For those starting out with photography or making a living with a camera, finding a good camera boils down to understanding this question: “What camera am I looking for that suits my style?”. There are so many cameras out there that match different styles and the ability of different photographers.

However, a digital camera is likely to be the most convenient, as this type of camera isn’t only intuitive to use but is really capable as well. Getting a good shot from it isn’t easy either as you have to know the ins and outs, its function, as well as the different techniques for that perfect shot. The internet has made it somewhat easier but a lesson with a real expert can help speed this process up by a lot.

If you enjoy photography then keep reading! As there are many camera shops out there, both online and offline, getting one that fits you well requires a lot of effort at weighting the cost and the capability of the camera.

It’s due to these reasons that Lifesara had put together 4 genuine digital camera stores, where you can buy or sell the camera and its equipment conveniently. The prices in these shops are great and they also offer first and second-hand equipment in pristine condition as well. They also have photography experts who you can learn from too! Let’s not waste anymore time and go see what these shops are!

After getting a camera, if you need a nice-looking location to shoot that photo, then you can follow these links for some nice photoshoots! These locations include museums around Bangkok, artistic paintbar cafe, some riverside stroll or the vintage atmosphere of Charoenkrung Road!


Up camera

Let’s start off with a store from the Saphan Lek area, the legendary Up Camera. This store has everything you might need, this includes buying, selling, swapping or turning in a second-hand camera or lenses for all brands.

Their selection is also very comprehensive. Every piece of equipment is in mint condition, just like their box art! Budget isn’t a problem too, as the shop can recommend cameras according to your budget that is well worth your money!

The owner is also very knowledgeable about photographers, thus they are able to answer every question you might throw at them. They are also very easy to contact, as you can make an appointment at the store or even outside to view sample products!

Every piece of equipment comes with a warranty so you can rest assured. A very comprehensive shop when it comes to cameras. We guarantee that you will get the camera you need and it will last for a long time! ✨


Sick Camera

Next up is the quality digital camera store, Sick Camera. The store offers a One Stop style of service so you can buy or sell your camera, lenses and other photography equipment you might need in one place. Their selection is extremely varied and the staff is able to provide you with advice on the usage of the camera and lenses as well! Not that many stores can match them when it comes to knowledge about cameras!

If you are a newbie, then they can also give you some guidance on the different techniques and cameras as well.

Most importantly, they also provide after-sales services, an installment payment option and a 30-day warranty. If within the first 7 days, you experienced a problem, they are willing to refund or swap your equipment for a new one free of charge! A few visits later you might unknowingly become their customers! 😂

📌Promotion :
Follow the shop on Shopee to get a discount code. When buying equipment or lenses worth more than 899 baht, receive a 5% discount for a maximum of 45 baht.

📌Contact Information :
Tel : 093-652-2456
Line : @sickcamera
FB : sick Camera
IG :
Email :
Shopee : sickcamera


SNP Market

Here we have a digital camera store with great quality products, the SNP Market. The shop buys and sells second-hand camera lenses, IT gadgets. Camera brands on their hands include Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fuji. The price is very affordable and also comes with a warranty and after-sales service.

If you want to sell a camera, they are also willing to buy it from you at a really good price with pick-up services for Bangkok and the adjacent areas too. If you are looking for a new camera with an affordable price and a long life, this is the best place for you!

📸 If you like to talk about cameras, share your opinion and see new updates about cameras, then join this group!

📌Contact information
FB : SNP Market | Line
IG: SNP Market
YouTube: Minimal Channel
Tel : 081-428-3730



If you are new to photography or already a professional and looking for a good digital camera with an affordable price, try visiting Camera X Shop in the Nong Jok area. The shop offers high-quality brands such as Sony, Fuji, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic as well as its peripheral equipment. A one-stop shop in a nutshell.

They also offer after-sales service that exactly matches the type of service a photographer needs. The shop also offers advice should you feel stuck when making a purchase.

No need to worry about the payment methods too! They accept all channels of payment; be it credit cards, cash transfers or even Shopee!💰 If you can’t physically come to the store, then they also have an online channel for you too.