There are many different types of shoes but if you are looking for a type that looks sleek and smart a lot of people would recommend you the “leather shoe, a shoe type with an outstanding resilience that is slow to degrade and even looks better when time goes by. No wonder they are present in every social function; a true one-size fits all footwear for every occasion.

Leather shoe doesn’t only enhance your self-esteem but also makes you comfortable and doesn’t cause a shoebite or unpleasant odor due to the natural property of an authentic leather that allows it to “breath” more than a normal shoe. It is also very durable and can be kept in storage as the upper portion of leather shoes also uses a strong natural material. All of these reasons make the leather shoe a very comfortable choice.

If you are looking for a good leather shoe brand then the Lifesara team got you covered. We are bringing to you today 6 leather shoes brands with a premium quality that matches all kinds of criteria and lifestyle. That important day is coming up? Or you just want a shoe that can function as an everyday shoe? These brands can definitely answer your needs! Let’s take a look at these brands.



Let’s kick it off with the leather shoes from Perfect Combination. This brand has more than 20 years of experience in designing shoes by mixing and matching leather and Scottish pattern fabric and utilizing a two-tone color scheme to create shoes with unique feel and look. Eventually, tying them together into a package with the designer’s unique taste for exoticness and different material.

like a marriage between an art work and a handcraft that can be worn in every occasion in your daily lives.It also feels very unique and perpetually helpsbring that special quality in the wearer to the forefront.If you want to look goodand radiate that smart aura, this is the brand to watch out for.Their store is very easy to reach too;their new branch just opened up in Siam Square recently.

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Member Discount ส่วนลดลูกค้าสมาชิก 15-20%

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Web :
IG : perfectcombination.official
Line : @perfectpf
Tel : 02-909-4565 | 093-356-5546 | 096-246-4656


Timberland Thailand

Looking for boots and leather shoes that you can trailblaze with? If the answer is yes then check out Timberland. This is a brand that matches perfectly with your lifestyle as Timberland is the leader when it comes to shoes, clothing and accessory designs.

The perfect blend between fashion and function is highly beneficial to the wearer which makes Timberland a brand with longstanding fame. The highlights of the brand are:
– The best choice for outdoor activity or those who love trailblazing and adventuring.
– Wearable in every weather be it hot, arid, rain, cold or even snow.
– Technology that supports the wearer’s every lifestyle making Timberland a very comfortable footwear.
– Extremely resilient and environmentally-friendly; the best choice when it comes to value.

📌Promotion: ✨New arrival
– Green Membership 15% off
– Gold Membership / Tourist 20% Off

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British Leather Shoes

Next in line we have an authenticleather shoe brand, British Leather Shoes,a highly unique shoe factorythat produces their own brand of shoes.With experts that have more than three decades of experience,the brand is able to create shoes of various designsand makes that match the various lifestyles and looks of every gender.It is also very comfortable to wear and exudes a cool yet classic aura that is very fashionable too. The brick-and-mortar stores are located in Chiang Mai and Lido in Siam Square.If you are looking for something as classy as this then don’t miss out on this brand.

📌Promotion: Starting price: Only 1,990 – 2,990 Baht!!

📍Location: British Leather Shoes have 2 branches
– Central Festival Chiang Mai 4th Floor (Main Branch)
– Lido 2nd floor Siam Square soi 2

📌Contact informations
Tel : 095-4522702
Line : British_official
FB : British leather shoes
Email :
IG : british_leathershoes


Mars Peoples

Let’s move over to leather shoes from Mars People, a brand with a unisex design that is stylish on both male and female alike. Up your style game with their Penny loafers, Tassel loafers, Belgian loafers or Oxoford that come in a variety of colors; without having to worry about your wallet health to boot!

The highlights of this brand is the extraordinary comfortof a sports shoe that could be worn in every occasion which is achieved throughthe use of Insoles that could support the shape of any foot and keep you comfortable even during lengthy usage;making it suitablefor both work and play.Think leather shoes,think Mars People; as their product won’t disappoint you withtheir value and various promotions. ✨

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Line : @marspeoples
IG : marspeoples
FB : Mars Peoples



If you are just learning how to dress yourself up and want a cool, neat and trendy look, check out the leather shoe brand Julietta. Julietta is a Thai brand that sells the Classic Contemporary style of leather shoes; a great-looking style that can easily compete with foreign brands as they are based on classical designs but are inlaid with playful character that make them look contemporary, not to mention that they are also easy to wear and very comfortable too!

Did you know that back then, Classic Menswear had to be imported at a very high price?This is the reason why the brand decided to start designing shoesthat look great just like those imported ones but are priced at a New Entry level!Good for newbies who are starting to dress up as it can easilyfill in their needfor good footwear.

No matter the event or mood, the brand’s shoes can be worn in every occasion and style; be it work, a formal event or a trip, you can mix and match your dress with Julietta’s shoes. This is a brand that is truly worthy of your money and attention.

📍Location :
– Siam Discovery M floor, Male footwear zone
– Icon Siam: Siam Takashimaya 3rd floor, Male footwear zone
– Emquatier Another Story 4th floor

Line : @juliettabkk
FB : @juliettabkk
IG : @juliettabkk
Shopee : juliettabkk



For the last spot we have the high-quality leather shoes from MAVERICKSHOES, the first choice for many ladies, gentlemen as well as would-be-grooms. Their shoes aren’t only unisex in nature but is also comfortable and look luxurious while having an affordable price at the same time. The brand offers custom made shoes as well as heel reinforcement services and other shoe services you might need. Every shoes sold here are on par with the highest standards and could be worn to any social function to show off your cool but if the shoes are giving you problems, claiming a refund is possible too!

The good thing doesn’t end here!The brand also offers leather beltsto take your look to another level and could be easilymixed and matched with your shoes,making it a fashion-and-function piece.If you are looking for a good piece of gift,be it a leather shoe or belt, this is a brand that you have to check out!

📌Promotion: We are offering a discount for customers who buy shoes and belt together. 0% interest installment payment available on Pace app.

📍Location: GATEWAY EKAMAI 2nd Floor (Urbano Zone) Room 2120A, Phra Khanong, Khlong Toey, Bangkok 10110

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Tel 064-659-4269
Line : @maverickshoes
FB : Maverickshoes – แบรนด์รองเท้าหนังพรีเมียม รองเท้าทำงาน รองเท้าเจ้าบ่าว
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