAY bank and closed to GSB bank. Our recommend menus here are fried taro, dry noodles, fish balls, and spicy dipping sauce!

Open hours : 10:00 – 23:00

Call : 0897827777

Location : ร้านยู้ ลูกชิ้นปลาเยาวราช


Heng DI Shark Fin And Bird’s Nests

If you’re looking for somewhere cooler to take a seat, Heng Di is the answer for you! This restaurant is famous for shark fin and fish maw soup, and back when Thailand fully opened, you can almost never find an empty seat here!

Open hours : 14:00 – 01:30

Call : 0890815900

Location : ร้านเฮงดี หูฉลาม รังนก


Par Jin Blood Clam Yaowarat

This blood clam vendor is indeed all about blood clam! You can find Par Jin near Texas Suki restaurant if you want to eat only blood clam and blood clam only! Her dipping sauce is not very spicy, but if you prefer milder sauce anyway this is just perfect!!

Open hours : 18:00 – 00:00

Call : 0924240057

Location : ร้านป้าจินหอยแครงลวกเยาวราช



This seafood stall is the true street food experience! The price is reasonable, the quantity is worth the price, and everything here is fresh! Their famous dishes are grilled scallops with butter and garlic, grilled prawns, and fresh oysters!

Open hours : 15:00 – 00:00

Call : 02 223 4519

Location : T&K SEAFOOD


Jeen Restaurant

This simple-name restaurant comes with a simple yet perfect menu! They only sell fish maw soup and stir-fried noodles, but the flavors are among the best around here, and you can buy them in various portions from 60 Baht up to 100 Baht!

Location : ร้านอาหารจีน


Kai Jaa Kung Jaa & Salad

This little stall is the heaven of fried food, and a bit of salad to assuage your guilt. From chicken to shrimp to many more, just get as much fried food as you like, you can get your guilty salad to go with them too, after all 🙂

Location : ไก่จ๋ากุ้งจ๋า&สลัด


Yuu Ee

This Rat Na restaurant has been here for more than 60 years! Whether you want a big rice noodle, small rice noodle, or yellow fried noodles, every kind of Rat Na can be found here with a satisfying flavor!

Open hours : 10:00 – 20:00

Call : 022249272

Location : ร้านราดหน้ายู่อี่


Yuan Yuan

This stall’s signature menu is soymilk ice cream, and we’re not talking about vegan substitute milk here, but the proper, traditional soymilk you can find in almost every morning market in Thailand! And if that’s not traditional enough, you can put some tapioca pearls and black sesame in it like actual soymilk, too!!

Open hours : 17:30 – 22:30

Location : Yuan Yuan


Tae Po Huad

This legendary restaurant is where you can find the “Texas Stewed Goat” (because it’s in Texas alley). But if you don’t want to eat goat, they have stewed crocodile, too!! …Seriously though, their fish maw soup and oyster omelette are also just as good, if you prefer something tamer.

Open hours : 09:30 – 21:30

Call : 02 221 6588

Location : ร้านแต้ป้อฮวด


Ba Hao Tian Mi

This famous dessert shop is different than other shops here because Ba Hao Tian Mi is about pudding and pudding only! Black sesame pudding, Goji berry pudding, milk tea pudding, or even milk tea pudding with tapioca pearls! All of that and much more flavors can be found here!!

Open hours : 10:00 – 22:00

Call : 0979954543

Location : Ba Hao Tian Mi


Texas Suki

The most legendary of all Sukiyaki restaurants in Bangkok! The one! And only! Texas Suki!!! For more than 40 years, Texas Suki is still the original brand where you can come eat sukiyaki with Texas’s secret suki sauce, fish balls of all kinds, roasted duck, and stir-fried noodles all at once!! The most classic of Thai suki’s authentic experience!!!

Open hours : 11:00 – 21:00

Call : 022239807

Location : เท็กซัสสุกี้


Num Xing

This large shop next to Chinatown Scala is famous for swiftlet’s nest, but their other menus like sablefish baked with soy sauce and crab curry are also just as good!

Open hours : 10:00 – 22:00

Call : 022226292

Location : ร้านนำซิง


Ponchai Rice Noodle Roll

This shop is the favorite of many rice noodle roll lovers! The big noodle is soft but not too tough, and the sauce is not too salty with just the right amount of umami! Or if you like Korean food or shrimp balls you can find them here, as well!

Open hours : 18:00 – 01:00

Call : 0819039151

Location : ร้านพรชัย ก๋วยเตี๋ยวหลอด


Chuan Chuan Grilled Lamb

The only place (outside of high-end restaurants) where you can eat grilled lamb! This cart is usually parked in the middle of Texas Suki’s alley, and the price is very cheap compared to the rarity of this kind of meat!

Open hours : 19:00 – 00:00

Call : 099 249 2987

Location : ร้านช่วน ช่วน แกะย่าง


Xeng Shark Fin

Another choice for traditional Chinese dishes. Xeng’s signature menus are shark fin soup, fish maw soup, and Hongkong stir-fried noodles. Their prices are acceptable.

Open hours : 19:00 – 02:30

Call : 0856222989

Location : ร้านเส็ง หูฉลาม


Grade A Premium Chestnut

Another stop for Yaowarat’s usual chestnut fix. This one can be found in front of Shianghai Mansion Bangkok.

Location : ร้านเกาลัดคัดพิเศษ เกรด A



The classic hotel in the heart of Yaowarat, Shanghai Mansion takes its traditional Chinese theme seriously, as you can see in their dining room that looks like a Chinese inn in the old movie! Aside from their usual Guangdong cuisine, there’s also a Jazz band playing live in their hall, too!

Open hours : 11:30 – 23:00

Call : 02-221-2121

Location : Shianghai Mansion Bangkok


Hia Meng (Original)

Also known as Hia Meng’s 5 Stars Chestnut!! This one of the classic chestnut stalls on Yaowarat comes with a bunch of smaller chestnuts than the other shops. But these smaller chestnuts are actually packing a punch once you pop them in your mouth with their softness, sweetness, and easy to eat! Bigger doesn’t always mean better!!

Open hours : 07:00 – 23:00

Call : 0944641155

Location : ร้านเฮียเม้งเจ้าเก่า


Ha Gao Yaowarat

If your trip to Yaowarat is all about dim sum, come to Ha Gao Yaowarat! The price is cheap, the flavor is wonderful, and the atmosphere is very enjoyable! Come alone or come with friends, your visit will never be regretable!! Just don’t come too late, some of their menus ran out very fast.

Open hours : 10:30 – 22:00

Call : 0926656664

Location : ร้านฮะเก๋า เยาวราช



Another dim sum joint on Yaowarat, but with a twist! Because not only did Hok sells traditional dim sum dishes, but also the fusion version as well! So if you don’t mind trying out new things, Hok can be a more relaxing choice for your dim sum craving!

Open hours : 10:30 – 21:00

Call : 0659625995

Location : ร้านฮก


Nai Yong Curry

This shop sells meat curry and rice, but if you’re hoping for a really hot and spicy experience, Nai Yong might fall short of that. But if you don’t mind a mild taste, this is a good chance to satisfy your curiosity about how Thai curry taste.

Open hours : 14:00 – 20:00

Call : 022219908

Location : ร้านแกงกะหรี่นายโย่ง


Tee Hakka Noodle And Fish Balls

This noodle shop is the heart and soul of many late-night workers for the last pick-me-up meal before going to bed. With a flavorful, hot broth, and the delicious Hakka fish balls rarely seen nowadays, Tee’s noodles are so wonderful you might find yourself drinking the last broth from the bowl before you know it!

Open hours : 18:30 – 01:00

Call : 0988263679

Location : ร้านก๋วยเตี๋ยวแคะลูกชิ้นปลา


Hua Seng Hong

The classic household brand of the Chinese restaurant that any Chinese food enthusiast can always fall back on! If you want to taste authentic Chinese cuisine, but the local restaurants on our list are too adventurous for you, Hua Seng Hong is a reliable brand name you can always lean on!!

Open hours : 08:00 – 23:00

Call : 022227053

Location : ฮั่วเซงฮง


Jae Lek

Jae Lek’s street food cart comes with Peking duck, gyoza, crab jujube, shrimp ball, and many more! All of that for only 50 Baht, too! So just get a bit of everything and you won’t regret it!

Location : ร้านเจ๊เล็ก


Pad Thai OK

If you think this name sounds like a tourist bait, you’re wrong! Because Pad Thai OK has been selling Pad Thai for more than 60 years!! While you won’t get a better pad Thai than the legendary Thipsamai, Pad Thai OK’s flavor has stayed the same for as long as this stall has opened!! Stability for the win!

Open hours : 10:00 – 21:00

Location : ร้านผัดไทยโอเค


Nai Lek (Auan) Kuay Chap

Less than a kilometer away from MRT, at the entrance of Yaowarat Soi 11, stood a legendary Kuay Chap and crispy pork belly shop that every Thai loves! From an umami soup to the crispy pork belly fried to perfection, this quiet and comfortable eatery is a place worthy of revisiting over and over!

Open hours : 17:30 – 22:30

Call : 0835650663

Location : ร้านนายเล็ก(อ้วน) ก๋วยจั๊บ


Fruit Smoothy (Original In Yaowarat)

This somewhat nameless stall is not as unknown as its name, especially with its specialty where you can pick any fruit combination you want, no matter how weird it is, for 45 Baht only!! Every fruit here is fresh and the seasoning is very bare, so you can taste the real flavors of your smoothy!! (And suffered consequences from your own choosing 🙂

Location : ร้านน้ำผลไม้ปั่น เจ้าเก่าเยาวราช


Jae Lung

In the original fish ball noodle shop of Yaowarat, Jae Lung’s signature is her Hakka fish balls that are tasty in a way no one else can copy! Her other noodle menus are a bit bland, but why are you ordering them anyway!? Everyone comes to Jae Lung for her fish balls! Not noodle!!

Open hours : 17:00 – 22:00

Call : 0895054736

Location : ร้านเจ๊เล้ง


Kornthip Hung Fruit Smoothy

The smoothy bar of Yaowarat Soi 11, Kornthip stocks many types of fruits and vegetables you can find nowhere else in Yaowarat for an economic price of 40 Baht a glass!!

Location : กรทิพย์ ฮุง น้ำผลไม้ปั่น


Lhong Thow

This Chinese teahouse has many menus you can eat here or take away! Their signature menus here are Lava Custard Bun and Lhong Thow blended tea. The shop is a bit small, but the herbal aroma that will hook your nose as soon as you walked by will make your visit worth it!!

Open hours : 09:00 – 20:00

Call : 0649356499

Location : หลงโถว คาเฟ่


Nong Kai & Nong Kao

One more famous grilled squid shop in Yaowarat, this shop’s dipping sauce is a bit on the sweet side but their squids are as fresh and delicious as the others! Just look at the queue that show’s up everyday!!

Open hours : 17:30 – 01:30

Call : 0813019950

Location : ร้านน้องกาย&น้องเก้า


Pun Giant Shumai Yaowarat

If you’re not that enthusiastic about trying many new dishes you have never seen before, giant shumai for 10 Baht a piece is a simple, delicious treat that can filled you up pretty quickly, especially with some drinks to go with!

Open hours : 17:30 – 00:00 (Tue – Sun)

Call : 0615488738

Location : ร้านปั้นขนมจีบยักษ์ เยาวราช