Have you ever felt like you spend so much time on the phone that your attention span is starting to be shorter? Or suddenly feel a back pain while sitting at a desk. Well, yoga might help. This form of stretching exercise creates a perfect balance between mind, body, and soul by teaching you how to properly breathe, leaving you more focused than ever. What’s more, yoga is known to be one effective solution for back pain and poor posture.
However, yoga isn’t a perfect choice for some groups of people, including pregnant women and individuals with certain health problems. Despite this, there are specialized instructors that can help both groups of learners through the course as they know just how to prevent injury. Keep scrolling to visit 5 studios in Bangkok and outside LifeSara has gone out and gathered for you ✨

Asana Yoga Studio

First, a studio visited by many celebrities like Asana Yoga Studio. Located in Thonglor area, this studio offers convenient commute and various yoga classes hosted by experienced Thai and Indian instructors. Whether you are a beginner or advanced learner, Asana Yoga Studio has a perfect class just for you.

Apart from progressive courses, this studio embraces a relaxing atmosphere that you can experience since the first steps in; you will feel the urge to pay regular visits. Plus, they have classes for expecting moms. So if you want to do yoga during pregnancy for the health of you and your baby, Asana could be the perfect spot.



  • Convenient commute via BTS, Thonglor station
  • Prudent courses specifically for expecting moms and moms during postpartum period
  • Fully-equipped—they offer even towels

📌Location : Eight Thonglor Fl LG

☎️ Contacts :
FB : Asana Yoga
IG : @asanayoga_bkk
Line : @asanayoga
Tel : 061-919-9455


Heartcore Studio

Second, a studio fuelled by dedication and deep passion for yoga like Heartcore Studio. The founders want to share their love for yoga to as many new students as possible because they believe that yoga can change your life. All yoga enthusiasts will really understand the words balance, peace, flexibility, and strength at the same time! It’s like killing a flock of birds with one stone.

Located in Bangna-Srinakarindra area, this homey studio offers a private yet friendly ambience while embracing a minimalist interior design. A team of seasoned Thai, India, and western instructors are more than ready to take you through this peaceful journey.

Heartcore has in place multifarious courses, from those for beginners, e.g., Yoga Pilates, Ashtanga, Hatha Alignment yoga, vinyasa, Power yoga, Yoga stretching, Barre yoga, Backbends, Sound bath, to ones for lifelong learners like Inversion & handstand class. This studio also has private yoga and pilates classes for pregnant women, moms during postpartum period, and younger yoga enthusiasts. What a total package!



  • Classes so diverse you can attend different ones for every day of the week
  • Classes for both new moms and moms with kids—meaning you can sign your kids up for a class, too!
  • Small classes guarantee greater engagement
  • Experienced instructors


  • Refer to LifeSara for the following benefits:
  • Yoga Group Class trial for 350 THB/time
  • One-On-One Yoga Class (1,800 THB/time) for a special price at 1,100 THB/time
  • One-On-One Pilates Class (2,200 THB/time) for a special price at 1,250 THB/time
  • Take a screenshot of this article and show to staff for a 500 THB discount upon course registration at Heartcore Studio💕 (Terms and conditions applied)

📌 Location : 407 Chudpet 9 Alley, Bang Kaeo, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan 10540

☎️ Contacts:
FB : heartcore.studio.bkk
IG : heartcore.studio.bkk
Line : @heartcorestudio


Hummingbird Studio

Third, a Rama II-based yoga center called Hummingbird Studio. This one-stop studio has various classes, from yoga fly, mat yoga, dancing, boxing, and so forth. Throw your worries about effectiveness away as the studio is home to certified instructors and world-standard equipment with immaculate cleanliness.

Hummingbird Studio provides a pleasant ambience that will make course takers feel comfortable. They have classes for learners of all ages, from kids, teenagers, working people, or even retirees. Here, anyone can learn!



  • Numerous classes, such as yoga fly, mat yoga, aerial hoop, boxing, and zumba
  • Families with a kid as young as 4 years of age can reserve a private class
  • Photogenic environment for healthy content makers

📌Location : 200, 9 Rama II Soi 33, Bang Mot, Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150

☎️ Contacts :
FB : Humming Bird studio
IG : hummingbird.stu
Line : lin.ee/mcPyrpi
Tel : 092-466-4191


Roots8 Yoga

Coming to another studio located around the city center like Chong Nonsi BTS station like Roots8 Yoga. This studio is open for all levels of learners, from beginners to advanced students. Here you will get the gist of the building blocks of yoga like breathing, asana (posture), alignment, flexibility, and relaxation.

All classes are hosted by Indian instructors, from Traditional hatha, basic hatha, stretching, back care, alignment, vinyasa, to ashtanga for beginners.

The studio will encourage you to be a lifelong learner as they know yoga can benefit you in the long run. Yoga is known to help reduce stress, create balance between body and mind, as well as instilling peace and relaxation from studying and working. If you are looking for a mind remedy, try visiting Roots8.



  • Competent Indian instructors
  • Convenient commute via BTS, Chong Nonsi station

📌Location : Phipat Sathorn Corner Building, 46 Silom Road, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500

☎️ Contacts :
FB : roots8yoga
Website : roots8yoga
Tel : 02-636-6009, 097-232-2678


Over the Rainbow Studio

Let’s end our spiritual journey with a studio for the residents of Ratchaburi like Over the Rainbow. This Korean-style yoga studio is the only yoga fly studio in the province!!

Instructed by Kru Ploy, the winner of NORTH KOLKATA YOGA CULTURE & MEDITATION in India, it is safe to say nothing will be in vain. Kru Ploy knows exactly how to perfect your asana in a fun, interesting way. Over the Rainbow also has classes for kids, so if you want your little ones to develop flexibility, now is the time. But if you are among the population that suffers from office syndrome, with neck, shoulder, and back pain, you will experience obvious results after 4-5 classes. What are you waiting for?!



  • Only one yoga fly studio in Ratchaburi
  • Various classes, such as yoga fly and mat yoga, even for kids
  • Mat yoga instructor won NORTH KOLKATA YOGA CULTURE & MEDITATION in India
  • Private classes for students who prefer privacy
  • Classes for students of all ages, ensuring family togetherness

📌 Location : GRJ6+XWW in the Soi next to the stadium, Na Mueang, Mueang Ratchaburi, Ratchaburi 70000

☎️ Contacts :
FB : Over the rainbow Studio โยคะ/โยคะฟลาย ราชบุรี
IG : over_therainbowyogafly
Line : @overtherainbow.th