In today’s world, the eyeglass market has grown significantly due to the importance of vision in our daily lives. With many people working long hours and engaging in activities that strain their eyes, they run the risk of damaging their vision beyond cure but how much worse can it get? 🧐
What are the negative consequences?
Vision changes can lead to a variety of negative effects, such as eye over-straining, headaches, and blurred vision, especially when driving at night or looking at something up close. Or even blurred vision and headache when staring at a computer screen. Long-term eye problems can also affect older people, especially those with chronic diseases, reducing their ability to see clearly and sometimes leading to chronic eye pain, even if they wear glasses. This made them very reliant on eyeglasses.
The solution is to get glasses that suit yourself.
To address this growing problem, there has been an increase in the number of eyeglass shops, each offering a range of options that cater to specific vision needs.🥰In this article, Lifesara will narrow things down to 15 high-quality eyeglass shops that you must check out in 2023. Finding the right pair of glasses can be a daunting task, but we are here to help make it easy for you. If you miss the ultra-clear vision then don’t tally, come with us and check out these shops!😎

Starting with the high-quality eyeglass shop from Isoptik, a smart professional eyeglass shop with only one branch in Thailand. . If you ask what is special about Isoptic, many people would have to say that it is the glasses that are created for each individual, which are so comfortable that it feels like you’re not wearing them.

With innovative lens and eyeglass design that caters to each individual’s eye usage habits by measuring the center point position of the eye’s retina to accurately frame each lens, wearing Isoptic glasses will help solve our eye problems, preventing eye strain and improving our overall eye health, as the saying goes, “Quality of life depends on the quality of vision.”

📌Isoptic’s highlights
– In cutting eyeglasses here, they use digital 3D vision analysis systems that are four times more precise than European standards.
– They cut glasses with eye experts who have over 50 years of experience.
– They can design each eyeglass lens accurately, based on short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism, and the combined work of both eyes, at every distance and angle for every individual.

– They can create lenses case by case based on each user’s specific eye usage habits, according to the size and position of the retina’s center point.
– They help wearers gauge distance more accurately, suitable for all ages, including those with high diopters or older ages, and reduce eye strain during work.
– Suitable for those who use a lot of vision in their work such as doctors, surgeons and sharpshooters.

See the promotion onIsoptik’s store

Tel : 086-565-5711 | 086-970-0794 | 081-538-4200 (เบอร์ปรมาจารย์โบบิ)
LINE : @isoptik
FB : ศูนย์แว่นตาไอซอพติก | Inbox
Email :

Next up is Moshi optic by Sunglass365, the eyeglass shop of an optometrist in Pathum Wan area, which specializes in high-quality lenses and prescription eyeglasses. With modern technology and the latest WAM800/VisionR800 eye measurement machine used by experienced optometrists, they can accurately measure your eye prescription and provide tailored recommendations to solve any eye problems you may have.

Whether you are experiencing nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, light sensitivity or other vision problems, the shop got it covered for you. The shop offers a wide selection of top-notch lenses from renowned brands such as HOYA, ESSILOR, NIKON, ZEISS, RODENSTOCK, as well as various styles of sunglasses and eyeglass frames at all price ranges, from affordable to high-end. Definitely, check their offer out!

**They offer warranty for both the lens and the frame!**

📌Highlights of Moshi Optic by Sunglass365 shop:
– The shop offers both prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses from various brand names at affordable prices, with discounts on all items.
– The shop employs optometrists who have licenses issued by the Ministry of Public Health and are knowledgeable in providing advice on vision-related issues.
– The shop uses the modern WAM800 machine for accurate eyeglass cutting.
– The shop offers a wide range of high-quality lenses from affordable to high-end prices.
– The shop provides a 1-2 year warranty for frames and a 60-day warranty for lenses. If customers experience discomfort or dizziness after getting their new glasses, the shop is willing to remake the lenses for free.

📍Location :
Branch 1 : Moshi Optic by sunglass365 Rama 1
Branch 2 : Sunglass365 Sammakorn Ramkamhaeng branch

FB : Moshi Optic by sunglass365
IG : moshi.optic
YouTube: SUNGLASS365
TikTok : moshi.optic
Shopee : moshi optic
Lazada : Moshi Optic

Next up we have the simple and stylish eyeglass shop, Bridders Optical, the complete solution for vision care. They have imported a top-level 10 million baht eyewear measuring tool to help customers find suitable eyeglasses that are precise and accurate to their specific needs. They also have optometrists available to take care of every detail, from start to finish.

In addition to eyeglasses, the shop also sells sunglasses from various brands such as Dior, Gucci, Celine, Lindberg Moscot, and guarantees that every pair is fashionable. They also have ongoing promotions that offer discounts on their products, so stay tuned to their page for more information.

📌Highlights of Bridders Optical
– They have a wide variety of eyeglasses, frames, and lenses from all the leading brands, and you can choose to use high-quality lenses of every type according to your budget.
– They have experts in the field of vision care and lens cutting, with over 30 years of experience.
– The shop has imported ProScribe machines for measuring the eyes’ refraction value, worth more than 10 million baht.
– They have the latest technology for designing individualized progressive lenses, such as the Rodenstock ImpressionIST4 and Zeiss Visufit1000, and scanning the eye’s map with the DNEye® Scanner to produce the most accurate and precise lenses for each person.
– They have excellent after-sales service for all eyeglasses and lenses, guaranteeing a minimum of 1 year’s quality warranty. If the eyewear becomes damaged, it can be exchanged for a new one of equal value.
– They have functional frames from various brand names that you can choose from that fit your preferred style.มีกรอบแว่นจากหลายแบรนด์เนม สามารถเลือก Funtional ได้ตามสไตล์ที่ต้องการ

Their prices are in the middle range but with promotions throughout the years.
If you are interested in brand name glasses, then keep an eye out for their promotion as they hand them out really often!

📍Location :
– Silom Zuellig House 7th floor
– Ploen Chit Waveplace G floor
– Asoke Metromall MRT Sukhumvit B1 floor

Web :
Line : @bridders
Tel : 083-063-9623

If you are looking for high-quality progressive glasses that can help you see clearly at all distances, along with advanced eye measurement technology, excellent lenses, and a wide variety of beautiful frames to choose from, then you have come to the right place! We can meet all of your eyewear needs, and our expert optometrists are here to assist you from start to finish.

Mattaya Clinic is dedicated to identifying the true causes of your vision problems and providing expert advice until you find the perfect pair of glasses. They believe that glasses should adjust to fit us, not the other way around. Additionally, if you have young children with special eye problems who need to even use eye drops to dilate the pupil before an eye examination, you can make an appointment with their pediatric optometrist at Mattaya Clinic too..✨

📌Highlights of Mattaya Clinic:
– Eye health checkups are conducted by optometrists and a team of eye care professionals who monitor and measure your eyesight in great detail.
– Their EYE SPA treatment course treats the root cause of dry eye,
and they use high-end instruments to precisely measure your eyesight.
– They offer trials of all brands and models of progressive lenses based on your actual eyesight needs.
– They measure your eye usage behavior and design lenses specifically tailored to your needs using state-of-the-art equipment that meets the highest standards.
– Their shop offers a wide variety of frames and lenses from various brands to choose from.

Sri Ayutthaya road Phayathai 1 hospital branch (BE MY GLASSES) 1st building 3rd floor (Open from : 8.30 – 18.30)
The Crystal branch Ramintra highway (Mattaya Clinic) Phase 1, 1st floor, outdoor zone, near Krungsri bank (Open from : 10.00 – 19.00)

FB : Mattaya Clinic by Be My Glasses มัทยาคลินิก – คลินิกแว่นตาโปรเกรสซีฟ
Tel : 099-463-6365
Line: @mattayaclinic
Web : (มัทยาจักษุคลินิก)

Let’s move over to ORRA Vision Center, the one-stop shop for eyewear located at Wangthonglang. If you’re looking for a high-end, luxurious and stylish eyewear, then you’ve come to the right place. ORRA Vision Center offers more than 2,000 frames to choose from and has expert professionals in progressive lenses. You won’t be disappointed.

Not only do they help solve your vision problems, but also use modern tools to address your specific needs. They offer customized eyeglasses to fit your personal style and satisfaction is guaranteed. With more than 20,000 pairs of progressive lenses made, ORRA Vision Center can help you see clearly at any distance because they believe that “good vision leads to a good life.”

📌Highlights of ORRA Vision Center:
– ●Their center is operated by 100% optical experts who pay attention to every detail in every step.
– They are a modern and large progressive eyewear center with full diagnostic equipment and up to 3 eye examination rooms.
– They offer a simulation room for you to experience using eyewear in real-life situations.
– They offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

– Short or tilted lenses starting at 2,400 baht.
– Progressive lenses starting at 6,990 baht.
– Frames starting at 1,900 baht.
Check out more promotions here

📍Location : 388/91-93 chic home office Soi Ramkhamhaeng 53, Plum Pla, Wang Thong Lang, Bangkok 10310

Web :
FB : ORRA Vision Center ศูนย์เลนส์โปรเกรสซีฟ
Line : @orra-od
Tel : 062-651-2365

Let’s continue at the well-known eyeglass shop in Thailand called “THE NEXT,” which is one of the few shops in Thailand with optometrists providing services in department stores. Throughout the 30 years of full-cycle eye care services, the shop now has more than 30 branches, taking care of many patients and covering all groups of people with eye problems.

The shop’s highlight is the fact that they have imported eye examination tools that use technology to help detect basic eye health problems, in order to be treated promptly, along with recommending high-quality glasses from brands that are widely accepted worldwide. To put it simply, if you want new glasses that are easy to access, cut and check, all in one place, you really have to come to this shop. Many celebrities got their glasses from here!

📌The highlights of THE NEXT
– Cutting eyeglasses through AI-powered measurement technology that is the most accurate in Thailand to provide the clearest vision.
– Combining professional optometry and eye health examination to prepare for patients in all situations.
– Having specialized optometrists who can solve specific problems.
– Providing various world-class brand-name products that fit every lifestyle and personality, with every style of glasses fitting.
– Guaranteeing glasses for 5 years after-sales service, along with taking care of them throughout their usage, and guaranteeing lens clarity for 90 days.
– Convenient and easy to find with 30 branches nationwide.

📌Pricing :
✨Essilor Multicoat lenses with Ray-Ban or Bolon frames for only 3,990 baht.
✨Nikon Progressive lenses with Ray-Ban or Bolon frames for only 9,990 baht.

📍Locations :
The NEXT at CentralWorld (096-956-3362)
The NEXT at The Mall Ngamwongwan (064-654-2551)
The NEXT at Terminal 21 Rama 3 (080-992-6445)
The NEXT at Seacon Square (064-552-9655)
The NEXT at Central Westgate (091-772-8822)
Find all locations here.

📌Contact Information
Web :
IG : thenextoptical
Tiktok : thenextoptical

Little Eyes Eyewear Store – Don’t miss out! Another eyewear store that offers eye examinations like no other, because they have transformed the traditional image of an eyewear store where customers have to wait for a long time into a trendy café. They serve various beverages such as coffee, cocoa, and many more for customers to enjoy while waiting for their favorite glasses. You can even return home with a new pair of glasses and a full stomach!

Quality is definitely not compromised here as they have a professional and experienced team with over 10 years of expertise in providing consultation for all eye-related issues. For those who are interested in checking out their eyewear collection, there are several branches that are easily accessible even without a car. Little Eyes is a must-visit store if you’re looking for glasses. Truly an exceptional experience!

📌The highlights of Little Eyes store:
– They offer a wide selection of well-known eyewear brands and various styles of frames and lenses to choose from.
– Professional and experienced optometrists who are available to assist you from the beginning until the end of your visit.
– A café located inside the store where customers can relax and enjoy their favorite beverage while waiting for their glasses.
– Convenient location as the store is situated within a shopping center.

Branch 1 Seacon Bangkhae Basement floor
Branch 2 Bangchak Petrol Station Kanjanaphisek-Kallaprapruk
Branch 3 Seni Bazar (Soi Phetkasem 28 entrance)

FB : ร้านแว่นตา Little Eyes
IG : Littleeyesbangkae
Line : @littleeyes2008
Tel : 081-457-5962

Old and broken glasses can cause discomfort and inconvenience. If you are experiencing this, then visit Clear Vision, a well-known eyeglass shop in the heart of Siam, where both nearsighted and farsighted individuals can find the perfect pair of glasses. With over 10 years of experience, Clear Vision has earned the trust of its customers and has become a top choice for those seeking eyewear solutions. Don’t hesitate to visit Clear Vision if you are in the Siam area. The staff treats everyone like family, and you will surely find the perfect glasses for your needs.

📌Clear Vision’s highlight:
– A wide selection of over 500 different frames and high-quality lenses from various brands that have been carefully screened to ensure they fit perfectly with every face shape.
– Eye examinations conducted by a Certified Optician with more than 10 years of experience.
– Conveniently located near the BTS and in the midst of a shopping center.
– Owner-operated shop ensures customers receive excellent service and products with a guarantee of satisfaction.

📍Location : Soi Chulalongkorn 64, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

Web :
FB : Clear Vision ร้านแว่นสยาม
IG : clearvisionthailand
Line | Tel : 097-994-6246



For those who are in the world of luxury eyeglasses, WALTZ eyeglass is a name that easily comes to mind. It is one of the High-end shops for those who have good taste and is currently operating several branches. This shop gathers various leading luxury eyewear brands from all around the world, providing friends with a wide range of brands to choose from. No matter if it’s unique features, sleek design, quality materials, excellent craftsmanship, or delicate work, WALTZ has it all.

In addition to this, if you have eye problems and don’t know which eyeglasses to choose, here is where you can get comprehensive eye exams from optometrists, along with ophthalmologists who ensure the standard of eye exams. The shop emphasizes the importance of vision and provides a new look immediately when you wear the glasses.🖤

📌Highlights of WALTZ eyeglass shop
– Theshop gathers more than 30 leading luxury eyewear brands from around the world, including LOTOS, LINDBERG, TVR (True Vintage Revival), MASUNAGA, JMM (Jacques Marie Mage), KUBORAUM, MAYBACH, and many more.
– Comprehensive eye exams are available with the latest technology from Germany, DNEye Scanner Rodenstock.
– Optometrists who specialize in eye health are available for health checks, and patients who receive examinations will receive evaluations of their vision and preliminary diagnosis of eye diseases.
– Ophthalmologists or eye doctors who supervise and ensure the standard of every pair of glasses are also available.
– Opticians who are experts in lens cutting, lens polishing, frame adjustment to fit facial features and personal usage of each customer are available. Customers will get the best visual experience, clear and sharp, throughout their usage.

Siam Paragon, 2nd floor
Iconsiam, 4th floor
The Crystal Park, G floor, Zone 1, on the same side as the bank
The Crystal SB Ratchapruek, G floor, indoor zone
K Village, Sukhumvit 26, G floor

IG : waltzvision

If your eyeglasses are warped, dented, scratched, or bent come and replace them with new ones at Glaz Optical. This eyeglass shop provides eye exams for everyone who wants to see the world more clearly and vividly, with a light price tag that everyone can afford. In addition, there are various types of lenses to choose from, such as multi-coat lenses, blue light blocking lenses, transition lenses, anti-reflective lenses, and progressive lenses. Those who want quality glasses at an affordable price and friendly post-sale service should definitely consider Glaz Optical.

📌Highlights of Glaz Optical:
– Eye exams and eyeglasses can be made in 1 hour.
– Experts can recommend frames that suit your face shape, personality, and customize the glasses to fit each person’s facial features for a snug and comfortable fit.
– The shop offers a one-year warranty on services throughout the lifespan of the eyewear. If you encounter any problems, you can bring them back for styling, cleaning, and removing stains from the frame and lenses for free.✨

📌Promotion : Prices start at 890 baht.

📍Location : Siam Square, 2nd Floor, Center Point (formerly Gateway) >> >> Take BTS to Siam Station, then take exit 2 as it is connected to the Center Point shopping center.
Open daily from 10:30 am to 8:30 pm.

Tel : 0954321575
Line : @glaz
FB : Glaz optical by Glassesator
IG : glaz optical

Next up, let’s drop by the Optometry Vision clinic to get your glasses. This modern eyeglass clinic takes care of all your vision problems and maintains a high standard of service that has earned them the trust of their customers for over 27 years. If you’re looking for new glasses that help you see the world clearer and more comfortably, you need to come to this shop. ✨

In addition to eyeglass frames, they also offer lenses from leading brands. They help you choose the one that is most suitable for your eye health and comfort. They care about their customers a lot, and they believe that your vision is their mission. Ensuring good vision quality is their responsibility.🧡

📌Optometry Vision Clinic Highlights:
– The clinic uses modern equipment to check your eyesight, with the 7 Check Up Optometry Exam program that checks for refractive errors in detail on each side.
– They check the working system of both eyes (binocular vision) and eye health before recommending a corrective method.
– The shop has a team of optometrists who specialize in progressive lenses, specialty lenses, contact lenses, and eye health consultation.
– The shop provides after-sales service and guarantees the highest quality eyeglass frames for up to 5 years, lenses for up to 2 years, and eye comfort quality for up to 90 days.

– Branch 1: Phyathai Nawamin Hospital | Open daily from 09:30-19:30
– Branch 2: M9 Square Ratchada | Open daily from 10:00-20:00

Web :
Line : @optometry_vision
Tel : 096-224-5454 | 065-396-6299
FB : คลินิกแว่นตา Optometry Vision โดยนักทัศนมาตร
IG : optometry_vision_

Next stop is Eyelism, another eyeglass shop with convenient access and a great atmosphere that can only be found here. For anyone who has problems with their vision, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you can trust the shop to take care of you as they have been providing quality eyeglasses, frames, and lenses for over 10 years.

Our shop has its own world-class lens manufacturing factory, ensuring that our customers receive clear lenses that are also suitable for their lifestyles. We can proudly say that everything you need is available here in one place, and we offer a 3-month guarantee. If your glasses do not fit well or do not meet your expectations, you can return to us without having to go to another store.

📌Highlights of Eyelism:
– We guarantee quality and provide ongoing support for 3 months.
– All of our staff have completed Optician courses and are certified by the Ministry of Education.
– We offer after-sales service, including ongoing support, replacement parts, free nose pads, and temple adjustment for the lifetime of your glasses.
– We have a variety of eyeglass frames from well-known brands that have been carefully selected for their quality, and we import high-quality lenses.
– We have modern equipment from Essilor, including a PD Meter digital machine that can help adjust your eyeglasses for both close and far distances.


  • Farsightedness : Progressive lens with frames promotion: from 14,400 baht to 9,999 baht
  • Astigmatism and shortsightedness : Lens with frames with screen light protection upgrade for free* (until 30 April 2022) *For those with 1.56 lens and shortsightedness not exceeding -6.00 and astigmatism not exceeding -2.00)

📍Location : 179, 4 Soi Ratchada 36, 19th junction, Chandharakasem, Jatujak Bangkok 10900

Tel : 094-664-4294
Line : @eyelism
FB : EyeLism Optic
IG : Eyelism Optic
Web :

If you want to get glasses and be happy, you must visit Deetorta Eye Center. Located in the bustling Bangrak district, this eye center has a lot of experience, as their optometrists have previously worked in hospitals. They can provide advice, referrals, and solutions to various eye problems, just like they are taking care of their own eyes.

Furthermore, they are attentive to every step, from the beginning to after-sales service. They not only measure your eyesight but also take care of your entire eye health, just like they take care of their own hearts. They offer a variety of models and brands of glasses that are clear, comfortable, and suitable for every lifestyle. If you want to be good to your heart and eyes, this shop is ready to serve you to the fullest. Don’t miss it!

📌Highlights of Deetorta Eye Center:
– They pay close attention to every patient in every step, with great attention to detail.
Their optometrists have high experience and a license in optometry, making them knowledgeable in treating visual problems.
– They use modern tools and equipment to take care of and examine eyes, as well as to screen for eye diseases and refer patients to ophthalmologists.
– They can examine and measure intraocular pressure, screen for cataracts and glaucoma, prescribe glasses for farsightedness and nearsightedness, examine 3D vision, and test for color blindness.

📍Location : 210 North Sathorn Road, Silom Subdistrict, Bangrak District, Bangkok 10500
⏰Business hours : Wednesday-Sunday 10:00 am-7:00 pm (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

Line : @deetorta
Tel : 094-455-9699
FB : ดีต่อตา ร้านแว่นตา by นักทัศนมาตร
TikTok : Deetorta
Web :

For those who want to check their eye health or solve their eye problems before it’s too late, Hi-vision Opto eyeglass shop is another popular eye care center. With more than 28 years of experience in eyeglasses, the optometrists here provide detailed and attentive eye exams, consultations, and personal care.

If you like speed, this shop also offers automatic eye health screening that takes only 90 seconds with accurate results. In addition, they have a variety of brands and lenses at affordable prices. It’s no wonder why many people choose to get their glasses from Hi-vision Opto because they take care of their customers like family❤️

📌Highlights of Hi-vision Opto eyeglass shop:
– Automatic eye health screening that is quick and accurate
– The shop uses modern technology, such as the Wave Analyzer medica and Wam700+ eye exam tool, which can check up to 7 items:

  1. Objective refraction and Keratometry for measuring eye power and curvature
  2. Tonometry for measuring eye pressure and analyzing glaucoma
  3. Pachymetry for measuring corneal thickness
  4. Retro-illumination for analyzing the angle of the iris and diagnosing cataracts
  5. Aberrometry for measuring the deviation of light that passes through the lens
  6. Topography for checking the surface of the cornea, which is a risk factor for keratoconus and dry eye syndrome
  7. Pupillometry for measuring pupil size

📍Location : The Compond shopping mall, unit 313
⏰Business hours : Open daily from 10:00 to 20:00

Tel : 02-518-2857 | 065-396-6299
Web :
FB : แว่นตาไฮ-วิชั่น/Hi-vision Opto.โดย นักทัศนมาตร
Line : 249onthf
IG : hivision_opto

Let’s end with one of the few eyeglass shops in Thailand that provide specialized eye care services, See Stations is a comprehensive eyewear shop that was established to solve vision problems for various new-generation professionals and individuals, regardless of whether they need progressive lenses, office lenses, short-sighted lenses for children, corrective lenses for diving/skiing goggles, or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. In short, See Stations was created to meet the needs of a diverse range of patients.

Only a few specialists and specialized examination centers exist for this kind of service in Thailand . Thus, for people with active hobbies or challenging professions that require special visual needs, this is the place to go. Regardless of your visual needs, See Stations guarantees that the shop is equipped to correct your vision and provide you with the best experience possible.✨

📌See Stations Eyeglass Shop’s Highlights
– Offers a variety of leading global eyewear brands in various price ranges to suit each person’s usage style.
– Employs staff with knowledge and expertise in all aspects of vision, not just measuring eyes, but understanding the visual system and analyzing the root of eye problems.
– Utilizes modern examination equipment imported from Germany, ensuring accurate and precise eye measurements.
– Optometrist, with a masters degree in optometry and a certificate from the Ministry of Public Health and more than 5 years of experience.
– Provides special lenses for customers to try out to ensure suitability for actual use.

Major Ratchayothin branch, 2nd floor, BTS Ratchayothin exit 1 (080-325-6453)
The Mall Bangkapi branch, 1st floor (080-074-1444)

📌Contact Information
FB : SEE Stations
Web :
Line : @seestations