Why is it that the more we struggled, the harder life fought back? T_T Every business attempt failed, every romance went wrong, and the more money we earned, the bigger the debt rise. And when the worse comes to worst, illness comes knocking on the front door. Could it be that we’re cursed??

Many Thai people nowadays turned toward sorcery to help with their lives. Out of fear of the unpredictable future when their present is already breaking at the seam, occult practice, or as Thai people called it today, Mu-Te-Lu, helps people by becoming the emotional pillar to hold on to as everyone weathered the economical and political storm.

So if you feel like everything is wrong, and you might need a little pick me up from the paranormal side, Lifesara has brought you 10 shops for all the good luck charms and occult items you’ll ever need, just in case they might bring some fortunes into your life! Let’s take a look through our list!!


Dokkajohn Amulet

If you’re a devotee of tarot cards, Dokkajohn is the answer for you. The tarot cards will reveal your fate, and how can you solve your current predicament;

What gods to worship, what alms to give away, and which prayers will save you. And if you order a bracelet from this shop, the tarot reader will use your cards to pick the stones and prayers to chant as they make your bracelet,

then you can wear it knowing that it has been specially tailored and imbued with goodwill for you. So if you’re looking for some exclusive enchanted item, Dokkajohn has so many choices for you to choose from.

Although if you’re looking for the best of the best, their mystical stones and Hindu god amulets imported from India are their top hit items.


IG : Dokkajohn.amulet



Another choice for cards lover, because this place will create your mystical wallpaper for your smartphone based on your fate as revealed by your drawn cards!!

Mootae World is the first brand in Thailand where magic and technology merged in the most surprising way. This shop’s practitioner with more than a decade worth of experience will read your fate through the tarot cards, and craft a wallpaper to specifically assist you in any aspect of life that you requested.

Every detail on the wallpaper down to the last pixel will be meticulously planned in accordance with the spiritual geometry so the wallpaper can draw in the opportunities and warded away the misfortunes that plagued your life. 🔱

🔆Special Characteristics
– The first tarot card reader to use their reading to create a magical wallpaper
– The tarot reader is very skilled and personally creates every wallpaper themselves
– Every single detail in the wallpaper has been meticulously calculated through magical arts.
– Many collections from many magical arts to choose from

There are 4 collections based on the mystical arts used to create the wallpaper, so you can choose the practice that you believed in, as follows;

1. 1st Collection
Chinese geomancy (249 Baht): The mixture of Chinese astrology and your horoscope,

this collection can boost your luck in general but is also capable of assisting in 3 situations in particular; Work, finance, and love.

📌This collection price starts from 249 Baht. With additional 50 Baht for adding your reading into the wallpaper for even more intense power
Or adding more 50 Baht to find the best mystical date for your fortune to activate the wallpaper.

2. Star Tarot
Based on astrology and numerology, this collection will mix the numbers, colors, and tarot cards into a single sparkling wallpaper that will never be the same as anyone else.

📌The price starts from 249 Baht with additional services; 50 Baht for adding your reading into the wallpaper for even more intense power or another 50 Baht to find the best mystical date to activate the wallpaper.

3. Devas Tarot
This collection will summon the whole Hindu pantheon into your device to protect you. The combination of tarot cards and the Hindu god will be bound together with special prayers to raise your fortune to the maximum!!

The Hindu gods available in Devas Tarots collection are;
Krishna, which helps with your wealth, studies, and success
Lakshmi, which blesses you with love in platonic, romantic, and public adoration.
Trimūrti, to grow your social connection and more people will come to assist you.
Shiva, who will ward off all threats and obstructions to your life.
Rāhu, bringing fortune and investment opportunity into your life

📌The price starts from 349 Baht with additional services; 50 Baht for adding your reading into the wallpaper for even more intense power or another 50 Baht to find the best mystical date to activate the wallpaper.

4. Arcana Tarot
Wallpaper from this collection will be based on full tarot set for extreme effects.

You can choose a concentration towards one of the following: Love, finance, work, study, or investment. The price starts from 249 Baht for smartphone and 399 for tablet or laptop wallpaper. Additional services include 50 Baht for adding your reading into the wallpaper for even more intense power or another 50 Baht to find the best mystical date to activate the wallpaper.

📌 Information
Line : @Mootaeworld
Shopee : Mootaeworld

If you want to learn tricks and secret of Thai Mutelu, you can find out more at:
FB : Mootae World
IG : mootaeworld



Why hang so many rocks and charms, when you can just put them on your phone’s case!?

This shop is the first dealer who uses real, actual stones that they picked for you based on your birthdate to make an enchanted case for you.

As you can pick the paint job you want, the case you’ll get will be the one and only case in the world created just for you😍


FB : jasper stone
IG : jasperston_888
Line @ : https://page.line.me/992sofew
Inbox : http://m.me/103158541678732



Did you know that gemstones can draw in different fortunes and opportunities based on your birthday and intention?

🌞Jewelryholics understand this and use this knowledge together with their degree in material science regarding gems and jewelry to craft unique high-class accessories that not only bring blessing into your life but also uplift your self-confidence through their minimal but elegant design.
From the whole set of nine noble gemstones that will bring fortune in general, to a mixture of some particular gems for specific power, you can order custom made pieces that will bring good luck into your love life, finance, career, studies, or other situations you’ll need a helping hand from the other side.

Their classy style also makes their jewelry easy to match with any clothing for every situation✨

So if you still have some reluctance about buying jewelry, just take a look through their catalog first, and you might find yourself falling in love with one of them!


IG : jewelryholics
Shopee : jewelryholics

*Please order through Line OA because they require an additional conversation to customize your order to your liking.



Our fifth shop is the creator of all-in-one gemstone jewelry to improve your life in all aspects at once✨

🌞Every jewelry here is created with real gemstones on 100% silver mounting. You can mix and match specific gems for your horoscope with the design you like, so your accessory will boost your fortune to the max whether it is your finance, career, health, or romance.

But if you want all improvement at once, the full nine gems set will cover everything for you. Coming in various forms of necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, this set is the bestseller in this shop not only for its paranormal effects, but also because of the beautiful design and high-quality materials as well 🥰

📌 Information

FB : Molastones
IG : molastones
Line : @molastones



Our sixth shop is where occultism and minimal design converge. Amulet_by_pacha improved the age-old traditional Thai amulets with simple and modern accessories that will blend nicely into any fashion style, while also protecting you with its light magic💕

This brand has been in this market for 7 years, and its customers can vouch for the quality and mystical effects than came into their life. Their bestseller item at this moment is the amulet of Thao Wessuwan from Chulamanee temple ✨, which is one of the four gods who protected the human world and lower heavens according to Thai-Hindu belief.

🌞As his popularity raise thanks to many worshipers whose lives become better after worshiping him, you can receive his protection as well by buying his amulet that’ll come either with a stainless steel necklace or also adorn with mystical stones associated with your birth date for even more power 💫


Line : @amuletbypacha
IG : amulet_by_pacha



If you already a believer in healing crystals, Manoodhin (stone man) will be exactly what you’re looking for.

This shop has imported all sorts of crystals and stones for healing and spirituality for more than 10 years! And all their imports are high-quality materials coming straight from Europe and Japan✨

The characteristic that set Manoodhin apart from other vendors:
– Every stones and crystal used in their products are real material that will bring power and magic into its owner’s life.
– The unique beauty of every stone will illuminate its owner’s individuality and fashion.
– Every order can be customize down to every single stone used, so your order will always specially created just for you.
– Suitable to being brought as a gift to people you cared about, which will be both a gift and a thoughtful message and a blessing to their life.

If you have no idea where to start, there are 4 crystals we recommended for you:

🌸Rose Quartz Madagascar
The crystal of love, kindness, and warmth. This crystal will bring charm to its wielder, attracting love and friendship from people around them, while also warding off the negative thought and helping its wielder become happy with themselves.

The wizard’s stone. This crystal is known for “opening the third eye” and allows its wielder to see opportunity much more than without, leading to a successful career and many promotions. The owner of Labradorite will also become much calmer, prone to new ideas, and being confident in themselves.

💜Peach Moonstone
Possessing divine power just like other moonstones, the peach moonstone will make its owner attractive to other people, while also leading them toward rich and prosperity.

💙Blue Tiger Eye Premium
The rarest stone among the Tiger eye family, not only will this blue stone bring rich and great fortune to its owner, but it is also known to bring in clairvoyance, calmness, and enlightenment as well.


IG : manoodhin
Line : @manoodhin



Once more with the healing crystals, but this time with a cute, minimal appearance👍

Jewel_land will carefully select meaningful stones and crystals to create accessories that will bring supernatural aid to your romance, finance, career, and luck, while also making their items cute and easy to put on any outfit for every occasion.

💫If you’re interested in mystical stones, but fear that the occult blessing will interfere with your religion, Jewel_land’s products have no special enchantment on them at all, so you can buy from them and received the crystal’s natural power without blasphemy! 💕


Line my shop : jewel land
Lazada : Jewel_land
Shopee : jewel.land
Website : jewelland
IG : jewel___land
FB : jewel.land



If the last shop’s crystals are a bit too tiny for you, our next seller is a slight step up from there but not crossing over to the big rocks just yet.

PeonyQuartz’s crystal accessories are customizable down to the tiniest detail, and come out with a design that goes well with any clothing style🥰 You can make a single stone type bracelet for maximum effect, or mix and match their meaning for a combination that suits your needs!

Whether it is for health, finance, career success, or love, you can make this solely for yourself, or tailor-made it for someone in particular, so this gift can be special and send a message at the same time💕

🌞Every order just starts from 250 Baht only, and they will arrive with their own velvet pouch and free delivery!!

📌 Information

IG : peonyquartz.official
Tel : 097-270-0009
Line : @523wshhc


Azeala Amulet

The end of our list arrived with a magical yet stylish brand. If you want an occult item that is uniquely Thai, Azeala Amulet will be your answer. The cool, dark look these amulets emitted are not only for style but their design is actually based on traditional Thai occult art, enchanted with the white magic of the Buddha that will invite all manners of fortune and opportunity into your life with no need for additional spell or witchcraft. As long as you remain good and honest, that is.

The artists who created Azeala’s amulets are well versed in the traditional Thai art, both in physical and magical aspects. So every single details that going into the creation of each amulet are made by hand, following the proper ritual, and enchanted by three famous Thai temples well-known for their magical skills.

🌞 So if you’re looking for the most powerful supernatural protection without ever dipping your toe into black magic or witchcraft, Azeala Amulet will protect you with the combination of Buddha’s white magic and your own good deed. And it will do so in style, too! Some of the famous amulets sold here are the following:

1. Lhuang Phor Sum Ang, Wat Bang Phra, Nakhon Pratom
This amulet is an image of a famous monk who comes from an ancient Buddhist temple well-known for its magical tattoo. But you don’t need to get a tattoo to get access to their mystical power, because this amulet is imbued with prayers and blessings that will protect you as well as the ink under your skin.

2. Lhuang Pu Sier, Wat Sam Ko, Chachoengsao
This monk was famous for his warding spell that offers protection against black magic, physical injury, and unfortunate circumstances, along with occasionally bringing fortune to its wearer.

3. Rur Si Nen, Ayuttaya
Once a boy who was interested in magic, he grew up following many magical monks and learned various spells and enchantments of Thailand, Khmer, Laos, and Myanmar origins. Nowadays his amulet is highly sought after and is one of the most powerful items in Azeala’s collection

📌 Information

Inbox : azeala.amulet
FB : Azeala Amulet