Being the very first proper street in Thailand, many neighborhoods and businesses were found, growing, and changed as the era goes by. Nonetheless, some places on this street stood still as if they were frozen in time as the world moves on without them. Those spaces eventually become the living history that brings their visitors into the timeless bubbles where they are and lets you see a glimpse of life in the past.

And so, we at Lifesara bring you 7 places that manage to survive the change of the world, while remaining the same as the day they came to exist. Come take a tour with us as these 7 destinations will serve as your door to go back in time.


Talat Noi

This Chinese neighborhood has been here since the beginning of the Rattanakosin Kingdom when Bangkok became the capital for the first time and remained so till today. To reach this place, you can take the MRT to Hua Lamphong station, and leave through exit number 1.

Being converted into a living gallery, the entire Talat Noi area has so many check-in spots you can visit. You can watch various graffiti artworks on the wall, snap a photo with classical Chinese buildings, or take a bite inside many food joints both old and new. If you don’t feel like walking for hours, you can rent a bike from many rental shops there, or just consult the map and pick a few spots that caught your interest then flag a cab.

The signature of Talat Noi, however, is the rusty orange Volkswagen next to the brick wall. If you go to Talat Noi and never take a selfie with that car, you might as well never have been there. It’s that famous.

Cr. 📸 : FB Page – Taladnoi


So Heng Tai Mansion

If you take a photo with the orange Volkswagen and don’t know where else to go in Talat Noi, one other place you shouldn’t leave this neighborhood before seeing it is So Heng Tai Mansion. This 200-year-old Chinese estate has a courtyard in the center of the mansion, and due to one of the descendants being a scuba instructor, a 4 meters deep pool was built in it as well. The result is an aesthetically pleasing view of a classical Chinese compound with a blue color pool to contrast the color palette of the view. So make sure to come here and drink some coffee as you look down at the courtyard from the second floor, we guarantee that the view will satisfy you.

Cr. 📸 : FB Page – โซว เฮง ไถ่ So Heng


Warehouse 30

From classical architecture, we’ll take a break with some loft-style destinations. Warehouse 30 has renovated a bunch of old industrial warehouses into a community mall with eateries, shops, and co-working spaces.

Warehouse 30 also has its own cinema that shows many indie movies depending on the schedule. If you’re a movie lover as well, Warehouse 30 might be a good place for your next hang out.

Cr. 📸 : FB Page – Warehouse 30


Bangkok General Post Office @ Bang Rak

One could say that this post office is the most unique building of all buildings on Charoenkrung road, thanks to its brutalist architecture, from its plain bricks wall, rigid square arches, and strong, grim figures of the twin Garudas on the top of the central tower.

This building was designed in the 1930s to project the image of strength and authority of the modernized Thai government, followed in the footsteps of western powerhouses at the time such as Germany and the Soviet Union.. 2478 This uniqueness that has never been replicated elsewhere in Thailand allows this post office to become the star of Charoenkrung road ever since.

Aside from taking many photos, this building also houses a permanent exhibition about Thailand’s postal history. So if you’re a postage stamp collector or postal history enthusiast, Bangkok General Post Office is simply a must be on your travel list.

Cr. 📸 :
-FB Bangkok GPO
-Postal Heritage Hall, Nvt, CC BY-SA 3.0
Bangkok General Post Office, Iudexvivorum, CC0,
-Bangkok General Post Office, bkk, Supanut Arunoprayote, CC BY 4.0


Bangkokian Museum

Once again we return to the classic architecture hotspot by crossing the street to the opposite side of the Bangkok General Post Office, where you’ll find the Bangkokian Museum waiting for you. This Thai-European hybrid-style timber roof house was built before WWI and donated to the government so the later generations can learn what was it like to live in the early 20th century.

Inside this house, all furniture and tools are placed in the same way the previous owner once did, so the house appeared as if it was frozen in time during the 1950s, and remained so until this day. Outside the house, many big trees provide enough shades that you can take a stroll around the yard during the day. If you’re making a stop at the Bangkok General Post Office anyway, there’s no reason you shouldn’t swing by here, too!

Cr. 📸 : FB Page – Bangkokian Museum


Neilson Hays Library

Designed by the same architect as the famous Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall, this library will celebrate its 100th anniversary in June 2022. Neilson Hays Library houses many English books from many periods of time, some even older than the library itself!

This white, neoclassical style building with red wooden planks and shelves filled to the brim with aged old books, will send you straight back to the 1930s once you enter. If you feel peckish during your time travel here, the British Club cafe inside the library will greet you with many delectable treats and drinks to go along with the aesthetics you’re drinking with your eyes.

Cr. 📸 :
FB Page – Neilson Hays Library
Neilson Hays Library, Bjoertvedt, CC BY-SA 4.0


Prince Theater Heritage Stay

This place was once an old cinema from the WWII era, but after decades of abandonment, Prince Theater was resurrected into a cultural attraction with a hotel and a bar, with local community integration by selling the local’s cuisine and products. Due to being a cultural attraction, Prince Theater is also open to all visitors and not just their overnight guests.

Their lobby and bar area also serves as a gallery for many vintage movie machines and artworks inspired by the film industry. The bar here was built in the old cinema kiosk and they serve menus inspired by various famous old movies. Prince Theater Heritage Stay is the best place to end your Charoenkrung trip as you sip on a colorful drink watching an old film movie as the sun goes down.

Cr. 📸 : FB Page – Prince Theatre Heritage Stay