VROOM VROOM~ Everyone who had just bought a car and deeply cares for it would naturally want the best protection for their car. It’s already difficult to tell what kind of condition our cars will face out there and it’s even harder, even impossible, to tell whether someone might want to leave their “art” on your car. Therefore, using a protection film for your car’s surface is extremely helpful in keeping them in a pristine condition.
But there is also a catch in using these films; they are very expensive but that doesn’t make all the film something that is off-limits to your wallet either as there are many types of car protection films. These include PVC film which is good against random rock debris; TPH for people who live to park their car indoors; TPU PU for light scratches and its “self-healing” ability. Each film has different properties making them suitable for different preferences.
📌Pros of using a car protection film
1. Keep your car glossy and protect against elements you encounter daily.
2. These films help protect the car’s paint from rocks, gravels and sand from directly impacting the car which could impart micro-scratches.
3. Makes the surface hydrophobic which reduces grimes and stains making the car easier to clean.
4. “Self-healing” effects that could recover its integrity after adverse conditions. Mostly high-end pricy films
Although a protection film is very capable in protecting a car, it also has drawbacks. If you want to avoid these drawbacks which could crop up after installation then you should pick shops that use high-quality films and experts during the installation process.

If you want to say goodbye to those tiny scratch marks and are looking for a place with excellent workmanship and bang-per-Baht to install these films in 2022 then you are in luck. The Lifesara team has put together 11 film installation services that could also provide a turnkey solution for your car. All of them are an excellent choice. Let’s go have a look at these places. 🚗

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Wraptor Thailand

The first place on our list is the premium quality car protection film installer Wraptor Thailand from the Bangna-Trat area. With more than 30 years of experience in car services, this car protection film installer is the top-of-mind name that everyone who is into cars will know. They offer a variety of services which includes car repairs, transparent film installation, window tint film installation as well as other car accessories services. Every piece of products they use are carefully selected and their workmanship is highly professional making this shop a must on a car lover list!

📌Wraptor Thailand’s highlights
– A wealth of personnel with deep knowledge and experience about cars ready to help you.
– Ran and managed with the 4E (3E + 1E) policy
– 1E: Experience Technician Team (highly experienced): A team of technicians and mechanics with more than 20 years of experience that is familiar with all models and makes of cars.
– 2E: Expert Wraptor Team (experienced WRAP team): A team of wrappers with an abundance of experience and received training in the USA who had wrapped more than 1,000 cars!
– 3E: Excellent Quality product: The very first distributor of the ICONIC brand, a film with material quality guaranteed by Lubrizol Advanced Material, a leading US company.
– 4E: Exceptional After Sale Service: After-sales inspection after 1 year to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

Special offer for customers from Lifesara page! 15% discount for transparent WRAP film

📍Location : Bangna-Trad road 5th kilometer, near Index Bangna (Inside Bangna AutoGlass)

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 081-249-5544 | 096-963-8845
Line : @wraptorthailand
Web : www.wraptorthailand.com
Email : wraptor.th@gmail.com



Next, we have the premium-quality car protection-film from the PRODRIVE store from the Motorway area. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, the name already speaks for itself in terms of quality and crafts. The shop provides a comprehensive service for cars and is also a leading distributor for high quality car parts, mag wheels, and premium quality products from the US, Japan and Europe. If you want to give your ride some love and protection from various types of scratches or a full-on silica coating then this is the right place!

📌Prodrive’s highlight
– Reliable quality as they operate a specialized dust-free, temperature-controlled installation chamber for maximum quality
– TPU (Thermo Ply Urethane) grade protection film, the highest-grade film from the US with high flexibility that doesn’t require a hot air blower and leaves no glue stain behind. 5 Years warranty
– Midas Paint protection Film comes in 2 grades: Sentinel Primes with 170-micron thickness and 3 years warranty and the top-of-the-line Optimus X 220-230 micron thick with 5 years warranty.
– Protection film for cars and windshields such as Midas Paint Protection Film (PPF – Self Healing) which helps protect against rocks and could restore its shape; Midas Photochromic a window tint film that could adjust its light blockade level on its own and other products such as: Midas Black Bear Super Ceramic, a ceramic window tint film, Solar FX black ceramic film

📍Location :
Motorway Branch
Benz NK Branch

📌Contact Informations
LINE : @prodrive
Hotline : 089-996-9900 [สาขามอเตอร์เวย์]
Fax : 02-368-3557
Tel : 087-927-8889 (ตอย) [สาขา Benz NK]
LINE : Toy-Prodrive
FB :
Prodrive at NK
ADV.1 Thailand
Modulare Wheels Thailand
Vossen Thailand
Vorsteiner Thailand
IG : ProdriveShop
YouTube : ProdriveBangkok



Here we have a Hi-end protection film installer AUTOSMART. Their name should ring a bell or two as they have the most extensive branch coverage in Thailand. They are also famous for their comprehensive premium car paint protection and also acts as a maintenance partner for all MGC-ASIA car in Thailand as well. All the staff here are trained professionals and every branch will provide you with the same level of exceptional services which have won the loyalty of a lot of customers.✨

📌AUTOSMART’s highlight
-Every Product sold to the customer are Hi-end product with traceable origin
– After sales service for Member customers; no additional payment, one time payment is enough.
– Long-term inspection for protection film, 5 years warranty
– High quality PU film (Polyurethane) film that is more flexible than other film and could provide a perfect fit with the car without distorting the color as it is transparent.

📍Location :
AUTOSMART Premium Glasscoating (Headquarter)
New ICONSIAM branch B1 floor AUTOSMART Exclusive Line @ ICONSIAM

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 083-663-2200 | 098-692-2200
Line : @autosmartthailand
FB : AUTOSMART Premium Glass Coating
E-mail : info@autosmart-ex.com


32 Garage

Let’s move on to 32 Garage, another protection film installation from Bangkok Yai area, this is a store that provides a comprehensive service for everything car-related. This ranges from glass coating, ceramic coating, interior and exterior protection film and various grades of protection film such as TPH, TPU and TPU Plus. Your ride and wallet will be really grateful for the value product you get from this store!

📌32Garage’s highlight
– Die cutting with computer software specifically programmed for each model of cars that help reduce manual cutting with cutter on the car’s surface
– A CARPRO Certified Detailing Center in terms of ceramic coating. Unmatched in terms of quality

📌Pricing : :
– Ceramic coating starting from 9,900 Baht
– Transparent protection film for the frontal half and ceramic coating starting from 26,000 Baht

📍Location : Charansanitwong road, Wat Tha Phra, Bangkok Yai, Bangkok 10600

📌Contact Informations
FB : 32Garage – เคลือบเซรามิก ฟิล์มใสกันรอย
Line : https://lin.ee/8kB6sZM
Tel : 084-083-7345


Futuretech innovation

Next stop is an innovative protection film shop from the Ramkhamhaeng area, Futuretech innovation. This shop is famous for their external and internal protection film service and various make and sizes of stainless car paint job film that maintain the actual paint job sheen of the car itself. They also offer window tint film for cars, houses, condominiums as well as glass coating service. Anything that has to do with film installation, they are the expert to contact; their work is also worth every baht you shell out too!

📌Futuretech innovation highlight
-They offer a wide variety of protection films in terms of quality, pricing and usage including TPH, PU and TPU films. The quality ranges from 2-10 years of product life.
– High accuracy film installation with 3D computer software that could accommodate every kind of detail no matter how small or minor it is. The resulting work is extremely neat and covers every spot the customer could ask for.
– Installation is done by a highly professional team of protection film experts.
– Partial or full installation is possible and is up to the specification and budget of the customer.
– Protection film contains elements that help protect against UV rays making the film last longer and 30% more glossy. This made the film resistant against scratches and enabled it to “self-heal” as well as having the hydrophobic property.

📌Starting from 500 Baht
✨Special offer for customers of Lifesara page: Inform the staff or admin that you know then from the Lifesara page to receive a free internal film for customers that are installing films on the entire car.
✨Special promotion for specified installation.

📍📍Location : Top Guard film installation center, Ramkhamhaeng road, between soi 209 and 209/1 near Meenburi market

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 081-692-6246 | 096-861-0186
Line : @ftecauto
FB: Futuretechinnovation


JB Wrapsticker

Let’s move on to JB Wrapstiker, a value protection film installation service from Lad Phrao. If you want your ride to stand out with a sheen then this is a store that is frequented by those who truly love their ride!

When it comes to price and attention to detail, this is a shop car lover can’t afford to miss out! Their services are very comprehensive and includes services such as: film installation, transparent TPH and PPF wrap, color changing wraps for interior and exterior. These services can all be done in a single day with quality guaranteed by specialists with more than 20 years of experience and after sales service!

📌JB Wrapsticker’s highlight
– 3 and 5 years warranty
– Maintenance service every 6 months
– Speedy 1-day installation
– Onsite installation service
– Value pricing

📍Location : Hua Moom market, Ladphrao, Bangkok 10230

📌Contact Informations
LINE : @493zxsac
Tel : 096-9465496
FB : JB WrapSticker เปลี่ยนสีรถ – by ช่างแจ็ค –
IG: @jb_wrapsticker


C2 Sticker

Here we have a color change and protection film installer C2 Sticker with 2 branches, one is in Ramintra and the other is in Pinklao. If you are looking for a place to pimp out your ride then this place can surely satisfy all the speed demons out there. They offer transparent protection film, color changing stickers, race car patterns design and all sorts of decorative racing stickers.

They also offer protection films that are friendly to the car’s paint job, are resistant to flaking and scratches while offering 99% protection against rock debris. If you are a speed demon and passionate about your ride this shop is a must visit for you!

📌C2 Sticker Highlight
– High quality material on films that won’t damage the car and all installation comes with a warranty.
– Installation process uses a Computer Software Pattern system in order to match the car’s shape.
– Highly experienced team of specialists with more than 10 years of experience.
– After sales service such as 24 months warranty for transparent protection film.

📍Location :
Ramintra 7th kilometer branch
Entrance of soi Ramintra 42/1 100 meters before Nuan Chan entrance, opposite of Esso petrol station with Burger King
Pinklao Sirinthron branch
Slightly opposite of Tang Hua Seng Heng, Sirinthorn road, before Bang Kluay entrance, 100 meters from Chang Chui, opposite of Ear Eye Nose Throat hospital.
⏰Opening hours : 10.00 -19.00 Closes every Sunday

📌Contact Informations
Web : http://www.c2sticker.com/
FB : C2sticker wrapเปลี่ยนสีรถ ฟิล์มใสกันรอย
Tel : 064-664-6662
Line : @c2sticker



For this spot we have KCCOATINGUP, a highly experienced film installer from the Nonthaburi-Bang Sue-Din Daeng area. This shop is probably a familiar sight for all the people who love their rides out there as it has been in business for more than 20 years. It is also the main shop when it comes to Full-System Detailing such as glass coating, colored protection film, clay bar car cleaning, sheen polishing, carpet washing, seat service and vacuuming. If you want to take good care of your ride and give a professional treatment to your car at the right price then check this shop out!

📌KCCOATINGUP’s highlight
– Provide guidance on the best approach on taking care of your ride based on your budget
– Professional crew of specialists and mechanics who underwent specialized training.
– All products used passed the SGS test for protection efficiency.

– Glass coating starting from 6,900 Baht
** Free 6,000 Baht worth of goodies and services (engine compartment coating, hydrophobic coating for windshield, leather seat coating, headlights coating, plastic coatings, chromium trim, mag wheels coating etc.)

Nonthaburi Branch
Bang Sue Branch
Din Daeng Branch

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 081-904-7027
FB : KCcoatingup
IG : KCcoatingup


Wash Away 1924

Let’s shift the gear back towards the premium side of things with Wash Away 1924, an upcoming protection film installer from the Rangsit Pathumthani area. This service center is more of a comprehensive car service than a specialized shop but with more than 9 years of experience in car wash and graphene and ceramic coating, their work can go toe-to-toe with some of the more specialized shops out there. Not to mention, their pricing is also very friendly to your wallet!

They offer graphene ceramic coating and interior and exterior protection coating that utilize Hi-End innovations from Europe during installation. These coatings help preserve the car’s original paint as well as preventing rock debris and scratches that happened during a ride. Their service quality has won them many returning customers, making them truly a trending service center.

📌Wash Away 1924 highlight
– 3D Computer Software film cutting ensures that the protection films always come out the right size for the customer’s car. This made the film a perfect fit that once installed gives a very neat appearance as well as help keep the car looking new. What’s more, no more cutter scratch marks on the cars that tends to happen during installation.
– Transparent Hi-Eng grade TPU films from the US that allows it to repair itself after a light scratch that won’t leave behind any glue stain, tarnished spot or yellow patterns.
– 3-7 Years Warranty from the film manufacturer, depending on the make and model of the cars that use the film.

📌Service Pricing :
– Paint Protection Film or car interior and exterior protection film
– Interior protection film starts from ✅ 4,900 Baht ✅
– Exterior protection film starts from ✅ 25,000 Baht ✅
– Premium car wash service starts from ✅ 309 Baht ✅
– Graphene ceramic coating 10h (Certified by SGS) starts from 12,000 Baht
– Window film uses products from 2 brands, the German Blaupunkt with 7 years of warranty and the American Solar Gard Ceramic with 8 years of warranty. Pricing starts from 8,000 Baht

📍Location : Soi Pahonyothin 87, Muang Eak Rangsit village, Rangsit (Near Rangsit University)

📌Contact Informations
FB : Wash Away 1924 Ceramic Glass Coating
Tel : 098-949-5199 (คุณบอย)
Line ID : boiiboii



If we have to talk about a protection film shop in the Saphan Mai-Rangsit area then the premium level Autowinx is probably the first that comes to mind. Autowinx is a top-quality protection film installer that provides a comprehensive service such as: color changing wrap, ceramic glass coating, window tint films and imported top quality 3M transparent protection film. They also provide other services such as paint removal, dust vacuuming and paint coating; all of which are done by professionals from the film manufacturer themselves whose work will surely leave you in awe!

📌Autowinx’s highlight
– A focus on using 3M protection film that provides an all-round property relating to protection such as the ability to heal minor scratch marks, protection against deep stains and film yellowing. It’s very easy to clean too!
– Overall film thickness from every step of installation amounts to around 170-220 micron.
– High Gloss: Helps increase the glossiness by 30-40%
– Pre Cut Software: Cutting-edge film cutting software that can accommodate all cars models
– Longest warranty period in the market: 3-7 years
– After-sales service provided for film degradation and all sorts of accidents.

– Entire car protection film installation with a free change after an accident and free warranty claim throughout the warranty lifetime.

📌Contact Informations
⏰ เวลาทำการ
: บริการทุกวัน เวลา 10.00 – 20.00 น.
Tel : 065-245-6146 | 088-999-8455 (Khun Beer)
Inbox | Line



For the last shop we have a place that a car lover who needs an extremely neat piece of work can’t miss out! We are talking about ATPerformance from Khaerai junction area. Not only are they an all-round service provider but they also provide premium grade service such as film installation, glass coating, ceramic coating and other coating services. They also offer other car surface and paint maintenance services while acting as a distributor for high quality car accessories as well.

If you are hesitating, they also have a team of experts to provide advice from the beginning to the end of the process all the way to after-sales service as well. If you are looking to install a film then a high-quality film from ATPerformance is the best choice in the long term for your car!

📌ATPerformance’s highlight
– All-round paintjob maintenance service
– Above-and-beyond level of care for the scratches on your favorite ride
– Top-quality film imported from factories in Germany
– High quality 180-micron transparent protection film produced in Germany and comes with a 3 years warranty. Helps highlight the dimension and reflection of your car. Can be easily removed without impacting the car’s color once the film expires.

📍Location: 79/1 Mooh 4 Watinon road, Khwan charoen, Nonthaburi. 11000
(The shop is near Khaerai junction, the entrance of soi Tiwanon 16/1 on the same side as Ministry of Public Health)

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 02-951-1395 | 089-994-9089 | 061-453-6956
FB : ATP Car Wrap ศูนย์บริการ Benz ฟิล์มใสกันรอย เคลือบเซรามิก ของแต่งรถยนต์
Web : http://www.at-performance.net/
IG : atpcarwrap
Youtube : ATPerformance ศูนย์บริการ benz ฟิล์มใสกันรอย