Has your house started to not feel like a home, especially when all day you just lie around and refresh Instagram and TikTok feeds. Let us tell you this: a dog would be a great addition to your household. What’s more, we’ve got you covered! We have here a compilation of twelve popular, cute, and bright dog breeds as of the year 2023. These pups will make any long trip back to the house worthwhile.
And worry not if you are still clueless about which canine breed to get, because LifeSara will be taking you through a list of cute breeds as well as considerations before getting them. Also included are five breeding farms that won’t disappoint you. Without further ado, let’s get started~

Goldendoodle (Axotic cafe & Farm)

Let’s start our furry journeythe Goldendoodle, a dog breed withan adorably curly coat like that of a doll.The Goldendoodle combines the geneticsof the Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle, hence their increasing popularity.Apart from irresistible cuteness,this dog breed often exhibits friendliness and kind temperament.If you are looking for an intelligent dog, the Goldendoodle will make a perfect company. They rarely shred as the fur is long and curly,making them an allergy-friendly choice.

📌 Things to consider before getting theGoldendoodle
  • Considering long, thick, and curly hair (highly tangling-prone), extra coat care is recommended. Otherwise, they might develop skin infections, especially if you leave their coat moist. Regular hairbrushing is also a must to ensure hygiene.
  • You may need to spare some spacegiven their athleticism. Always introduce any kind of physical activity to boost health and well-being.
  • The Goldendoodle lovesinteractions and is highly affectionate, so make sure you really have timeto take the best care of them.
  • Weight management is also a requirement: take notice of proper diet. This will help ensure good physiqueand minimize risk of developing health problems like hip dysplasia, a genetic orthopedic disease prevalent among this canine breed.
  • They love socializing, thus might not makea perfect watchdog.

📌 Where to get the Goldendoodle
In need of a daily four-legged pick-me-up?Come visit Axotic Caf. This is the first and only Goldendoodle farm in Thailand that imports parent dogs from the USA.Rest assured, your 100% purebred companion has received the best ever care since day one.

📌 Why Axotic Cafe & Farm
Axotic cafe & Farm is located in Lad Prao area and one of Thailand’s biggest Goldendoodle breeding arms given their tremendous popularity.The farm also imports parent canine from overseas as this breed is well-recognized worldwide. That’s why Axotic cafe & Farm is currently in possession of the biggest family of Goldendoodles.

Another thing that will giveyou a peace of mind is that all of their breeds are fullyvaccinated—healthiness guaranteed!The farm is underthe supervision of a teamof professionals and prestigious pet hospitals.It’s safe to say they provide a one-stop service,from consultation,relocation, to14-day after-sales warranty upon purchase.If you are in a quest for the perfect Goldendoodle,Axotic Cafe & Farm is another spot worth dropping by.


📌 Contact
Tel : 094-568-5885
FB : Axotic Cafe
Line : @Axoticfarm

Chihuahua (Have A Pet Day Farm)

Moving to the Chihuahua,a breed small in size but huge in personality.Not only is this canine perfect for carrying,they are also intelligent, adaptable, and get along well with both hoomansand other dogs.They might seem easily frightened,but they are famously known for their feistyness towards both smaller and bigger breeds.The Chihuahua makes a loyal companion,as they literally follow youeverywhere.

📌 Things to consider before getting the Chihuahua

  • If your Chihuahua is to be kept indoor, make sure you have spacious space given their agility. Leave no door open
  • as their compactnessadds to a highrisk towandering off.
  • They dislike cold weather, which can also lead to health problems.
  • Extra caution should be takenif they can access high places, as jumping/falling might result in chronic bone and joint pain. Regular health checks are also recommended.

📌 Where to get the Chihuahua
Anyone looking to get a breedwith a big heart is encouraged to visit Have A Pet Day Farm.Established with the notionthat hoomans and animals have lasting,unconditional love for one another,this breeding farm is packedwith intense love for the Chihuahua.You sure will get to make acquaintance of the Chihuahuaevery time you visit this farm.

📌 Why Have A Pet Day Farm
Situated in Prawet area,Have A Pet Day Farm is a Chihuahua farm that seeks pedigreebreeds frommany countries.The farm takes ultimate care of food to ensurecustomers go home with the healthiest,cutest dog possible.

Have A Pet Day also providesconsultation for both potential and proud owners from the very beginning.Offering a standardhealth warranty,rest assured yourfur friend isin their bestshape.


📍Location : 45/104 Chuanchuen Village, Soi Phatthanakan 57, Khwaeng Prawet, Prawet, Bangkok 10250

📌 Contacts
FB :
Axotic cafe
TikTok : have.a.pet.day.farm
Tel : 091-141-4628 (K.Garfield)
Line official : @456bxdgx


Maltipoo (Dogsworld Farm)

Known for their adorable appearance,the Maltipoo could be a perfect choiceif you are looking for a dog with famously small stature.The Maltipoo exhibits the best qualitiesof the Maltese and Poodle like curly hair,miniature body,with great temperament, intelligence, and friendliness.Their love for affection and attentionmake them an ideal breed for companionship.

📌 Thing to consider before getting the Maltipoo

  • Given their small stature, types of sports for their relatively less energy are not running, but rather swimming,jogging,and fetching.
  • Infrequent shreddingmeans more frequent hairbrushing.
  • Indoor care is highlyrecommended to ensure safety.
  • Their rarely shredded coat ishypoallergenic.

📌 Where to get theMaltipoo
Come visit DogsWorld if you aregetting the Maltipoo. With more than 20 years of experience, this breeding farm imports their offerings straight from Korea. That’s why DogsWorld can arrange a perfect breeding process, from labor, to puppy care. It’s like visiting a Korea-based farm!

📌 Why Dogsworld
DogsWorld imports the Maltipoo directly from Koreaand sells them at a reasonable price.In addition, you will get valuable advice from the very first consulting session to after relocation.

The farm offers100% one week guarantee upon purchase,in case the puppy finds the adjustment way too demanding.Anyone on a hunt for this delightful hybrid breed straight from Korea is encouraged to schedulea visit to DogsWorld and seek advice from theirThai- and Korean-speakingstaff.


📍Location : 🇰🇷 아이러브독 강아지 수원점 : 네이버 출처 : 네이버 플레이스


Pomeranian (Minso Pom Farm)

How can we not talk about this home and condominiumstaple like the Pomeranian.Known for their toy size, this dog breed possessesa sweet face and long coat.The Pomeranian is highly affectionate and friendly towards humans,yet could be too curious and headstrong. They wouldn’t trade anything for their hoomans, making the opposite also true about strangers.The Pomeranian might bark like their life depends on it, if they feel like there’s danger approaching. That’s why they would do so for their beloved like you!

📌 Things to consider before getting the Pomeranian

  • This portable breed always finds interest in everything; ่ take them out to socialize with both humans andother dogs.
  • Regular hairbrushing and grooming are advisable due อto their long coat. Both will help prevent tangles, which lead to great discomfort.
  • Indoor care, at room temperature, for sure, given their small size and distrust of strangers.
  • If you want your Pomeranian trained,you have got to teach them young.

📌 Where to getthe Pomeranian
If you want to have a Pomeraniannearby every time you feel like cuddling them, Minso Pomcould be a perfect place. This breeding farm imports purebred champion parents from Korea,so rest assured that your four-leggedfriend is no inferiorto those bredin Korea.

📌 Why Minso Pom
Established over 14 years ago,Minso Pom has a pedigree certificatefrom the Kennel Association of Thailand.They work in cooperation with both veterinarians and professionalpractitioners to ensure the authenticity of their breeds.The farm also provides vaccination, microchip implants, and health checks from their own team of veterinarians to give you ultimate peace of mind before delivery.Minso Pom offers both domestic and international shipping as well as consulting servicespre- and post-purchase.If you are on a questfor a canine companionwith a compact size and distinctive coat,add a Pomeranianto yourwishlist.


📍Location : Dog’s Paw Velo (Talingchan) Bangkok
📌 Contact :
Tel : 065-562-6249
Line Official: @minsopom (มี@)
FB: minso pom korea puppy’s

French Bulldog (Baby French Bulldog Thailand Farm)

Moving to another breedthat can make you find aggressive squeezing irresistible,like the French Bulldog. Combining traits from both the English Bulldog and Boston Terrier,this dog breed is characterized by distinctive facial structure and‘bat’ ears as well as flat and short yet soft coat.Despite soft loose skin forming wrinkles around their face,the Frenchies own amuscular build with little to no health problems. This breed makes a pleasant, easygoing companion who is also loyal to big and small hoomans.

📌 Things to consider before getting the French Bulldog

  • The French Bulldog is an attention seeker, so make sure to stay close and give them just that.
  • Start training them young to ensure effectiveness.
  • Suitable for both indoorindoor and outdoor care because they rarely bark, but when they do, they do it quietly.
  • Straight-pointed ears and short tails make regularhealth checks a must. The Frenchies are prone to certain health issuesin connection with respiratory system, cardiovascular system, as well as obesity.
  • One of their biggest enemies is heat,so make sure the surrounding temperature is always optimal to prevent heatstroke. Another thing you cannot overlook is water consumptionso as to prevent allergies and constipation.

📌 Where to getthe French Bulldog
Baby French BulldogThailand won’t disappoint if you are getting a purebred Frenchy.This farm is one of Thailand’s top French Bulldog breeders,with a wide selection of offerings in terms of coats,from merle to rarer patterns.The farm guarantees every one of their Frenchiesis healthy and premium-quality with 100% purebred status.

📌 Why Baby French Bulldog Thailand
Baby French Bulldog Thailandis a Thai French Bulldog breeder importing purebred parentsfrom the USA. A team of veterinarians from Thonglor Pet Hospitaltakes care of their Frenchies, both ancestors and offspring,to ensure the health of the dogand your ultimate peaceof mind.

With extensive experience in breeding,your kennel friend will possess a distinctive body andremarkable traits according to the breeder’s intention.What’s more, if you are interested in canine breeding,Baby French Bulldog also sells semenof imported parents—drop by for consultation!We highly encourageanyone looking for aFrenchy pup with a rare coat patternto comehere.


📌 Contact
For English & French 098-067-8730 (สำหรับลูกค้าต่างประเทศ)
Tel 082-982-9282 (สำหรับลูกค้าคนไทย)
FB : baby french bulldog thailand
Line oa : @babyfrenchbulldog
IG : baby_french_thailand (ig หลัก)
IG : babyfrenchbulldogthailand (ig สำรอง)

Akita Inu (Japanese Akita Inu)

If you prefer a Japanese breed, the Akita Inu will make an ideal candidate.. But let us first set the record straight, the name ‘Akita’ is similar to that of a city in Japanand ‘Inu’ means dog in Japanese.Combined together, ‘Akita Inu’ refers to a dog breed originating from Akita.

Some might mistake the Akita Inu for Shiba Inu due to their shared traits. The Akita is slightly heavier, bigger, and stronger, making the Shiba look miniature compared to them.With a relatively silly face inclined forward, the Akitais are famous for their loyalty and dignity.We guarantee you will be a proud owner in no time!

📌 Things to consider before getting the Akita Inu

  • The Akita Inu is full of energy, so make sure your house has a spacious yard for them to wander around.
  • Always have a fan or A/C turned on, but bathe them once a month as the Akita Inu prefers self-cleaning.
  • Prone to weight gain, this kennel breed literally eats to live,่not the other way around. You can feed them a normal portion of large breed dog foodsenriched with protein and vitamins 1-2 times a day.


With a coat as white as snow,no one would find the Samoyed resistible.The Samoyed makes a good humancompanion given their charm,intelligence, and ease of care.They often do things in their own unique way,yet fancy affection and attention.This dog breed is giant in size but gentle and childish at heart.Anyone wanting a full, lengthy hug is encouraged to get a Samoyed.Plus, they are among Thais’ most wanted breeds!

📌 Things to consider before gettingthe Samoyed

  • Given their agility, the Samoyed prefer a house with a lot of space. A condo or apartment-living resident might have to passon this canine companion.
  • Their hefty, double-layer coats are easily tangled; regular hairbrushing and cleaning are recommended.
  • The Samoyed is famously energeticand loyal; they could turn destructive upon indifference.
  • Regular health checks are a requirement because they tend to develop kidney problems, diabetes, and hip dysplasia, which might escalate to arthritis.

Corgi (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)

Don’t underestimate this breed with adorably short legsOriginated from Wales, England,two officially recognized Corgi breeds are the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (more popular)and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.The reason Corgis have gainedrecognition were mainly because four of them were the late Queen Elizabeth II’’s pets.
Corgis were once known to be herding dogs,trained to gather and protect cattle, sheep, miniature horses, and other types of livestock. Being a short-legged breed,Corgis are blessed with a wonderful ability to avoid kicks. This kennel companion continues to gain attentionamong Thais due to their fox-like facial features,short tail, cheerfulness, athleticism, andcourage.

Things to consider before getting the Corgi
  • Corgis take leadership very seriously, so you might find yourself in a weakerเ position and eventually indulge them.
  • They aren’t cut out to be toddler companions becauselittle hoomans are regarded as toys, which constitutes a hidden danger!
  • This breed does not EVER want to be left out. They can be destructive and chew furniture when bored after separation anxiety kicks in.
  • Corgis are prone to hip dysplasia,which can be diagnosed at an early age,but regular physical activities can reduce escalation in the severity.


With a dignified look that exudes royalty,Borzois were widely used as hunting dogs.This noble canine stands out among other breeds of dogs given their long legs and coats;however, the Borzoi is good-tempered, quick learners/runners,hence a proud member of the hound group.Despite being rather hard to train as well as sometimes highly independent andstubborn,Borzois are perfect for agilityand obedience competitions.

📌 Things to consider before gettingthe Borzoi

  • Dedicate one room in your house to them,as Borzois love to have a personal space,especially during sleeporevenshortnaps.
  • With relatively longer coats compared to other breeds, regular hairbrushing is encouraged. Three to five times a week is enough—the decision lies in your hands!
  • Extra training is required if you live with children,as Borzois are born with hound genes and might consider anything smaller than them perfect for hunting.
  • Take prudent caution with what they eat,since Borzois develop digestion problems easily.Feed them nothing but a normal portion of food to prevent discomfort.


You wouldn’t miss a sausage dog like a Dachshundif you ever watched Toy Story. Despite their famously mini legs, the Dachshund has a long face and body. This hound-type dog breed possesses genetic traits of their ancestral badger dogs called‘Doxie’ in Germany. The Dachshund is characterized by their loyalty,even temperament, and brightness.They always try to keeptheir hoomans happy;however,they can be stubborn too!

📌 Things to consider before gettingthe Dachshund

  • A long body requires you to take extra caution while carrying them. This will help prevent injury.
  • Dachshunds love physical activities; take them out for a walk or create a space that they can wander around all on their own.
  • They are friendly toward children. Therefore, allow your kids to spend time with them to make sure they get along well with one another.
  • Unfortunately, Dachshunds tend to develop a number of health problems with skin, digestive system, ears, as well as joints and bones;a proper diet and monthly health check may alleviate the risk.

Bichon Frisé

Part of a small breed family,this irresistibly fluffy dog is popular among owners of high societies like well-off individuals,members of a royal family,and a great number of celebrities.Compared to other breeds with similar coats,the Bichon’s is not as curly.Their personality traits include tenderness,liveliness, and strongattachment to hoomans, hence a restless urgeto keep you content.Dignity cannot stop them from being adaptive!

Things to consider before getting the Bichon Frisé
  • Perfect for condominiums and apartments as a confined spacenever bothers them!
  • Despite the abovementioned considerations,owners are encouraged to take their Bichon out for a walk becausethey might switch to an evil mode and become destructive otherwise.
  • Their highly sensitive skinis made only for hypoallergenicshampoos.
  • Infrequent shredding implies the possibility of tangling; regular grooming is recommended.
  • The Bichon is incredibly energetic,so rememberto fulfill your partof the bargain.

Alaskan Malamute

Let’s end this fluffy journeywith a long-time counterpart of the Siberian Husky,วั like the Alaskan Malamute. Upon maturity, this kennel companion can be as tall as 64-71 centimeters. Even though this doesn’t apply to all the Malamutes, you will still be satisfied by their wolf-likeappearances. But rest assured,their hunting spirit has no effect on theirobedience orfriendliness. Would you believe that they were once part of the rescue and explosivedetection teams during the war?!! The earlier the training, the quicker they will

The earlier the training, the quicker they will develop brightness and lasting loyalty.Again, don’t let their wolfy traits fool you, because the Alaskan Malamute is in fact affectionate and playful. Nevertheless, they are not ideal for first-time owners given certain challenging attributes like aggressive digging and howling,together with strong hunting spirit especially with small animals such as squirrels,cats, or even smaller canine counterparts.It’s imperative you have them socialized and trainedfor desired skills (even fetching)at a young age, and maybe long after that.

Things to consider before getting the Alaskan Malamute
  • Alaskan Malamutes prefer cold environments; always have a fan or A/C turned on to ensure survivability amidstThailand’s scorching hot weather.
  • Regular cleaning and hairbrushing are a guaranteed confidence boosters, given their fondness for hygiene and splendid appearance.
  • Their intrusively adventurous spirit resultsin a strong appeal for smaller species like mice, snakes, and cats.
  • Teach them really young toguarantee unhesitating obedience.
  • The average life expectancy could be up to 15 years, making them one of the longest-living large dog breeds.
  • Frequent visits to the veterinarians are a must, given their likelihood of developing several health issues, for example, skin infections resultingin hair falls and cataracts affecting vision.
  • Ensure proper nutrition according to their age.