Whoever has plans to go to Japan, don’t miss out on Kumamoto Prefecture. It’s one of the most charming provinces well-known for its super-cute black bear mascot, Kumamon. It’s also home to interesting attractions like Kumamoto Castle, which derives its name from the word “bear.” It is an ancient castle with a history of several years, and I must say it is incredibly beautiful. It’s undoubtedly an impressive place for many people.

Of course, if you have plans to visit here, there are plenty of hotels in the area. However, the Lifesara team had the opportunity to stay at a hotel called Mitsui Garden Hotel Kumamoto, and we will repeat it again until your ears go deaf: This place is SUPER cute! Kumamon is EVERYWHERE, and if you are a Kumamon fan, this place is guaranteed to fulfill your dreams! That’s all for the teaser! If you want to see more, read on!


Great location, close to other tourist hotspots.

The first great impression that really pleases us is that this hotel is conveniently located near the tourist attractions. It’s so close to Kumamoto Castle that a short walk can get you there so you don’t have to worry about walking far. Along the way, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the city. This area is filled with charming buildings and various shopping malls like Sunroad. But even with all that, the views are still beautiful. It’s very convenient for those who want to explore the city center.

For those who have a private car, the hotel also provides parking. However, be careful if your car is tall because you might have to park at a coin parking lot or go to a mall where they have a contract with the hotel and walk the added distance. It’s about 1,100 yen per night walk from Pasuto 24 Karashima Koen parking lot, which is available from 15:00 to 11:00 the next day.

📌 Location : Pasuto 24 Karashima Koen Parking Lot
2-1 Karashimacho, Chuo Ward, Kumamoto, 860-0804, Japan


Varied room style, but the best is Kumamon!

The hotel offers two types of rooms: regular rooms and Kumamon rooms. Guests can choose which type of room they prefer when making their initial reservation.


The rooms come in both twin and single bed configurations, suitable for regular guests who are not interested in Kumamon.

As for the Kumamon rooms, they are only available in twin or triple bed configurations. There are no Kumamon rooms with double or queen-sized beds.

For girls or those who appreciate cuteness and special touches, it is recommended to choose the Kumamon rooms. These rooms are not only larger than regular rooms but also have spacious bathrooms. From the moment you step inside, you will be delighted by the adorable Kumamon-themed decorations and struggle to contain your inner-fangirl.

Inside the Kumamon rooms, everything is adorned with Kumamon designs, including glasses, bed linens, and decorative items. It truly makes you feel like you have truly reached Kumamoto. We really appreciate that the hotel has put a lot of effort into creating a unique theme for these rooms.

What we particularly liked is that the hotel provides complimentary Kumamon souvenirs that you can take home. These include files and postcards featuring Kumamon. The number of sets you receive will depend on the length of your stay.


Unparalleled facilities, memorable services

It is given that the hotel’s services and amenities are on par with any other hotel. Inside the rooms, they provide LAN internet connection and charging cables, showing their attention to detail. If you forget your charger or need additional charging options, you can relax and charge your devices without any worries.

Moreover, they also have a washing machine that doubles as a dryer. Every need is accounted for so you don’t have to tire yourself out with a manual wash. The washing machine is located on the 3rd floor, so you can do your laundry easily. While waiting, you can even go to the vending machines to buy snacks or drinks.


For those who are tired and in need of a massage, you don’t have to go far. The hotel offers in-room massage services for 40 minutes at a cost of 4,000 yen.

Inside the room, there are many other convenient amenities such as air conditioning, a humidifier, a temperature gauge, and even a sewing kit. It’s incredibly comfortable and convenient.


Top-notch breakfast, even night owls can’t resist

One highlight that you definitely shouldn’t miss is the breakfast. The taste will get your taste buds all excited and wanting for more whether you go for Japanese or International cuisine. But when it comes to Japanese food, it’s a whole different level of taste. They even have made-to-order sushi on the menu. They serve both savory and sweet dishes, and it’s incredibly enjoyable.

The dishes we have tried include curry, sautéed beef slices, sweet eggs, and various side dishes. They also provide rice seasoning powder. Everything is incredibly tasty. Moreover, they have special dishes that change daily, such as Champon and hot soba. And let’s not forget about the desserts, especially the caramel cake. It’s incredibly delicious, perfectly sweet, moist, and flavorful. We highly recommend trying the breakfast because it’s really tasty and your taste bud will thank you for it.

📌 Location : 2nd floor | Operating hours: 06:30 – 10:00 (last entry at 09:30)

mitsui garden hotel kumamoto-ที่พักญี่ปุ่น-โรงแรมญี่ปุ่น-เที่ยวญี่ปุ่นด้วยตัวเอง

Another trip to Kumamoto is definitely warranted. Delicious food, superb accommodation and friendly staff. The place really won us over! If you are visiting the city of Kumamon the black bear then don’t miss this hotel as it’s super cute and very close to other attractions.


📌 Contact Information
FB : 三井ガーデンホテルズ / Mitsui Garden Hotels
IG : mitsuigardenhotels
Web : Mitsui Garden Hotel Kumamoto