Who is going to tolerate living in a hot city like this. The sunlight in Thailand is extremely strong and not only affects humans but also the cars that we are driving. How can cars withstand UV rays even if we are still sitting hot in the car, which causes deterioration and worsens the condition of your vehicle?

Have you ever wondered why we sit in the car and always feel hot? Because some car windows can’t protect you from sunlight as we can, we need sunscreen, for cars, they need film. Most car films contain UV filters to prevent heat and the danger of the sun directly hitting you. It lasts for years and comes with many benefits, such as reduced heat, more privacy, and relaxation.

Importantly, we have to check the percentage of the film before installation. There are several films and percentages such as 40, 60, and 80 to show how dark and shady the film is. The higher percentage, the less sunlight will get through.

– Film 40% or Transparent, sunlight can pass through 35%
– Film 60%, Sunlight can pass through 20%
– Film 80%, Sunlight can pass through 5%

These are all depending on the customer’s preference, but if you are still hesitant about which one is the best, Lifesara has collected 8 decent car window film stores in the Bangkok area with a professional installer. Film installation won’t be that difficult anymore and will last for so long. Let’s keep scrolling to see where they are.

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Started with one of the legendary car film installations, TIP AUTO TECHNIC, guaranteed by the experience of more than 25 years. It’s a rare exclusive official shop from 3M and Solar Guard in Bangkok and the surrounding area.

It’s also a retail store, manufacturer, importer, and car film installer for building, home carpet, car window blinds, and glass coating by a selective expert guarantees quality to meet the standard. Full service is available here.

📌Prominent points of TIP AUTO TECHNIC
– Compilation of various types of film to choose from
– Adepts are available for film selection matching customer’s needs properly
– Expert film installers, especially for European cars which are more difficult than usual
– Gain royal trust from various car showroom
– Installation processing in a dust-free room for the best quality

📍Location :
Branch Rama II 30
Branch Kanchanapisek

📌Contact Information
Tel : 086-816-6444 | 084-656-4111 | 084-656-4555
Line : @tip_auto
Web : http://www.tipauto.co.th/


SuperTec Films

SuperTec Films is an official, legit ceramic car film store that has been open for more than 15 years. Specialists are ready to take care of your car to make it perfect at an affordable price.

📌Prominent points of SuperTec Films
– Focus on customer’s preferences to match individuals
– Professional installer with more than 15 years of experience
– Dust-free room to control temperature and quality of film installation
Ceramic film 100%, black outside, bright from inside, and high heat resistant and current highest grade double ceramic film and 9 years warranty
– 3 types of ceramic films

  • Ceramic Boost
  • Super Pro
  • Ultra IR, high heat resistant

– Clear and explicit material during the day and night, and reduce heat inside without interfering with digital signals such as Easy Pass, GPS, and so on.

📌Promotion :
– Make an appointment today, Free ‼️old film uninstallation
– 40% off on Ceramic film, black outside, bright inside
** Install at the store and get a 1,000 Baht discount, starting from 2,900 Baht

📍Location : SuperTec Films Kanchana – Bangkae branch
⏰Opening Hours : Daily 9:30 – 19:30 น.

📌Contact Information
Tel : 063-641-5556 | Inbox | Line
Tiktok : supertec.films
FB : SuperTec Films : ฟิล์มกรองแสงรถยนต์ และอาคาร


POSH UP Car Detailing Center

Those who live on the Thonburi side should visit a quality car film installation at POSH UP Car Detailing. It is a one-stop service for cars near the Mall Thapra area, with more than 10 years of experience installing safety film by Aestoma and regular car film to meet the standard. It’s been selected to take care of more than 10 car showrooms in Bangkok and its suburbs.

📌Prominent points of POSH UP Car Detailing Center
– Using 2 premium car brands to install such as nano-ceramic safety film by Aestoma, ceramic sun film to reduce heat, and safety film with 4 mils 4 times thicker than usual
– Starting from 22,000 – 28,000 Baht for the entire car and 7 years warranty
– Choosing between 3 styles of Sunfilm Blaupunkt, starting from 6,000 – 33,000 Baht for the entire car
– More services at the front store such as scratch-free film for inside and outside, glass coat, ceramic coat, camera installation, and surface adjustment.

📌Promotion :
Today is 20% off the entire car film installation, and you get a free UV umbrella and cold-retention tumbler from the store.
*Today – 31 December 2022

📍Location :Opposite of The Mall Thapra edged of Ratchadapisek road between Ratchada – Thapra 11 and 13 https://goo.gl/maps/pAdsP3jsAvv4o99T6

📌Contact Information
Tel : 064-991-9806 | 02-032-8461
Line : @poshup
FB : Poshup car detailing center
IG : poshupcar
Web : www.poshupcar.com


Sound Wave Car Audio

Next, we have Sound Wave Car Audio, a sun film installation store in the Bang Yai area that gathers all the famous brands such as Lamina, Smarttec, Smarttec Super Black Ceramic, 3M, Hi-Kool, Xtracole, and CRYSTALLINE. It also has many types of sun film, from affordable to exclusive to choose from. They also have more than 28 years of experience, so their work is spectacular.

📌Prominent points of Sound Wave Car Audio
– Experienced specialists
– Dust-free room to prevent bubbles during the installation process
– Ready to give advice and don’t force to buy products
– After services cover for several years
– Expert in European cars, such as Benz, BMW, Ford, Tesla, Mustang, etc.
– Pre-test to prove the quality of all films
– Imported films from USA and Germany with ISO 9050 and IWFA certified

📌Promotion :
Blaupunkt film installation generation Norway for entire car + front window for 6,500 Baht from 12,500 Baht
Free!! PTT fuel voucher (500 Baht)

📍Location : Sound Wave Car Audio, located at 23 Moo 3, Bang Muang, Bang Yai, Kanchanapisek Rd, Nonthaburi

📌Contact information
FB : Sound Wave Car Audio
Line ID : @soundwavecaraudio
Tel : 02-924-8870 (Office) | 098-798-1351 (Khun Orn)



Let’s go to the Prawet area and visit JSPro, a quality, well-known brand of film installation and distribution. Apart from that, there are also scratch protection films, electric tailgates, speakers, android monitors, cameras, glass coats, and many more car decorations. It’s very popular among car lovers because of its full-stop service.

📌Prominent points of JSPRO
– Everything is carefully chosen before retail to ensure you get the best.
– The staff with more than 10 years and 1,000 cars installation experience ready to give you advice
– Great after services with a staff that will be walking through every product and process with you
– Electric tailgate installation where you prefer
– Film warranty

📌Promotion :
Ceramic sun film Coolife installation
prevents 99% of UV and infrared ir 78 – 88%
*7 full years warranty
✨Special !! Coming from the Lifesara page, receive a special price of 3,990 for every car sizes installation
**except van +1,500

📍Location :JSPRO (New Patthanakarn Rd.)
Prawet, Prawet, Bangkok 10250

📌Contact Information
Tel : 062-362-9630 Khun Nut | 091-652-0599 Khun Valen | 098-749-3062 Khun Ya
Line : @jspro
Youtube : JSPRO ศูนย์บริการประดับยนต์ครบวงจร
TIKTOK : jsprocaraccessories
Web : www.jsprocar.com


BIU Group

For car lovers in the Pracha Chuen area, you must come to the premium sun film store, BIU Group; a famous brand installation and distribution store. It’s a full service that Engine parts, decorations, cameras, glass coats, speakers, an android monitor, and parking sensors are all available. Getting service here will come with many more attractive promotions.

📌Prominent points of BIU Group
– Expert and experienced installers
– Whole year free giveaway by purchasing a famous brand
– Official retail and legit film 100%
– มีAfter service for the whole warranty

-Installment pay 10 months, no interest
-Every month promotion, the starting price is only 2,999 Baht

📍Location : Pracha Chuen area

📌Contact Information
Tel : 02-115-9645, 098-296-2896
Line : @biugroup


UTM Auto Film

Now, we’ve reached the official 100% ceramic film store in the Ratchapruek area,which has been serving car lovers for many years. It’s a reliable and affordable one-stop shop for distributing well-known brands. Their works are neat and fine for you to try 😎

📌Prominent points of UTM Auto Film
– Dust-free and clean rooms for the perfect result
– Staff full of experience will be installing films for you
– Service right at your house
– Several years warranty

📌Promotion :
– Starting at 3,000 Baht
: Reduced heat IRR 98%
: 7 – 15 year warranty ✨Free!! Uninstall old film✨

📍Location : BF FILM ราชพฤกษ์ กาญจนาภิเษก
⏰Open every day at 10:00 – 20:00

📌Contact Information
Tel : 092-263-9453
FB : Utm ศูนย์ติดตั้งฟิล์มกรองแสงรถยนต์ BF FILM ราชพฤกษ์ กาญจนาภิเษก
Inbox | LINE : @utm_auto_film


Nui Film

Finally, in Pathum Thani, there is a cool sun film store near Phunsap market. It’s a retail and installation store for car films, building films, and sun films. It’s an affordable legit ceramic film preventing 100% of UV and 96% of infrared with a full of experience that you can trust 🚙

📌Prominent points of Nui Film
– Delivery and installation service at your house, don’t waste your time commuting
– Gathering experienced staff ready to give you advice and styles
– Having 7 years film warranty