We believe that many people have their favorite mobile banking app, and so are we. As we all know, our lifestyles and financial habits have changed considerably–be it a shift to cashless society or an increase in online transactions. This has driven service providers to come up with attractive features so as to match users’ needs, making the mobile banking industry even more competitive. Meanwhile, when choosing a mobile banking app to use, we as consumers would expect an amazing app that acts as an all-in-one solution and fits our lifestyles. In our quest for the right one, we got an opportunity to try Krungsri Mobile App (KMA), a mobile banking app that has long been known to us.

KMA is a mobile banking app from Krungsri Bank that helps make financial matters a piece of cake. The app allows users to perform daily financial transactions with ease, providing not only convenience and speed, but also contactless experiences from the very first.

Now that we know more about KMA, Lifesara would like to introduce you to remarkable, in-app features that will surely make your life a lot easier. Let’s see what those features are!

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Scan to Pay” for a Range of Services

Many might consider “Scan to Pay” is a feature every app has in common. Even the Krungsri mobile app is no different, but the app has this very feature which aids in financial transactions for various types of payments. It’s without a doubt the app has young adults in a cashless world like us covered.

From TikTok shopping, Facebook purchase, quick concert/fan meeting ticket buying process, to scanning and payment process for the BTS, KMA makes all this possible. What’s more? No more long lines! You can also schedule a transfer to different accounts in advance without having to perform individual transfers on the date, helping you to avoid forgetting. It is indeed an all-in-one mobile banking app that is also easy to use and age-proof.

And if you prefer being cashless, you can perform cardless withdrawal. You can also open a savings account to reduce stress around finances. Three words for KMA? Intuitive, all-in-one, and enough.


Monthly Exclusive Krungsri GIFT Rewards

This is another rewarding feature for everyone conducting transactions using KMA-Krungsri Mobile App, including deposit, withdrawal, transfer, or payment via their bank account. To put it simply, if you perform all these four types of transactions every month, you will get Krungsri GIFT privileges to redeem a lot of exciting rewards! Examples include gifts, discount coupons, privileges conversion to discounts for drinks and gas, or even free internet. You can find all kinds of big promotions on KMA.

📌Easy Steps to Redeem Privileges
1. Go to menu and select “Gift & Privileges”
2. Select the reward you would like to redeem and enjoy!


Simple Payment Worldwide
with Currency Card or QR Scan

Now that several countries are reopening, there is no time to waste for people who enjoy traveling abroad or those who want to do so at least once. Throw your worries about currency exchange away as KMA-Krungsri Mobile App also has another interesting solution specifically designed for travel freaks called “Krungsri Boarding Card”. Don’t forget to add it to your packing checklist!

📌Pros of Krungsri Boarding Card
– Simple application within 2 minutes
– Easy THB conversion to 16 world major currencies, including JPY, KRW, HKD, SGD, USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, CHF, CNY, DKK, GBP, NOK, NZD, SEK, and TWD
– Compatibility with foreign currency ATMs
– In-app money exchange, 15 days in advance at the preferred exchange rate
– Convenient product and service purchase in one swipe
– Most importantly, the app comes with no fee but generous parks for holders


Simple Activation in 5 Minutes With NDID or i-CONFIRM

Users can open an account via app Krungsri like KMA-Krungsri Mobile App where activation takes no more than 5 minutes. All they need to do is perform authentication through NDID or i-CONFIRM, and they will be able to use the KMA app in no time!

– NDID, or National Digital ID, is a digital authentication where data is shared among public- and private-sector organizations. This is a world-class method that provides better security than ID card authentication.

– Krungsri i-CONFIRM is a service that allows users to open an online savings account or apply for Krungsri iFIN with ID card authentication, all via Krungsri Mobile App (KMA). All they need to do is perform ID card authentication at any of over 14,000 Krungsri Bank branches, Krungsri currency exchange booths, Krungsri Auto branches, Credit Card Service at HomePro, Krungsri FirstChoice branches, Tidlor branches, Global House branches, and Counter Service (7-Eleven) nationwide.

No filling is required as you can take all existing information previously used for authentication from one bank and link to NDID for authentication at another bank. This helps save time, reduces complexity, streamlines authentication process, and most importantly, incurs no fee.

📌Easy Steps to Apply
Select the menu “Open Online Account” -> select “Open Savings Accou” or click Here


App Krungsri: Intuitive, All-in-One, Enough

All in all, app Krungsri KMA-Krungsri Mobile App is one of the best options in an era where many prefer cashlessness–financial services/transactions are fast, simple, and relatively convenient. We are not sure if you are aware that money transfers and “Scan to Pay” feature are super fast, taking only 2-3 seconds. Other features are also easy to navigate. What’s not to like?

Great things about this KMA app are that it is free to download, incurs no fee, demands no minimum balance, and requires no application fee. All that is required is that you perform NDID and face verification with an ID card. Long story short, this KMA app comes with simplicity, not to mention a bunch of privileges. For those who love traveling overseas, the app literally is your wallet. It is intuitive. It is all-in-one. It is enough.

Whoever is interested is encouragedDownload KMA!