Did you know that one of the worst arguments every family can ever spit out against each other is at the funeral? With nasty salesman playing on the loved one’s anguish and coerced them toward worthless and expensive mortuary service, racking up the bill that the livings must pay for many years afterward.

It doesn’t have to happen to you! Whether you’re still young and healthy, or older and get weaker by the day, death is a certainty that you never know when will it arrive. So here is our first piece of advice: take this time while you are still alive and sane to plan out your funeral now!

Death is scary and painful, yes. But like a bandaid on your wound, it must come off someday. So pull it out now while your skin’s still healthy because if you leave it on it’ll rot eventually! And if you have children or grandchildren around, don’t hesitate! The sooner you start, the longer time everyone has to process the thought, and as you make planning your funeral a family activity, everyone gets to voice their concerns and fear where everyone can support each other. Not only is it good to remind your family that they’re living in a good time that will end, but your discussion about your death might also be a wake-up call to many people in your social circle needed to not take your presence for granted! After all, you might not be here anymore tomorrow!! What will they do then? And that is why you should take the time to plan out your funeral right now! When you walk away with death as equal, not running around like a headless chicken will do wonders to the psych of people you left behind!!

Secondly, have a clear image of what your funeral should look like!
From your funeral theme, and the mood, to the list of who’s allowed or not allowed into your event, you will have full control over how it should go only if you have written it all out while you still can!

Whether you want full traditional fare or a calm and happy remembrance meeting, you will not have to roll in your grave when the unwanted relatives come to make a mess before your casket if your guest list has been hammered out before the date!

3. Only the living can control the budget!
So if you don’t want your loved one or people you left behind to blow their savings on an extravaganza some shifty mortuary salesman would con them into, setting the boundary of how much you are willing to pay, and aside some funding for your funeral right away is the solution.

📌 If you want your body cremated in Thailand, these are the average cost the Buddhist temple would take for cremation:
– Small temple: 9,000-35,000 Baht
– Medium temple: 24,000-63,000 Baht
– Large or famous temple: 30,000–70,000 Baht onward

4. Work out all the detail beforehand.
There’s more to the funeral than just your dead body in an open casket, but there’ll also have your portrait, flower arrangement, giveaway keepsake gifts, cremation urns, or even where to scatter your ashes! If you want them all or none at all, you’ll need to make writing available to your people right now, because how else can you blast Despacito all the way to heaven? Dragging the speaker to your funeral by yourself? Perish the thought!

Whether you plan to rest your weary bones right here in the land of the smile or preferred to ship your dead body back to your homeland, Lifesara still got your back with 3 reputable Thai mortuary companies to respond to all your morbid needs! Pick and choose to your heart’s content! After all, you only died once! Gotta make the most out of it, are we right?


Suriya (Siam) Funeral

If you ever heard something about Thai mortuary stuff, Suriya is probably the first name you’ll ever hear about because this is the biggest, most famous mortuary company in Thailand!!

From coffin to casket of all sizes, to funeral packages of every religion, Suriya will have everything you need to make your dream funeral became true! Suriya staffs are both well-versed in all mortuary matters, and also calm and respectful of their customers both alive and dead, so no need to feel rushed!

For those who want to ship their body back home, the Suriya company under the name Siam Funeral also has all the resources to send the dead everywhere in the world, as long as that body has a legal right to be there, of course!

So if you want a high-quality company you can trust to treat your body right, let Suriya handles all your mortuary needs for you ✨

Line : @suriyacoffin2499
FB : สุริยาหีบศพ 2499
Web : สุริยาหีบศพ 2499
Tel : 091-945-4156 | 092-556-9956



Next up we got a mortuary company with more than 30 years of experience! This one-stop-service store can deliver a funeral of all sizes from a few thousand up to millions of Baht in every religious ceremony!

Because S.Burapha doesn’t only keep coffins in stock, but also every other tool and decoration in every aspect of the funeral, you can mix and match to your heart’s content! Whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist, atheist, or any other, you can get the funeral of your dream right here with S.Burapha!

Tel : 080-666-6566 | 02-946-8079
Line : @sburapa
FB : ส.บูรพา หีบศพ
IG : s.burapacasket
Web : s-burapa.com


Lao Tia Huad

If you’re of Chinese descent, this company is ready to fulfill your Chinese funeral obligations as they have been for more than 80 years! Whether you’re Taogeow, Hakka, or any other ethnic group, Lao Tia Huad had experience with all manners of Chinese funerals to deliver a funeral that is proper of your ancestor’s demand!

But that’s not all!! Because even if you’re not Chinese, or would rather have your funeral of a different flavor, Lao Tia Huad is also stocked full of Buddhist coffins, Christian caskets, refrigerated coffins, or even wholesale coffins for a donation! Lao Tia Huad’s coffin always comes with a warranty, too! Where else can you get a coffin with a warranty!?

📍 Location
1st Store: Rama IV – Chinatown
2nd Store: Don Muang – Songpraram

Tel : 0891466619 | Line
FB : เล้าเตี่ยฮวด หีบศพ – LTH Funeral
Web : เล้าเตี่ยฮวด