If you think of a province in Japan famous for its onsen bath, you can’t escape Beppu. It is one of the renowned cities in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu region. Anyone who loves Japan wouldn’t miss this city for sure. In this city, there are many hotels, but today we will be reviewing a hotel our team stayed in. Besides being located in the city center, it is also close to both the train station and other tourist attractions, allowing you to reach them with just a short walk. Fantastic! The hotel we stayed at is a 3-star hotel called Super Hotel Beppu Ekimae; a super affordable place that has everything you need.

Whether it’s various types of rooms, beautiful views, complete meals, complimentary drinks, separate men’s and women’s onsen, secure lockers, or comprehensive amenities, it’s all there. It’s safe to say that it’s a complete package for a visit to the city of Onsen. However, many people may not have a clear picture from only our words, so we, LifeSara, would like to take you on a tour to explore what else is interesting. Come along!

Super Hotel Beppu Ekimae is a hotel located in the heart of Beppu, close to many tourist attractions. Just stepping out of the train station, you can easily spot where it is because the building is tall and noticeable. The exterior of the hotel is designed like a typical basic hotel but with a predominant modern and minimalist style. Alright, now let’s go inside and see what the hotel has to offer.


Compact size room to indulge in the Beppu atmosphere

Our team stayed in the room on the upper floor, right by the roadside. Every room is within reach of the sunlight and offers a wide view of the city; you can also open the window for that extra natural feel! Those who enjoy sleeping while enjoying beautiful views will definitely fall in love with this room. As for the rooms, there are three types available: Standard room, Extra room, and Super room. You can choose according to your preference. The choices are what really spoiled us here as they are all varied.

  • The Standard room consists of a Ladies room, a sofa bedroom, a bathroom, and natural hot springs.
  • The Extra room consists of a Hollywood twin room, a connecting room, an elevator hall, and natural hot springs.
  • The Super room consists of a theater, a barrier-free room, a healthy breakfast, and pajamas.

Each room has its own appeal, but the room we stayed in was a combination of Standard and Extra rooms, with both double and bunk beds. If you are coming in a large group, we recommend the larger room. It’s simply amazing.

The atmosphere here is really great too! Don’t miss the sunrise, especially in the morning. We really enjoyed being in high rooms because the higher the room, the more beautiful the view as you could see more of the city!


A hotel that exudes love and care

What impressed us the most was the hotel’s attention to detail which manifested in the form of amenities, some of them were totally unexpected but were extremely useful! They provided countless plugs. Soap, massage cream, shampoo, and what made us extremely impressed was that they provided pajamas for us to choose from. Anyone who wants pajamas, cotton buds, a toothbrush, or even a toothpaste can simply pick them up at the lobby.

Another thing we were super impressed about is that they really catered to girls like us. We were able to choose up to 5 skincare amenities for free per night. Whether it’s facial masks, foot masks, hot eye masks, or the popular hot steam eye masks like megurythm, it really warmed our hearts! Not having to shell out a single dime really makes us feel the care and love they have for their customers!


A lobby with a pillow, a Welcome Bar with a drink

In addition, what we really liked was the lounge area where we could choose our own pillows. Everyone had the option to choose the type of pillow they preferred. What’s even better is that they had all the information written down, stating which pillow suits us best. They had options like firm, soft, large, and small pillows, which were all incredibly cute! Simply, look out for your favorites and grab them back to your room. We recommend grabbing them first in the evening as they do run out eventually.

Furthermore, in the lounge area, they also had a dining room in a minimalist style for socializing, chatting, and hanging out with friends. And here is a little secret: In the lounge area, they have a Welcome Bar that opens from 18:00 to 21:00, serving refreshing plum and strawberry liquor for free! Absolutely delightful! 🤫

Those who want to have a drink or just want to relax can come down and enjoy themselves because they provide free water and ice too. Really touching! Moreover, the hotel also has a coin-operated vending machine with a wide selection, including a coin-operated laundry machine. It’s safe to say that everything is conveniently available without having to go outside.


A different “private” onsen bath

We really love the onsen here even though it’s not very big. Still, it’s better than our expectation. Our trip took place during winter in Beppu, a place famous for its onsen baths, so going for an onsen was one of the must-do activities. Our team was really looking forward to the bath due to the chilly weather and it didn’t disappoint; anyone who wants good blood circulation and relaxation while soaking with friends will have a great time here! The fellow bath users here are very respectful. Absolutely no awkwardness. Everyone respects each other’s privacy. However, your mileage may vary as when we use the baths, it was already very late and people were already sleeping; a different kind of quiet if we have to say. 😂

As for the bathing area, it is clearly separated between men and women with secure locks providing us with the ease of mind. Girls like us don’t have to worry when getting undressed for a bath as it’s considered very normal here. You gotta try it out for once in your life! The onsen facilities are divided into bathing and soaking zones. And all you need to bring is a towel because they provide soap, massage cream, and shampoo for you on a really neat and organized shelf.

Operating hours : Open daily from 15:00 to 9:30 (next morning).


Hearty breakfast for that extra Japanese charm

Another reason that gets our heart throbbing with joy, waking us up in the morning is breakfast! The hotel offers both Japanese and Western-style breakfast options. For a Western style breakfast, you can choose from bread, jam, and sausages, just like a classic breakfast. But if you want to try something more Japanese, we recommend focusing on the Japanese dishes because they taste amazing. The first thing we loved was the curry here. It was incredibly delicious, especially when eaten with salmon meatballs. The side dishes were also amazing, just like a typical Japanese breakfast. If you’re hungry, come and try it because it’s more worth it than buying from a convenience store in the morning.

Moreover, the hotel also offers local specialties such as Beppu and Oita-style tempura-chicken Toriten, which you can dip in a delicious yuzu Ponzu sauce. The taste is slightly sour with a hint of umami and a touch of sweetness. It blends together perfectly. Or you can have a hot bowl of seaweed soup with a comforting cup of green tea. A great pairing for a cold winter day. And if you don’t feel like having green tea, they also have a variety of drinks to choose from. Anyone who stays at this hotel will definitely feel full and ready for the awesome trip ahead.

☀️ Breakfast time : Monday-Saturday 6:30 – 8:30 | Sunday and public holidays 6:30 – 9:00


Affordable price. Beyond a nice impression

For the first impression, we have to give it to this hotel for being extremely convenient. It is located near Beppu Station, as mentioned before. Along the way, you will come across shops and pedestrian streets, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the atmosphere. Personally, for those looking for a good 3-star hotel in the center of Beppu, close to tourist attractions or convenience stores like Lawson 108, where you can buy food 24 hours a day, this hotel is a perfect fit. Not to mention, the rooms have Wi-Fi and there is a convenient elevator. If you have a private car, you can park it at the back of the hotel. They even offer massage and spa services as well, a complete package, if we have to say!

This place is much more beautiful than what we initially saw. As it is normal for a hotel, we had no idea what was inside the hotel until we stayed there. But once we entered this cozy abode, we were beyond impressed. It feels like they really care and treat the guests like family. For those planning a trip to Beppu, we highly recommend this as a great option. Plus, the price of the hotel is not as expensive as we thought. If you’re interested, you can also book through Agoda as they have promotions all the time. Check the hotel out on their website or book directly with the hotel for more details.

Contact information :
FB : @SUPER HOTEL_global【official】
IG : @superhotel_global
Web : Super Hotel Beppu Ekimae