We believe many of you have become more aware of the benefits of physical exercise as well as more health-conscious. Well-known workout categories are cardiovascular, weight training, or stretching. But one of the most emerging forms of exercises among celebrities like “pilates” deserves recognition, too! As a result, LifeSara would like to introduce a 2023 collection of “5 pilates studios”.
“Pilates” is a mind-body exercise that focuses on body transformation, flexibility, and muscle building. Many pictures online might deceive you to think that pilates is not suitable for overweight individuals, while, in fact, it is.Pilates is better for people with unusually high BMI as it won’t create impact, saving your joints from potential pain.
Regular pilates can help you achieve toned muscles and enhance muscular control and strength of back and limbs in those suffering from ‘office syndrome’. If you are starting to be interested, don’t stop scrolling.

Star Pilates & Yoga Fly Bangkok

Shake the laziness off your body and come visit Star Pilates & Yoga Fly Bangkok. This studio has incorporated every form of stretching exercises, from yoga, pilates, to dancing. Small classes of 2-6 attendees will guarantee greater engagement and enhanced learning.

Their standard equipment are imported from the USA, Europe, and Australia, ensuring premium quality. A team of instructors for pilates, yoga fly, and other specialized classes are certified by overseas institutes like BalancedBody and Stott Pilates. And may we add that this studio is home to instructors who know how to treat learners with scoliosis and office syndrome.

Star Pilates & Yoga Fly Bangkok embraces a friendly, open, and clean atmosphere where you can reach out to all staff members and instructors anytime. Plus, you can visit using the BTS or drive and park in front. What are you waiting for? 🥺


⭐️ Highlights:

  • Small classes ensure greater engagement
  • Professional instructors certified by BalancedBody and Stott Pilates
  • Specialized instructors for office syndrome treatment
  • Convenient commute via BTS and own car


📌 Locations : 2 branches so you can choose the nearer one

☎️ Contacts
FB : Star Pilates Bangkok – Yoga Fly & Pilates
IG : starpilates_bangkok


Elite Pilates

Second, a pilates studio with a slogan
“We know everyone is different, so is PILATES
The personalized pilates program designed specially to meet your needs.”

Realizing everyone is different, Elite will help you personalize a pilates course that suits your needs and physique. They have in store Personalized Pilates Programs for people who want to kiss office syndrome goodbye, pregnant women with lower back pain or desire to stay in shape during pregnancy, athletes trying to increase muscle strength, elderly looking to improve the quality of life, kids who seek to become focused and in more control of their body, or anyone wishing to be healthier and see the best version of themselves.

Rest assured nothing will be in vain as Elite instructors are certified by a world-renowned institute like Stott Pilates with extensive experience in instruction and program design for over 6,000 hours.

The studio is well-equipped with a full suite of world-standard instruments, ensuring absolute safety. Positive and friendly atmosphere in a 1:1 classroom helps you to be fully engaged and throws the awkwardness away. If you want to try out a pilates class made just for you, come visit Elite.


⭐️ Highlights :

  • All instructors are certified by internationally recognized institutes—prudent courses and complete safety guaranteed!
  • World-standard pilates equipment
  • Friendly staff members ready to take care of your schedule
  • Instructors here don’t work elsewhere, so rest assured they can fully be with you


📌 Location : 2nd floor, 90 Thong Lo 2, Klongton Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

☎️ Contacts:

FB : Elite Pilates
IG : elite.pilates.studio
Line : @elitepilates
Tel : 093-399-6593



Located in Chula-Samyan area, this private pilates studio offers a convenient commute within a few minutes walk from MRT. Or you can drive and park at no cost for two hours.

All of their classes are 1:1, perfect for those feeling uncomfortable when doing any workouts in front of strangers. Apart from pre-workout checks of your physical body to ensure efficiency, Peachlates offers consultation for deep insights into what you desire to attain from a pilates class.

For example, learners may look to alleviate office syndrome symptoms, tone their muscles, improve muscle strength and flexibility, or boost performance (especially among athletes). Knowing your objective, they will design a program that best suits you.

Their educational environment will encourage you to question in the moment of doubt. Plus, you can pick the time slots that are convenient for you—perfect for the working-age population. All that is required is reservation. The studio opens from 7am to 9pm, meaning you can go straight from work!


⭐️ Highlights :

  • Private 1:1 class for full engagement
  • Pre-workout checks to ensure most effective program
  • City center location like Chula-Samyan guarantees convenient commute via MRT


📌 Location : 1775 Soi Chula 34 Wang Mai, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330

☎️ Contacts
FB : Peachlates
IG : peachlates_pilates
Line : @peachlates
Tel : 062-345-9750 | 02-077-6766


Healthy Pilates

Coming to another studio that is second to none like Healthy Pilates. If you ever felt, or still feel, like you have an awkward posture, or walk with bending or head tilted forward, a pilates class could be your solution. This studio will help amend your posture and movement by injecting liveliness and ensuring you know to properly breath. Not only will this boost focus, you will also achieve relaxation and less stress.

Pilates is known to maximize flexibility and address stiffness. What a perfect remedy for people with office syndrome! And if you have scoliosis, pilates can be effective in straightening your spine.

With relatively lower injury risk, compared to other forms of exercises, pilates is also suitable for overweight learners or anyone with back pain.


⭐️ Highlights :

  • Affordable prices
  • Private 1:1 classes ensure full engagement
  • Personalized workout program
  • Convenient commute via MRT Yaek Lam Sali station


📌 Location : 652 Hua Mak Road, Hua Mak, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240

☎️ Contacts
FB : Healthy Pilates พิลาทิสรามคำแหง
IG : healthy.pilates.ram
Line : @healthypilates
Tel : 061-828-2466


Modern Pilates International

Let’s end this elegant journey with one of the best-in-class pilates studios like Modern Pilates International. Originating from Korea, this studio is home to 100% Korean instructors with certification from Modern Pilates International. This means they are required to take an ergonomics course and understand how each piece of pilates equipment works. So rest assured efficiency is one thing you will bring home with you.

In Korea alone, Modern Pilates International has opened more than 100 branches: you can also visit Modern Pilates International in Australia and Thailand. They have in place courses for potential pilates instructors.

More importantly, their Korea-based studio works in partnership with hospitals, schools, many more corporations, and entertainment agencies. They have welcomed a great many celebrities, singers, and actors such as BlackPink Jennie and ex-Miss A Suzy.


⭐️ Highlights:

  • No.1 studio from Korea
  • All instructors are certified by Modern Pilates International
  • Pre-workout and injury history checks for best tailored-made course
  • Multifarious classes to choose from


📌 Location : Sukhumvit 39 Soi Promsri, Parc 39 Fl 2 (or Novotel suites Sukhumvit 39 Fl 2)

☎️ Contacts
IG : @modernpilatesbangkok
Line/Kakao : mpibkk
Tel : 061-482-5799