You already bought a car, why would you be content with a single color? There are a lot of ways to repaint a car out there, but the old-school way that car lovers like is most likely the “Paint Wrapping” method, also known as the “car paint stickers”.

Wrapping is very popular, as it allows you to change into any color with no effect to the original color of the car itself! Although this method doesn’t last forever, it does scratch that itch of changing the paint and protecting the existing paint at the same time (putting a sticker is like coating the paint in a PVC film to prevent damage). This made wrapping an extremely useful method, but its usefulness is also determined by the quality.

📌Benefits of wrapping a car
– The existing paint won’t degrade when you need to sell it second-hand.
– The wrap can be removed just like a sticker with no effect on the existing paint.
– Helps protect paints that are degrading.
– Increased protection against rocks and debris on the road.
– Needs expert’s installation as self-installation can cause damage.

Since you are looking to wrap a car, Lifesara will take you to see some of the high-quality places where their craftsmanship is as good as their promo materials. These places are run by experts, so your wrapped paint will look like it just came out of the showroom too! Let’s go see what these places are.

P.S. Changing the paint does carry some legal implications in Thailand. You might have to inform the Ministry of Transport about your paint changes, otherwise, you can be held guilty and need to pay a fine. If you want to change the paint, then don’t forget to report the change within 7 days!


Here we have a list of car services as well as techniques and tricks that car lovers will enjoy!
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Wingmann Garage

Let’s start off with a high-quality wrap from Wingmann Garage in the Saphan Soong area. This is a shop that provides turnkey services for car paint and accessories. These accessories range from European spokes, and shock absorbers as well as wrappings, transparent stickers and UV films. This shop is the only stop you will ever need!

The shop is also an official distributor for the P1 Coatings from Belgium, a brand that constantly brings in new innovations to solve your problems. If it’s related to car paint then you can trust them!

📌Wingmann Garage’s highlight
– Innovative car wrap technique with a spraying method that won’t leave any uncovered marks or adhesive stains. Can be polished and coated in glass.
– A pool of talented mechanics and wrappers as well as their own paint supplier.
– Customers who made reservations can see a 3D model of their cars with the wrapper on. (Only cars that are in a program)

📌Promotion :
Get a wrap today for a free scratch-protection wrap for the interior.

📍Location : 127 Ramkhamhaeng road, Saphan Soong, Bangkok 10240

📌Contact Information
FB : Wingmanngarage
IG : wingmanngarage
Line : @wingmanngarage


Wrap Winner

Next up is Wrap Winner, a high-standard car wrapper and paint center that offers high-quality sticker films from the Srinakarin-Bangna area. This place has been operating for more than 15 years and offers turnkey services for stuff like protection film, safety film and car paint film from leading brands.

Some of these brands are 3M, Avery, TeckWrap,WinlyFrog, Recover, Allcar among others. More than 1,000 colors for you to choose from with color tone, such as Super Gloss, Matte Metallic, Satin, Brush and other tones. Every color is handpicked by the shop and is guaranteed to meet the standard, thus you don’t have to go anywhere else for a complete service!

📌Wrap Winner Highlight
– The owner supervises every step of the paintwork and is ready to provide advice on every aspect of wrapping according to your budget and needs.

– A group of personnel and wrappers with more than 15 years of experience for every type of cars, ranging from Super Cars, European cars to Japanese cars and more than 3,000 cars under their belt.

– Dust-free and temperature-controlled room to ensure the highest quality.

– Off-site installation services that are trusted by many European, second-hand and gray market showrooms.

– 3 years warranty after installation and inspection every 6 months to 1 year. Minor fixes services are available all-year round. No additional payment and free removal throughout the wrapper’s life. An after-service sale that will surely satisfy you.

– Every car that installs a wrapper with the shop, will receive a surface polishing service with a solution from 3M for the perfect car surface.

📌Pricing :
Color wrap starts from 25,000 Baht (0% interest installment for 6 months with K-bank credit card)

📌Promotion :
Customers from Lifesara page will receive a 10% discount on the color wrapper for every brand and model of cars.

📍Location : 12 Srinakarin road, Samrong, Samut Prakarn
Opening hours : Everyday 09.00 -19.00

📌Contact Information :
Tel : 090-014-9149 | 090-014-6146
Line : @wrapwinner
Web :
FB : Wrap Winner
IG : WrapWinner
Email :


WRAP Garage

Here we have a high-quality paint job/wrapper from WRAP Garage in the Huay Kwang area. The shop’s wrapper utilizes wrap products from world-renowned brands and is trusted by super card owners and motor enthusiasts alike.

The shop has more than 15 years of experience when it comes to color wraps, paint protection films, window tinting films and windshield protection films.

The main brands used here are 3M, Inozetek, Avery Dennison and all of them are of the highest quality meant for supercars. If you are looking for a seamless transition of color for your car with impeccable workmanship, then this shop is the place for you!

📌WRAP Garage’s highlight

– The shop have a talented pool of wrapping film installer, who will pay attention to every step and detail of the installation
– The shop is very knowledgeable about their products and won’t hide any information from you, so you will be able to learn the difference between each film type before deciding.
– After Sales services.
– Warranty
– No lengthy queue times, as the shop serves on a car-by-car basis only.

📍Location : 2005 Petchburi Road, Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok 10310

📌Contact information
Line | Tel : 089-4503337 | 087-5392886
IG : wrap.garage
Youtube : Wrap Garage Bangkok



Speed demons who want a premium-quality wrap should check out this place! Let’s Wrap is located on Putthamonthon Sai 1 and is a comprehensive shop in terms of wrappers and films. They offer paint wraps, protection films and window tint films. Only the finest product and the highest level of craftsmanship are used.

For those who are into the occult, the shop also got you covered with the “7 days, 7 colors” promotion for those who like to match their color to the day of the week. Their quality isn’t only top-notch but also satisfies those who like to change their car color often as well! Just tell them the color you want and they will get it done! ✨

📌LET’S WRAP highlight
– The best place if you love swapping car’s colors.
– High-quality films and installation by teams with more than 10 years of experience.
– Free advice on film installation, no withholding crucial information!
– Long-term warranty with lots of goodies and discounts.

📌Promotion :
For those who enjoy mysticism or prefer a color that matches the day of the week, the color wraps start at 18,999 baht. Free installation and minor fixes throughout the wrap’s life

📍Location : Putthamonthon Road 1, Bang Chueak Nang, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170
Opening Hours : 9:00 – 22:00 น.

📌Contact information
Tel : 090-554-1199 (Khun K) | 063-753-7126 (Khun Suea)
Email :



For the final spot we have Wrap Society, a premium car wrapper from the Rama 3 area. The shop has been operating since 2009 and is a leading shop in Thailand, trusted by sports car, supercars owners and celebrities alike. Their work quality and high standards have been maintained throughout these 10 years. If you are looking for a color that is unique and shines like it just came off the showroom, then you definitely should give them a visit.🤩

📌WrapSociety highlight
– The shop has a lot of talented craftsmen and mechanics, who are highly knowledgeable in terms of cars.
– The company uses high-quality products from all over the world. The wrapping films and protection films are from the USA
– Trusted by many showrooms both in Thailand and aboard.

📍Location : Rama 3, near Krungsri bank headquarter, right next to Wat Pariwas temple.

📌Contact Information
FB : wrapsociety
IG : wrapsociety
Line : wrapsociety