‘Eyelash extensions’ are like a magical way to enhance our facial charm. Nowadays, getting eyelash extensions has become a common practice for enhancing beauty among women in this era. Because if you observe closely, apart from hair extensions, lip blushing treatments, and various cosmetic surgeries, what do you often notice? It’s women with full, fluttering eyelashes. Sometimes, it’s hard to resist the temptation to follow the trend!

However, with the growing popularity of eyelash extensions, there are times when certain salons may not meet the standards or use subpar equipment and solutions, leading to unfortunate incidents like damaged lashes, eye irritation, or even severe injuries. This has raised concerns among many women.

But fear not; whether you’re a fan of classic lashes, Korean-style lashes, or simply looking for a reputable eyelash extension salon, this article is here to guide you. Today, LifeSara have updated our list of the top eyelash extension salons for 2023. So, if you want to look effortlessly beautiful and wake up with stunning lashes, read on to discover which salons you should try out.



Lalalash Bangkok

If you want to look stunning from the moment you wake up, you’ve got to check out the renowned eyelash extension salon, Lalalash Bangkok. It’s one of those places that eyelash enthusiasts OG absolutely love. They offer a comprehensive range of services, including eyelash extensions, waxing, lash lifts, or even brow lifts. But if you’re looking for that ultimate transformation, this place has you covered with various lash extension styles. Whether you prefer a sweet and natural look that appears almost real, a subtle and lightweight finish, or bold, voluminous lashes, they’ve got it all.


📌 Highlight

  • Tips and Tricks for 4 Eyelash Extension Styles
    • Classic Eyelash Extensions
    • Volume Eyelash Extensions
    • Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
    • The Latest Signature Style
  • The salon also provides free lower lash tinting and offers free lash refills within 7 days after your initial service!
  • Prices start at just 720 baht 💖
  • Conveniently located near BTS and MRT stations.


📍 Location
Ari, Asoke, Sathorn, Udomsuk, Ratchayothin, Rama IX, Muang Thong Thani, Ngam Wong Wan

📌 Reservation
Tel : 087-591-7777
IG : lalalash_bangkok


Lash Secret

Looking for those beautiful, bold eyelashes that will leave others gasping? Come to Lash Secret, one of the secret havens of all the influencers out there. Here, they have a unique studio atmosphere that the industry relies on. With their signature eyelash extension style, you’ll achieve a full and glamorous look that’s all your own. With extensive experience and numerous awards, they also offer eyelash extension training.

The salon proudly states that their students’ work speaks for itself. If any of you are interested in learning eyelash extensions, they have a “Master-level” training program. They have even produced champions in the Thai eyelash extension competition. The class schedule fills up quickly requiring 1 month advance booking, so you should definitely give it a try.



  • All products used are premium-grade imports.
  • They offer comprehensive eyelash extension courses with both theory and hands-on practice.
  • They only accept customers by appointment and do not accommodate walk-ins.”


📍 Location
– Ekkamai 22
– Silom Plaza 3rd Floor (200 Meters away from BTS Chong Nonsi)

📌 Reservation
IG : lashsecretbkk
Line : @lashsecret
Tel : 096-929-7926



Let’s continue at Allie, a premium eyelash extension salon in the Sathorn area that focuses on customer service and tailoring eyelash styles to suit each customer, whether it’s a natural look or a bold and dramatic one. They even offer an eyelash warranty service. Their service rooms are private, equipped with plush reclining chairs, ensuring comfort even for expectant mothers. If you want meticulously crafted eyelash extensions, this is the place to go. They also have a new branch in Thonglor.


📌 Highlight

  • The salon carefully selects premium-grade materials for all eyelash extensions. Whether it’s lightweight special lashes that nourish natural lashes or a safe, long-lasting adhesive formula, they have it all.
  • Allie’s special eyelash extension technique focuses on precision and comfort, with experienced technicians who excel in eyelash extensions, combing through individual strands to ensure that the lashes do not stick together.
  • They also offer eyelash lifting, with a variety of lotions to suit each customer’s lash condition and up to 8 different curl types to match every desired look. The selected lotions are gentle and nourishing, preventing lash damage.


📍 Location
– Branch 1 : The Marketplace Nanglinchee (Open AIr Zone) ชั้น 3
– Branch 2 : Marche Thonglor (Thonglor Soi 4) ชั้น 4

📌 Reservation
Line: @alliestudio
Tel: 096-152-4554
IG: alliestudio.th


Lash me tender

Now we’ve arrived at the popular Lash Me Tender, one of the salons known for delivering minimalistic style eyelash extensions with a lovely atmosphere. They prioritize quality while keeping the prices affordable. The salon offers a variety of eyelash styles, and it’s no wonder they have many loyal customers. Their friendly admins and skilled technicians make everyone feel right at home. Whether you want a feathery lash look or something more dramatic, you won’t be disappointed.


📌 Highlight

  • They use high-quality premium-grade adhesive and import eyelash lifting solutions from Japan.
  • They also provide other beauty services like eyelash lifting, eyebrow tinting, lip blush, and eyebrow lifting.
  • Prices start at just 690 Baht. 690.-
  • Conveniently located near the BTS.


📍 Location
Lash me tender all 4 branches
Silom Branch (Baan Silom, front of Soi Silom 19)
Ari Branch (Soi Phahon Yothin 8 Near BTS Ari)
Sukhumvit 26 Branch (WRU Project near Phrom Phong BTS )
Samyan Branch (Soi Chula 42) 600 meter from Samyan Mitr Town

📌 Reservation
Line : @lashmetender
IG: lashmetender.bkk
FB : lashmetender.bkk


Lash Boutique

If you want to achieve a Gigi Hadid-like look that makes everyone’s head spin, head over to Lash Boutique a renowned eyelash extension salon. They produce and use their own proprietary eyelashes and customize designs for each individual.

Furthermore, the salon continuously develops their eyelash materials to ensure they suit each person, emphasizing lightweight, soft, and comfortable lashes. With 10 years of experience, they guarantee that those who prefer lightweight, soft, non-water-absorbent, and naturally nourishing eyelashes will be delighted.



  • Entering their 10th year, the salon employs the latest technology for eyelash production, resulting in lightweight, special-textured lashes that are soft and non-water-absorbent.
  • They offer a wide variety of eyelashes, including various thicknesses, lengths, and curls, with over 5,000 styles to choose from.
  • The salon has won the Grand Prize in eyelash extension competitions held in Korea.
  • They customize eyelash designs to suit each individual’s eye shape.
  • They have an LB Academy for eyelash extension training and sell their own eyelash extension equipment.
    • Graduates of their courses receive internationally recognized certification.
  • Prices start at 1,000 Baht.


📍 Location
– Thonglor 13, Mega Bangna, Rama 4 (Suan Plern Market)

📌 Reservation
Tel : 095-539-2935
FB : Lash Boutique
IG : lashboutique_thailand
TIKTOK : lashboutique_thailand
Web : https://www.lashboutiquethailand.com/


Glamhouse Nail & Salon

Let’s move on to the salon where you can get eyelash extensions that are so bold but with none of the fake vibes, and that’s Glamhouse Nail & Salon in the Sennanikom area. They offer a complete range of beauty services for all the ladies out there. Whether it’s eyelash extensions, lip blush, eyebrow tinting, BB Glow, hairline tattooing, eyelid tattoos, cheek flushes, eyebrow shading, eyelash lifting, or eyebrows, they’ve got you covered. Whether you want to flaunt a sweet and innocent look or a sexy and alluring one, you can confidently get it done here. If you’ve ever been disappointed by other salons, fear not, as these experts are ready to take care of you and make sure you leave gasping at your new gorgeous look.


📌 Highlight

  • The salon uses high-quality imported equipment and certified adhesives.
  • They offer both natural lash-to-lash extensions and volume extensions.
  • For eyelash extensions, they have three styles available: Doll Eye, Cat Eye, and Natural.


📍 Location​​ : BTS Sennanikom

📌 Reservation
FB : Glamhouse_bkk
IG: glamhouse_bkk
Line: @glamhouse_bkk



Let’s head over to the Bangna area, ladies, and check out LashOur, a salon that comes with the concept of “Beauty, All-in-One Place.” Here, they excel in eyelash extensions with special techniques created uniquely by the salon itself. If you’re a fan of a natural, soft, and charming look, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this style. Plus, you’ll wake up looking Gorgeous with that K-pop look, ready to flaunt it on your trip.


📌 Hightlight

  • Emphasis on natural, soft, and charming eyelash styles using their “No adhesive gloop” technique.
  • They offer comprehensive beauty services, including eyelash extensions, simultaneous nail services, and additional options like eyelash and eyebrow lifts.


📍 Location : A111 The Coast Village, Bangna District, Bangkok 10260.

📌 Reservation
Line : @lashour
IG : lash.ours
Tel : 089-999-2633 | 085-156-3112
Web : https://lashour.business.site/
FB : Lash.Ours


Miki Beauty & More

Let’s end it with a small and exclusive place voted a hidden gem by all the fans out there, Miki Beauty & More. This salon specializes in meticulously detailed eyelash extensions, keeping up with all beauty trends. It’s a place that truly understands the needs and preferences of those who adore eyelash extensions. Whether you want eyelash extensions, eyelash lifting, or simply desired bold and charming eyes, this is the place to be. Plus, it’s a private haven! The level of beauty achieved here speaks for itself 💖


📌 Highlight

  • All products are imported from Japan. The salon offers four types of eyelash extensions, including:
    • Classic individual lash extensions (emphasizing a very natural look)
    • Volume extensions (beloved by sweet-loving individuals)
    • Hybrid extensions
    • Volume extensions


📍 Location : Pridi Panomyong 20/1 Alley.

📌 Reservation
Tel : 097-140-7490
IG : Miki_beautyandmore
FB: Miki beauty and more ต่อขนตาพระโขนง