Patience and beauty go hand in hand, but what if I want to just drop the patience part? Because nowadays, beauty can be created within a few hours, just like eyebrow tattooing! Of course, eyebrow tattooing is a common thing nowadays because it helps save time on eyebrow makeup, reduces the need for cleaning, and even boosts the confidence of people with sparse eyebrows. So, eyebrow tattooing is a great help for both men and women.
But before we go beautifying our eyebrows with tattooing, we must consider safety. First and foremost, check the portfolio of the artists and review it before making any reservations. So today LifeSara is sharing the location of beautiful eyebrow tattooing shops that are incredibly fascinating in 2023. Let’s see what shops there are. Stay tuned!


Advantages of eyebrow tattooing:

  • Boosts confidence : Natural-looking eyebrows enhance beauty and transform the facial appearance, giving you looks that make people go, Wow!
  • Time-saving in makeup application: Well-defined and clear eyebrows reduce the time spent on makeup, especially for those who find eyebrow drawing an existential crisis
  • Long-lasting results : Eyebrow tattooing is like a long-term investment. While it may gradually fade and naturally wear off in the future, some people can enjoy the results for 1-3 years or 6-12 months, depending on the experience and the durability of the ink used.

ZuperEgo Studios

Want to wake up with stunning eyebrows that will leave your partner wondering “when did I end up a supermodel”? You need to visit ZuperEgo Studios, the studio for eyebrow tattooing with blended dust-colored lines, located in the Don Muang area. With 10 years of experience, their eyebrow designs will surely make you want to come back for more. They are experts in creating eyebrow designs that perfectly match your face, giving you a natural look with none of those “fake” vibe. Plus, their tattoos are water-resistant right after the procedure, and you can leave without waiting. If you aren’t satisfied, it’s really easy to retrace their work on your own. And for those looking for an affordable option, don’t hesitate to make a reservation!


📍 Location Ozone One Don Muang
📌 Reservation
FB : ZuperEgo Studios
IG : ZuperEgo
Tiktok : ZuperEgo.Studios
Line : @zuperego
Tel : 097-392-6328


Let’s continue with another welcoming eyebrow studio, The Calla Studio, located near the WongWian Yai BTS station. This studio focuses on creating natural-looking, delicately thin eyebrow designs, avoiding excessive boldness. They use the world’s top-ranked European pigments that are organic and free from heavy metals, ensuring colors won’t fade into red, black, or green. The result is beautifully arranged, seamlessly natural-looking eyebrows. For those who want to enhance their facial features and fill in a missing part, this studio is your answer. And if you’re driving here, rest assured, there’s parking available.


📍 Location BTS WongWian Yai
📌 Reservation
FB :
IG :
Line :
Tel : 063-5691462



Let’s head to the eyebrow studio near the Kasetsart-Phaholyothin area, Ball Brows. They specialize in elevated natural-looking eyebrow designs, neither too bold nor overly arched. Utilizing microblading techniques, they achieve a light and natural texture. They also offer the trending hair stroke technique, THE design that’s highly favored among ladies. With this technique, not only do the colors blend seamlessly, but you can also customize the color to your preference. Once done, you can proudly show off your new brows right away. And the best part? They’re water-resistant, making them suitable for various activities. Besides eyebrow services, they also offer additional treatments such as lip tattooing and hairline microblading. For a complete beauty transformation, this is the place to go.


💖 Price and Promotion
Promotional eyebrow tattoo price starts from only 3,990 baht!


📍LocationKasetsart University-Phaholyothin area
📌 Reservation
FB : ballbrows
IG : ballbrows
Twitter : ballbrows
Tiktok : ballbrows
Tel : 064-520-0111



Let’s teleport to BnB.eyebrows, a charming studio with a cozy atmosphere that exudes a minimalist vibe. You’ll feel like you’re in a beauty-enhancing store in Korea. Here, they emphasize natural-looking eyebrow tattooing, following the beloved Korean style. They use techniques straight from Korea and even hold certifications from the Korean government.

It’s safe to say they help weave dreams of perfect, natural, and beautiful eyebrows. For those who want to wake up with impeccable brows, this is the place to be. Consultation is available to ensure your desires are met. Additionally, they offer eyelash extensions and Korean-style lip tattooing. Trust me, their lip tattooing service is quite renowned. Conveniently located near BTS Chidlom station, you can easily shop around after getting your brows done. If you’re driving, worry not – they have parking available. Don’t hesitate, make your reservation now!


📍Location Maneeya Center Building, Ploen Chit Road, Lumphini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330
📌 Reservation
FB : Bnb.eyebrows สักคิ้วปาก ตา ดูเป็นธรรมชาติ
IG : bnb.eyebrows_acadamy



Let’s continue with Browbar, an eyebrow studio located in the Ari area. If your eyebrows aren’t a masterpiece yet, the artists here won’t let you leave without making them perfect! The studio focuses on creating eyebrow shapes that suit your face and match your skin’s characteristics. Every stroke is meticulously detailed, resulting in stunning brows that others would envy. Moreover, they prioritize cleanliness and use organic products that receive global-level accreditation. Besides eyebrow services, they also offer lip tattooing, eyeliner tattooing, hairline tattooing, eyelash extensions, and nail services. For a complete beauty transformation, don’t hesitate to book an appointment. Don’t miss out!


📍LocationSai Lom Garden, Soi Phaholyothin 8, Sam Sen Nai, Phayathai, Bangkok
FB : Browbar สักคิ้ว ตา ปาก ต่อขนตา อารีย์
IG : Browbar.bkk
Line : @browbar.bkk
Tel : 083-470-9915


Crystalcrown Eyebrow by Abbie

For those who want lush, multidimensional, non-exaggerated eyebrows that make life easier, you need to visit the renowned beauty institution, Crystal Crown Eyebrow by Abbie. This eyebrow studio, located around the Chokchai 4 area, focuses on creating eyebrows using the Hair Stroke Fluffy technique, which results in natural, fluffy brows. They were among the first in Thailand to use micro-strokes as small as 0.30 mm, achieving sharp, detailed, and lifelike results.

With over 8 years of experience, an artistry level widely known throughout Asia, and numerous awards as a guarantee, the place won’t disappoint you with their unique tattoo lines. The waiting area is also very spacious and comfy. Once done, you can confidently face rainy days, enjoy water-related activities, and say goodbye to any “ink malfunction” that might ruin your day.


📌Prices and promotionsstart at 9,900 THB up to 25,900 THB.
VIP Luxury style eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip services with Ajarn Abby and Ajarn Tee, prominent figures in the Asian makeup and permanent makeup industry.
Enjoy a 10% discount from the regular prices


📍Location : B1 The Shelter 139/20 3rd floor, Room 304-306, Chokchai 4 road, Saphan Soong, Bangkok 10310

📌 Reservation
IG : crystalcrown.eyebrow
Tel : 083-496-9659


Elegance Eyebrow

Let’s move to the Bangna area and explore Elegance Brows, another natural look eyebrow studio. Here, they focus on using organic products from Europe, creating brows that aren’t too bold or dark, making you wonder did they even deposit the ink there. Their services are suitable for both men and women, and the results are so natural that you can straight up say that you just won the genetic lottery!

Undoubtedly, they’re experts in eyebrow design. Prior to creating a design, they use a specialized app to measure your brows, ensuring the shape and color match your face perfectly. This helps boost your confidence before getting the tattoo. What’s impressive is that you can get your brows wet immediately after the procedure – great for mid-trip eyebrow fixes.

With over 6 years of experience and having worked on thousands of cases, they’ve earned national-level awards every year. If you’re looking for a trendy and natural look, why not consult with them and choose your preferred brow style beforehand? This is another studio worth considering! 💖 


📍Location : Located at The coast near BTS Bangna ทางออก 2
📌 Reservation
Tel : 089-999-2633
IG : elegance.eyebrow
FB : Elegance Eyebrow
Line : @elegancebrow


Let’s look at Browstory, a beloved eyebrow studio in the Phrom Phong area. If you’re a fan of fine lines that blend in with the principle of Mien Shiang, this is the place for you. They specialize in tailoring eyebrow designs to fit each individual’s features perfectly. Each brow they create can be described as a masterpiece, enhancing your natural beauty. Moreover, they offer various additional beauty services, including Baby Lips lip pigmentation, eyelash extensions, and lidding, all in one place. If you’re after gorgeous eyebrows, it’s a must to book an appointment!

📌 Price and Promotion

  • They offer 0% installment plans for up to 6 months.
  • Bring your friends along and receive an instant 1,000 THB discount per person, along with a post-treatment germ-killing mask for each service.

📍Location: K Village Sukhumvit 26 near BTS Phrom Phong

FB : Browstory
IG :
Line :
Tel : 099-361-9398