If the brow is the crown of our face, then the mouth is the gleaming light that will catch the eye’s attention first. Lip tattoo might sound scary for those who never did it before but there is no need to worry; modern day lip tattooing isn’t the same as before and has become a choice for people with a dark lip due to genetic causes or allergy to lipstick that distort the color when the lipstick is applied. This problem not only makes your lipstick a waste, you also run the risk of the color not being what was advertised. This is why lip tattooing is the solution that is becoming as popular as eyebrows tattooing.
If you are looking for a good lip tattooing studio that can impart a lasting and truly natural color then read this article Lifesara team has put together the best lip tattoo studios for every gender out there. Read on if you want to find out!
💡Before you tattoo your lip🫦
2-3 weeks after you tattoo your lip, your lip might still seem dark and that is totally normal as after removing the outer skin of the lip the skin is still bruised but after a while the darkness will fade away. If you are getting a lip tattoo then you should be patient as after the color slowly fades away the tattoo ink will slowly emerge giving you the hue you want in the first place.

Samkong Eyebrows Tattoo

Let’s start off with a big hit studio from Phuket like Samkong Eyebrows Tattoo, a studio that Thais and foreigners alike fly across borders just for their craftsmanship.

For any girl out there with a dark lip that wants to wake up and finds themselves with a totally different look for that important date but is afraid of the pain or bruises then this place is the right place for you! The studio uses a special technique and specialized tools that make the tattooing process a bruise-less and painless affair that doesn’t need recovery and can be immediately exposed to water. This allows you to go back to your normal life with zero hassle; almost like getting a new lip straight after the tattooing process.

📍Location: 30 to 40 minutes away from Phuket Airport

📌Contact Informations
TEL : 096-634-7375 | Line
TikTok : @eyebrowsphuket
FB : สักคิ้วสวยสามกอง Eyebrows tattoo
IG : eyebrowstattoo_samkong (ร้าน) | walainuchy (เจ้าของร้าน)


The Art Brows

Next up we have a studio that can perfect your lip’s look that is located in front of Thai Chamber of Commerce University, The Art Brows. This studio is one of those with a private atmosphere and is capable of making a truly natural looking tattoo. If your lip is dark due to genetic reasons or lipsticks use and would like to have some help then this is the place for you. Not only do they offer a pink Baby Lip shade, they also offer bold red and other shades that won’t flop and fail your look as well.

Moreover, they are also packed full of professional tools that are all sterilized and up to medical standards which prevent lymph backflow. Regardless of your gender, if you want to have that naturally beautiful look from when you wake up without the need for lipstick then this studio can definitely grant you that wish!

📍Location : Front of Thai Chamber of Commerce University
🚈BTS Ari and Sanam Pao
🚄MRT Huai Kwang, Gate 4

📌Contact Informations
FB Inbox | Tel : 089-964-2926
LINE : theartbrows



For this spot we have a studio that focuses more on the healthy side of things, SUKRITA STUDIO, a studio around the Sri Nakarin area. The studio has more than 4 years of experience and is well-known for its organic “Healthy Lip” that the studio came up with. Many girls consider this place a secret studio if you are looking to get a lip tattoo then don’t miss out on this studio for you will cry a river of tears! The queue is so long that an advanced reservation is needed because the owner handles all the customers by themselves.

Khun New, the owner, is a student of physical and mental therapy through art which made Khun New a very understanding owner and provide service that imbues the customer with positive energy with the “Turning Point Beauty” concept that will make you the better version of yourself! So much better than before that even just a lip balm can make you look stunning!

If you prefer a bright, natural and healthy look that is friendly to the skin and a lip color that doesn’t look unnatural or is too light; and wants your lips to look bright and healthy with zero blemish in every layer then this studio can definitely match your every demand, no matter how complicated or what your gender is!

1 Free round of correction or extra inking / No extra fees for credit cards payment

📍Location : Home Salon โฮมซาลอน 7 ซ.เฉลิมพระเกียรติ ร.9 ซอย 14 ศรีนครินทร์ กรุงเทพฯ
(17 minutes from BTS Udom Suk )

📌Contact Informations
Web : sukritastudio.com
IG : @sukritastudio
Line : @sukritastudio
FB : Sukrita studio ร้านสักคิ้ว สักปาก ศรีนครินทร์ อุดมสุข บางนา กรุงเทพ
Youtube : sukritastudio
Tiktok : @sukritastudio
Tel : 095-389-2895


Next-Level Beauty by Khaofang

The next studio we want to bring to you is the Next-Level Beauty by Khaofang. This studio is located near Meng Jai and is one of THE studio you need to visit, guaranteed with 7 years of experience and exceptional standards and lots of word-of-mouth recommendation. Do you like a bolder and more natural look that doesn’t give your secrets away to your boyfriend? Or looks that make you feel amazing even after a session of sleep? Then check out this store. Oh! Also, their tattoos last 2 to 3 years so definitely check them out!

📍Location : 580/8 Wang Thong Lang Bangkok 10310

📌Contact Informations
Line : @nextlevelbeauty
Tel : 086-906-6644
IG : nextlevelbeauty_khfang
FB : Next-Level Beauty by Khaofang


Watsa.Beauty Studio

Here we have the lip tattoo studio, Watsa Beauty Studio, a studio near Chaeng Wattana and Ayutthaya area. If you love tattooing, be it lip tattooing, pink areola tattooing, BB Gold (foundation tattooing) then be sure to check out this studio for no other studio can really match them in terms of natural color embedding. The studio uses the Aqua Lips technique, a medical procedure that is safe and give off a light and mild tone that doesn’t require a lengthy recovery time. If any of you have a dark lip, dark areola, or you need a bright facial tone with BB Gold that utilizes semi-permanent foundation embedding then this is the place you must check out!

📌Service price
– Lip color embedding service 2,999 Baht from 5,999 Baht
– Areola color embedding to remove darkness, 9,000 baht (2 times), can be paid in 2 installments (Review case available for 5,500 Baht)
– BB Gold treatment 1,590 Baht from 2,490 Baht
– Natural eyelash extension 599 Baht (Credit cards accepted)

📌Location :
– Branch 1 : Sena, Ayutthaya (3 – 4 case per day)
– Branch 2 : Condo The Best, Chaeng Wattana, Nonthaburi (1 – 2 cases per day)

📌Contact Informations
FB : Watsa.Beauty Studio l รับสักปาก สักปานนมชมพู บีบีโกลด์ l แจ้งวัฒนะ อยุธยา
Tel : 087-369-5094
IG : Watsa.beautystudio
Line : https://lin.ee/UVeBWff


Crystalcrown eyebrow

Here we have the professional tattooing studio, Crystalcrown Brow & Beauty, a trending lip tattooing studio with its own specialized technique by Ajarn Tee who has more than 8 years of experience and took part in numerous tattooing shows as well as acting as an instructor in many countries, netting this Ajarn a long queue of customers and even longer number of reviews. How can any girl resist such a master at their trade!🫶✨

The studio’s highlight is their tattoo that peels away in 3 days and results in the immediate pinking of the lip. If your lips are dark and have wasted a lot of money on lipstick because you need to keep adding it in then this studio can surely help you solve that problem. No worries about bruises, pain or skin damage as Ajarn Tee utilizes a new technique that won’t damage the skin, won’t leave stains or blemish behind and can be exposed to water straight away. The tattoo also lasts for almost 3 years and is very easy to take care of as well. Choose this studio and you will feel that your money is well-spent.

📌Location: In The Shelter, near MM Food Service Chokechai 4 (3rd floor room 301-306)

📌Contact Informations

Tel : 083-496-9659


Riche Brow and Beauty

Let’s move on to Riche Brow and Beauty, a natural and organic European color embedding studio right in the city center around Chatuchak area that is recommended by a lot of people via word-of-mouth. A lot of them came back here very often too!

The studio is well-known for its use of high-quality color which gives a bold hue from Europe, giving off that soft pink glow which doesn’t look out of place. This hue can help dark or pale lips to return to a more naturally beautiful tone just like when you were young. Every piece of equipment is 100% friendly to the skin and the body and the ink can last in your lip for more than 2 years too!

P.S. 3 – 7 days after embedding, the color will drop by around 40 – 50% and it will slowly emerge again. After 2 months the lip will look gorgeous in a healthy way.

– Lip Color embedding 4,900 Baht per time, from the normal price of 6,900 Baht
*Results may vary from person to person
**Color refill 3,900 Baht within 4 months

📍Location: 333 731 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, Jom Phin, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900
🚈MRT Chatuchak exit 3
🚄BTS Moh Chit exit 3

📌Contact Informations
FB : richebrowbeauty
Line : @riche.service
IG : @riche.service
Tel : 094-514-6115


Kae Eyebrow

Next up is the Kae Eyebrow lip tattoo studio, a studio with an international fame that has been in business for more than 7 years and is backed by the 1st place champion title from the Egyptian Golden Beauty of the East 2021 competition and the Silde Eyebrow tattoo winner position form the International K-beauty 2017 competition. We guarantee you that this one is different!

This studio utilized the Russian technique and imported their ink from Russia and America which allows the studio to adjust the tone of your lip to give off that healthy look, reducing the dark tone in your lips. As for the pain worry, you can leave those at home for they apply anesthetics for you before and during the tattooing. Their first branch was in Chumphon while the other branch is in Bangkok. If you want your lip to give off that inviting and alluring aura then this is the place!🫶🏻

📍Location :
Bangkok Branch: JW condo @ Don Muang, Srong Prapha road, opposite of Don Muang airport. Bangkok
(Take the Red Line train and get down at Don Muang station)

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 097-4289639
Line : @kaeeyebrow
IG : kae_eyebrow
FB : สักคิ้วกรุงเทพ Kae Eyebrow | เก๋สักคิ้วชุมพร Kae Eyebrow
Tiktok : kae_eyebrow



Let’s move on to a studio with a more relaxed atmosphere, AIMIIS STUDIO (AIMIIS STUDIO Beauty – Lifestyle studio). This is another Bangna-based studio that can make you go wow with your lips the moment you wake up. Their craft will change your dark lips into something that will make your S.O. loves you even more; and make your friends notice without fail while making strangers helpless to the charm of your lips. The studio specializes in choosing the correct tone for every customer and they use organic ink that is certified in Europe that gives off a natural look making your lip bright and beautiful with no blood or swelling to speak of, only leaving behind a thin film in 3 days.

Any girl wants to try a tattoo studio that gives off a vibe that reminds you of a trip to cure your loneliness that makes lip and eyebrow tattooing feels like a hangout with a highly private feel then this is the place you might be interested in!

📍Location: 98/265 Pleno Sukhumwit Bangna, Bua Nakarin Road, Bang Kaew, Bang Phi, Samuth Prakarn 10540

📌Contact Informations
FB : Aimiis Studio
LINE : @aimiis



Here we have the final studio, bnb.eyebrows. Well-known for its comprehensiveness of services that it offers such as eyebrow tattooing and lip tattooing that utilized imported organic products of famous brands that won’t harm the skin while whipping up a natural and sweet look for your skin.

The studio uses a Micro Baby lips pink Nood color Lp& Biotouch technique in lightening your dark lip in 3 gradients. These 3 gradients are tones that will bring out a natural but long-lasting look to your lip which is specifically formulated for people with dark lips. No worries about bruises too as tattooing with this studio doesn’t result in swollen lip and you can go back to your normal lives right after. If you love a natural look without needing any enhancement then this studio can surely answer your needs. The place is situated near BTS Chidlom as well making it very easy to reach! ✨ ✨

📌📌Special price for lip tattooing: 4,999 Baht from 7,999 Baht

📍📍Location : BTS Chidlom 2nd exit, Maneeya building

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 061-825-5519 | 099-369-3616
LINE : 0693693616
IG: Bnb.eyebrows
FB: Bnb.eyebrows สักคิ้วปาก ตา ดูเป็นธรรมชาติ