Ran outta idea for where to go? The mall got boring? The museum loses its allure too? If that’s the case then raise your hands 👐🏻Everyone, have you ever wanted to travel with friends, take your significant other on a date? But you already explored every corner of the Siam area. But you still want to spend time together with loved ones or yourself. How about attending a workshop for once, you’ll be impressed! 💕
Workshops have a lot to offer, from artistic activities like painting, drawing, creating mobile phone cases, to exploring other areas like tea tasting and mental wellness. Besides taking your artwork home, you also get to have a great time👀 It’s truly wonderful.
Today, LifeSara has gathered together 11 interesting and worthwhile workshops in Bangkok! Moreover, they are conveniently located, so you don’t have to travel far~ And here’s a secret: many of these places offer more than three activities!! It’s like having everything in one place! Since we’ve teased you this much, shall we go and see what places are included?


Let’s start with the first workshop in Bangkok! If you love art or modeling, you must come here. Thaymhee! It’s a place that will awaken the artist within you ✨ Thaymhee is a workshop activity where you can “pour” beautiful colors on a teddy bear before it becomes a unique piece in our world. We can also arrange the poses of the teddy bear or decorate it with glitter to add more charm as well!

You can take it as a gift or keep it as your own artwork. And for those who are worried about getting dirty, don’t worry because they provide stain-resistant fabric and all the necessary equipment for you and your friends to create. Moreover, this activity is suitable for children, grandchildren, friends, or even parents. It’s suitable for all genders and ages! It’s a great way to spend leisure time together.

Besides, there are other activities to choose from, such as decorating cake faces, drawing canvas, and the shop constantly offers various other activities to follow. You can also take beautiful photos in the lovely café. If you don’t know where to go on your day off, you must come here 👐🏻


Price : Starts at 200 Baht
Opening hours : Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays only: 10:00 to 20:00 (Reservation in advance is required)
Location : 428/1 Soi Sukhumvit 93, Bang Chak Subdistrict, Phra Khanong District, Bangkok 10260
FB : Thaymhee



Let’s look at GIGIPAYNE, which can be called the ultimate workshop hub in Bangkok for activity enthusiasts! Here, you can find daily workshops of various kinds, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether it’s fabric bag embroidery, tie fabric-dyeing, weaving, pottery, or even eco-printing, they have it all! Not only can you come here for fun, but you can also turn these activities into a profession ✨

The atmosphere at GIGIPAYNE is laid-back, just like hanging out and playing with friends. There are instructors with a friendly approach available at all times. For those interested, it’s recommended to check their page in advance because their activities are constantly changing. If you’ve read this far and are interested, you can contac GIGIPAYNE through their Facebook page 💕


Price : Starts at 650 Baht
Opening hours : 9:00 to 17:00
Location : 1034, 8 Rama IV Road, Thung Maha Mek Subdistrict, Sathorn District, Bangkok 10120


Just a pour boy

Introducing Just a pour boy, an art workshop that will take everyone on a journey of self-expression and the beauty of colors. Even if you don’t have any artistic background, you can still participate and have fun! 💕 Here, they offer two activities that will ignite your creativity. First, you’ll get to familiarize yourself with colors and explore their flow. Then, you’ll create beautiful artwork based on your own imagination. Don’t worry about your artwork not turning out well or finding it too challenging because there will be experienced staff available to assist you throughout the process.

It’s incredibly easy, to the point where even if you pour and mix the colors randomly, the outcome will still be beautiful. That’s the charm of Fluid Art, a form of Abstract Art. Even professional artists cannot precisely control the lines like in other art forms. Just a pour boy provides all the necessary equipment, including gloves and stain-resistant fabric. The only thing you need to bring is yourself!

Now, let’s say you’ve finished your artwork and you’re looking for something to eat. Well, you’re in luck because Just a pour boy is located within Bark Bangkok, a cozy Korean-style café that has it all. You’ll find picturesque corners for taking beautiful photos, delicious drinks, and tasty food, all in one place! ✨


Price : Fixed price at 1,450 Baht
Opening hours : 10:00 to 17:00
Location : 8, 3 Sukhumvit 49 Road, Khlong Tan Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
FB : Just a pour boy



Wnd.teabar is a premium-grade organic tea café that will surely please tea enthusiasts. But does everyone know how tea is made? Well, it’s actually a fortunate accident. A long time ago, a certain emperor wanted to have a picnic, but by chance, a leaf fell into his cup of water. From that ordinary water, something extraordinary emerged, and that’s how tea came to be! ✨

Aside from being a café where people can come to relax and enjoy tea, they also have beautiful photo spots for us to check-in. And most importantly, they now offer a Tea Blending Workshop. In this workshop, they teach us how to analyze tea using a taste wheel and provide a variety of herbs for blending nearly 20 types of tea. We can even take home our own blend of tea! The best part is, even those without any background knowledge can join and learn because the staff are friendly and the learning process is fun. Plus, the tea they serve is delicious, unique, and unlike any other. For those who want to take the recipes and open their own tea shop, they can definitely do so. 👀

If you’re interested, you can find more details on their Facebook page,Wnd.teabar It’s worth mentioning that the tea they offer at the workshop varies each month. So, tea enthusiasts, don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!


Price : Starting at 990 Baht
Opening hours : 10:00 to 18:00, closed every Thursday
Locations : 45/4 Sukhumvit 3 Alley, Khlong Toei Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
FB : Wnd.teabar


ThaiHand Massage

Who is experiencing back pain, body aches, or feeling discomfort from the so-called office syndrome? No matter how much exercise you do, the pain just won’t go away too? Then you should come here! ThaiHand Massage is a workshop that will take everyone into the world of traditional Thai massage, taught by experienced professionals with over 20 years of experience!

In the class, they will explain the theory behind Thai massage and how it differs from other massage techniques. Besides theoretical knowledge, everyone who comes here will get to practice real massage techniques. They will guide you on which areas to massage to relieve pain and how to reduce pressure on your hands. What’s great is that they also teach us self-massage techniques to help alleviate pain. You can even do it at home! ✨

For those who want to take their knowledge to a professional level or simply want to give massages to their loved ones at home, this place is perfect. Not only do they teach manual massage techniques, but they also teach how to make herbal compress balls from start to finish. They also explain the benefits of each ingredient so that we always understand what we’re using. Trust me, even those without any background knowledge can learn here, and it’s fun. Plus, the instructors are very kind and genuine. 💕


Price : 2,000 Baht per person Class sessions: 2 sessions per day | Session 1: 10:30 – 13:30 | Session 2: 15:00 -18:00
Special Offer ✨ Get [INFLUENCER NAME]
an instant 20% discount when you come as a couple, making it only 1,600 Baht per person for the first 50 customers!

Opening hours : 10:00 to 18:00 , closed every Thursday
Locations : G Floor, Am ChinaTown, 531 Charoen Krung Road, Pom Prap Sattru Phai Subdistrict, Pom Prap Sattru Phai District, Bangkok 10100
FB : ThaiHand Massage


Olive creative Laboratory

Olive Creative Laboratory is an art and craft lifestyle workshop that brings together various activities. They offer a wide range of activities that change every month, such as The Art of Tarot & Oracle, The Art of Sound Healing 101, and The Art of Cocktail 101, just to name a few. There are many more exciting activities to explore here! If you’re interested, be sure to follow their page to receive updates and information. 💕

On the day we visited, it was The Art of Sound Healing 101. It’s perfect for people who are tired from work or experiencing sleep problems. If you have trouble falling asleep, this is definitely worth a try! The staff here are all incredibly friendly and welcoming. They have someone waiting at the front of the store to greet and guide you in case you can’t find your way. Moreover, they provide helpful recommendations on how to prepare before attending the workshop, which is highly appreciated. The workshop itself includes both theory and practical sessions, allowing you to experience it firsthand. They explain the background and the step-by-step process, including tips on purchasing equipment and techniques you can use for self-healing at home!

In addition to the mentioned activities, there are many other exciting workshops available for you and your friends to explore. Olive Creative Laboratory is suitable for both teenagers and working professionals who are looking to try something new. They truly have everything you’re looking for. ✨


Price : Depends on the selected course
Operating hours : Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Location : 10 Ekamai Road, Khlong Tan Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
FB : Olive creative Laboratory


Taiban cafe

Taiban Cafe is a cozy and warm-style cafe located in the Hua Lamphong area. If you’re unsure where to go on your day off and in need of a relaxing place to unwind, Taiban Cafe might be the answer for you! The atmosphere here is delightful, serene, and perfect for capturing beautiful photos. And most importantly, the food is delicious! Every menu item is worth trying. ✨

Besides being a cafe, they also host various workshops for everyone to enjoy during their free time. The workshops cover a wide range of activities such as painting phone cases and Griptoks, knitting bags, evening yoga, making accessories from tassels, tie-dyeing fabrics, and much more. It’s worth mentioning that they have workshops almost every day throughout the month!

Today, we attended the phone case painting workshop, and we’re proud to say that we created a unique case that truly reflects our personality. We had a great time using colors and decorating with flowers and dried leaves. During the workshop, they also provided us with a drink each, which added to the enjoyment. Sipping on our drinks while designing was a fantastic experience. Anyone can come here and design their own phone case, making it truly their own.

In addition to these activities, they also offer painting sessions. It’s perfect for those who may not have much time for big activities but still want to create their own artwork. You can use your artwork for personal use or even give it as a gift to friends or loved ones. Trust me, it’s a wonderful gift idea! 💕


Price : Starts at 300 Baht
Operating Hours : Every day from 08:00 to 19:30 (Last order at 19:00 , painting available until 21:00)
Location : 476/5 Rama IV Road, Rong Muang Subdistrict, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330
FB : Taiban cafe


The paint story

The Paint Story is a small studio located within the Better Moon Guesthouse&cafe x Refill Station. They offer Acrylic painting workshops for everyone to enjoy. The workshops are conducted by friendly instructors who make the experience fun and engaging. They provide guidance on various techniques, so even if you have no prior experience, you can still join in! However, it’s worth mentioning that the studio is relatively small, so it’s recommended to make a reservation in advance. Regardless of who attends the workshop, everyone gets to take their artwork home easily in a paper bag. Plus, they also receive a complimentary drink each! ✨

After completing the workshop, you can head downstairs and relax, enjoying drinks and food from the Better Moon Guesthouse&cafe x Refill Station. The bakery items are homemade and incredibly delicious. Trust us, you’ll be thoroughly delighted. The cafe itself has various beautiful corners for taking photos. If you want to capture some pictures before leaving or if you need to continue working, you’ll find a comfortable space. Once you visit here on your day off, it’s hard not to fall in love. 💕


Price : Starts at 550 Baht
Operating Hours : 11:00 to 20:00
Location : Soi Sukhumvit 77/1, Phra Khanong Nuea Subdistrict, Watthana District, Bangkok 10110
IG : The paint story


Soul Salt river city

Soul Salt River City is a gallery and paint bar located in the Charoenkrung Art Space that everyone wants to visit. ✨ The highlight of this place is that it brings the beach vibes right into the shop! When you don’t feel like going far on your day off, you can simply drop by here. It’s conveniently located near both the MRT and BTS, and the atmosphere is fantastic, like escaping from the real world.

At Soul Salt River City, they offer workshops where everyone can paint the river view of Chao Phraya. Alternatively, if you feel like the weather is too hot, you can paint inside the shop as well. Don’t worry if you have no experience; you can join without any concerns because there are guides available to assist you throughout. I heard a little secret that the shop also offers special sunset painting workshops as well! 🌇 In the set, you’ll have canvases, pastries, and wine. Isn’t it a perfect time to invite your partner for a date? 👀

Apart from the view and workshops, there are plenty of drinks available, such as Coffee Mojito, Nutella Coffee, and many more. Once you’re done with your workshop, you can indulge in the atmosphere while enjoying the sunset view. Trust me, it’s incredibly delightful! Don’t miss out on this amazing experience. Come and enjoy the bliss together! 💕


Price : Starts at 990 Baht
Operating Hours : 11:00 to 20:00
Location : Soi Charoenkrung 24, Talat Noi Subdistrict, Samphanthawong District, Bangkok 10100
FB : Soul Salt river city


A clay ceramic

A Clay Ceramic is a cozy and warm cafe that’s perfect for a relaxing day off. You can come here and enjoy a wide selection of pastries and beverages. The highlight of this cafe is that they have various handmade ceramic decorations and pottery. Yes, everything here is made by themselves! 👀✨

This place focuses on workshops that revolve around clay. You can mold, paint, or sculpt clay into various forms like glasses, plates, bowls, and more. They have instructors who will guide and advise you on the types of clay, molding techniques, and tips to make your artwork more complete. The instructors are very patient and take their time to teach you. They even mold their own work alongside us, so if you’re worried about going alone and feeling lonely, don’t be. When you’re finished, you can keep your creation for yourself or give it as a gift.

For those who want to make gifts for friends or partners, you might need to hurry a bit because they only have one kiln. So, once you finish molding, you’ll have to wait for approximately 2-4 weeks for the firing process. You can either pick it up at the shop or have it delivered to your home. It’s very convenient! 💕 Each course differs in terms of clay size, colors used, and the time required for molding. A little secret, we recommend contacting their Facebook page 1-2 days in advance to let them prepare the materials for you. Plus, they currently have a promotion of free registered mail when you post the finished artwork on your Instagram story! 🙌


Price : Starts at 150 Baht
Operating Hours : 10:00 to 17:30 (Closed every Thursday)
Location : 50 Soi Sathorn 8, Silom Subdistrict, Bang Rak District, Bangkok 10500
FB : A clay ceramic


Khlong Bang Luang Artist House

Artist House Bangkok, located in Klongluang, is an old residence that has been transformed into a gallery. It is over a hundred years old and showcases artworks created by local artists, including photographs and even puppet theaters. It’s definitely not your ordinary gallery. The house is situated right by the canal, where the locals live their everyday lives. The atmosphere is incredibly serene, and sometimes you can even see locals passing by on boats in front of you. 💕

Aside from being a gallery, Artist House Bangkok also offers a wide variety of workshops. You can paint models, create chalk art on calendars, or make jewelry. If you’re an art enthusiast, you shouldn’t miss this place! It’s perfect for inviting your parents to relax or inviting friends to come and draw. It’s suitable for all ages and genders. Plus, they also serve delicious beverages here. 👀✨


Operating Hours : 10:00 to 18:00
Location : 309 Soi Phetkasem 28, Khwaeng Khuha Sawan, Khet Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160
FB : บ้านศิลปิน คลองบางหลวง Artist House Bangkok