We believe a lot of students dream of joining the Work and Travel USA as it is one of once-in-a-lifetime experiences teens like us find a must.
Work and Travel is an international exchange program for Thai university students for which IEE Thailand provides agency services. The program gives opportunities to learn about different life and culture, find international friends, and practice English during work in the summertime in the USA. It is like killing a flock of birds with one stone.
For those who are on a summer break and looking for a destination for Work and Travel, today Lifesara would like to walk you through 5 destinations for Work and Travel that are so trending you might regret not going for the rest of your life.
Today, most of our destinations allow you to both work and travel, and positions are generally concerned with casino hotels; rest assured, your job will be limited to all areas with guest accommodations, except the gambling area. Plus, 24/7 monitoring is provided by security guards. It comes as no surprise a lot of students desire participation, or even be able to garner nearly a million baht.
IEE, a reputable Thai agency for Work and Travel, is open for applications from students who are eager to travel and work in the USA. So the time is now! And soon, you will learn more about all 5 destinations and their average hourly earnings.
📌Eligibility Criteria :
– Have a minimum GPA of 2.00
– Be a current undergraduate or graduate student
– Must be at least 18 and under 26 years of age
– Good command of spoken English
– Healthy with no health conditions
– Excellent understanding of the program
For more details, please visit IEE website. For those interested in Work and Travel application, please go to this link. We also have great English learning websites, a list of enjoyable TV series to learn English with, as well as excellent free IELTS vocabulary websites we would like you to check out!

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe, a dream-like destination of the USA

This place has qualities of surreal beauty, with mountain landscapes that are partially snow-capped, sparkling lakes, and nature activities for the weekend. It is without a doubt many students choose South Lake Tahoe as their Work and Travel destination. Not only will they work amongst picturesque scenery and pleasant ambience, they can take short trips to several neighboring sites.

This casino hotel offers various positions, but, as mentioned above, there is no need to worry about safety.

Hourly rate starts at 17.5 USD or 674 THB.

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Connecticut is another state travelers cannot miss visiting. It is located near some of the largest hotels in the USA and home to leading entertainment establishments, including NBA “Mohegan Sun” arena and concert venues that have welcomed world-renowned artists (e.g., The 1975, Charlie Puth, Maroon 5, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift) where any fan would love to visit.

For fluent English speakers who also love entertainment, we would recommend a position at this hotel, especially Host, which offers a minimum hourly rate of 15 USD, or 578 THB.

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Downtown Reno, Nevada

Downtown Reno, Nevada, is suitable for nature-lovers. This area is home to several hotels as well as immense nature, also known to be the world’s largest small city (no kidding), and not so far away from South Lake Tahoe, allowing students to travel and work at the same time. Just imagine a day off there.

Earnings here are second to none. What’s more? This hotel offers a free housing unit to students throughout their participation in this 4-month program. A true money-saving option.

Anyone interested in working in Reno is recommended to apply for Guest Room Attendant. The position comes with an hourly rate of 14-18 USD, or 539 – 693 THB. A little bird told us someone came back with a million baht in their pocket! This place really does not know how to disappoint.

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Atlantic City, New Jersey

Our next destination is Atlantic City, New Jersey, another area travelers cannot miss visiting due to its proximity to New York, and top-rated attractions thanks to coastal stretches. The workplace is within walking distance, plus you can enjoy the scenery along the way. With loads of tourists, restaurants, stalls along the beach that go on for several miles, finding a second job would be like a walk in the park.

Anyone interested in Work and Travel is recommended to apply for Guest Room Attendant. The position comes with a minimum hourly rate of 16 USD, or 616 THB.

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Las Vegas & Los Angeles

Las Vegas and Los Angeles are top cities we believe are known to everyone. These two are home to the most famous sightseeing places in the USA, including Disneyland, Universal Studio, Hollywood, and SeaWorld. Getting around the cities is easy, partly because there are airports in the vicinity. One thing to note is the high cost of living.

Employers at top destinations provide housing units for Work and Travel students, and this time IEE has many available positions where hourly rate starts at 18 USD, or 693 THB. On top of money making, both cities are perfect for those who love entertainment and parties.

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Consider Joining Work and Travel at Casino Hotel During This Summer Break, Only With IEE

Any of the destinations above provides eye-opening experiences. If you are interested in joining Work and Travel, IEE is here to help arrange employment at a casino hotel of your choice while getting to travel.

You will be able to experience, work, and travel, all this while receiving satisfactory compensation. There is no reason to worry as all job positions are only offered by legal casino hotels. Now is indeed the time for anyone looking to make good money during their summer break✨

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Apply for Participation | Contact for More Information (@ieethailand)

💡Note : This is a cultural Exchange Program, this is not an employment program