For a special occasion, how can you just wear a regular outfit right? This won’t be acceptable. For us, women, when you talk about “socializing”, once you hear it you will note a to-do list such as manicures, facial treatments, looking for a hair stylist, or even browsing online to rent a dress or gorgeous outfit. These are for your rare special occasion and will be shooting for cool social content as well.

With that excitement, it comes with “not satisfied”, “not confident” and “is it wearable” in your mind to lose your confidence. Because looking for a dress is easy, but for the one that suits you well is even more difficult. As a result, there are many rental dress shops for you to choose from. (Who is interested in rental dresses, click here to read a brief background).

Thus, we, Lifesara, collected 5 rental dress shops for a prom, as a bride’s friend, or other occasions that will bring you joy and satisfaction. They all are professionals helping you to get the right one. If you’re looking for that, keep reading this post so you’ll realize how magnificent it is. Let’s go!

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Dress Rental: Cher.sharecloset

How can we look normal on a special occasion?Want to be magnificent,you should start with this first shop by Cher.sharecloset.It’s a rental dress shop that is popular among ladies.If you’re looking for affordable, higher quality, and full options such as dresses, make-up, hair, accessories, and handicraft work for your special occasion.Here is the place for you,ladies, to show and shine your attractions to every witness.

📌Promotion :
If you rent a dress from Cher.sharecloset, it comes with rewards and discount listed below

✨Rent for over 500 Baht. Free giveaway items for every dress
✨Sending an image, a review clip or tag review the shop, get 10% off right away
✨Inviting friends or recommended by old user,
✨get 5% off for both recommendee and recommenderwbr
✨Accumulative point for discounts

📌Contact Information
Line : @cher.sharecloset
IG : cher.sharecloset
FB : Cher.sharecloset เช่าชุดแบรนด์เนม เช่าชุดราตรี


Dress Rental: Charm Bkk

Next, we have Charm Bkk which got so many reviews, so you can trust its quality. They work on every process from designing and selecting fabrics invented by 40 years of experienced professionals in tailoring and making the perfect dress for ladies. Assure you will shine prominently. There are dresses for weddings, parties, office work, prom, Thai feasts, or stage contests. Also, all dress styles for ladies are elegant, sexy, or even adult.

There is also a free adjustment serviceuntil it fits your body shape,creating more charisma,confidence and shining prominently on every occasion.If you’re in a hurry,there is an express delivery service as well.You will get it in time for sure. Everything about event dress is here.

📌Promotion :
– Dress starting price from 700 Baht “Free accessories and shoes or a purse”
For customers follow from Lifesara page, screenshot and show at the front. Free!! Earrings, shoes and purse as a set.

📍Location :
Bangrak branch (Opposite of Saphan Taksin exit 4)
Chok Chai 4 branch Alley 51

Hours :
> Tuesday – Friday 11:00 – 20:00
> Saturday – Sunday 11:00 – 19:00
* Close on Monday

📌Contact Information
Line : @charm_bkk
IG : charm_bkk
Tiktok : @charm_bkk
FB : Charm_BKK
Tel : 091-469-6624


Dress Rental: Nisa

If you want to experience stunning beauty, you should come to a hot rental dress, Nisa, in the LadPrao area. It opens for so long and keeps developing to answer all the needs of these ages about dresses.

There are all styles for prom, nightdresses, Thai suits, suits, glitter outfits, award ceremonies, and even wedding dresses focusing on quality, beauty, and affordability. There will be accessories to borrow for free and a wedding shooting service as well. 💍

If you’re looking for quality and detail,here is a one-stop service for you. Trying on a dress at the shopis allowed for those who are still hesitant.Keep searching until you’re satisfied.Very impressive from thebeginning until returning.They will return your deposit quickly in 5 minutes.Come to Nisa, they will make you attractive to all people who have witnessed it. ✨

📌Promotion :
✨4 Dresses >> Starting from 9,990 Baht to 19,990 Baht
**4 Dresses include 1 Thai wedding, 1 wedding and 2 suits for bridegroom
**Own selection. Price can be more depending on the dress
** 19,990 is included in everything also Sivalai wedding and ball gown

📍Location : LadPrao 53 (Chokchai 4) Opposite of Chokchai 4, Alley 7

📌Contact Information
FB : Nisa ชุดไทยเจ้าสาว ชุดแต่งงาน ชุดราตรี ลาดพร้าว โชคชัย 4 | Inbox
LINE : @nisadress
Tel : 097-091-3401
IG : nisa_wedding_chokchai_4


Dress Rental: Evendream8

Want to look beautiful and wealthy. Going for a feast and look like you come from a rich background, you should come to Evendream8, it’s an experienced dress rental shop. Ready to invent you to be a celebrity.

This shop is forthose who likewealth, luxury, and prominence from head to toe.It focuses on a variety of styles of dress such as night dresses, prom, brand name, etc.Every dress is uniqueand is a signature of the shopthat you will be crying wearing it.

There is also a professional team that will take care of you closely from advising to after-services. Can’t miss this if you’re going for a special feast.

📌Contact Information
Line : @evendream8
FB : Evendream8 เช่าชุดราตรี เช่าชุดออกงาน แบรนด์เนม
IG : Evendream8
Web :


Dress Rental: Grace House Design

And we’ve reached the last dress rental Grace House Design. It’s one of the celebrities’ choices that will give a gorgeous experience to you. This shop started from an inspiration of women’s dresses to make you wear the most beautiful dress on your special occasion.

It’s a one-stop service herefor design and sewing.It makes each dress unique,and unrepeated and brings your attraction out remarkably.For women who are still hesitant,we’re welcome to give you advice and make our task the best we can.Feel magnificent and gorgeous at Grace House Design.

📌Contact Information :
Line : 086-499-2463
IG : gracehousedesign
Tel : 086-499-2463