It could be said that no tourists that come to Thailand will leave without ever setting foot on a beach somewhere in Southern Thailand. Blue sky, green sea, fine-grained sand, beautiful island. What’s not to love? And one of the famous destinations in this region is Hat Yai city, Songkla. And within Hat Yai, there is this one hotel that recently opened that is on its way to becoming a new landmark in this province. That hotel is Laguna Grand Hotel & Spa Songkla, and LifeSara has been there, and we can tell you all about it!

Laguna Grand Hotel & Spa Songkla rises to the top among other luxurious hotels in this region thanks to its fully equipped facilities and amenities. Locate in the heart of Songkla city, this hotel is in the center of tourist attractions that shorten your travel time considerably, such as Samila beach which is only 30 minutes drive away.

At this point, you might get confused about why is Songkla such an important name in Thai tourism when it lacks iconic destinations like Phuket or PP island. But despite that factor, Songkla is still full to the brim with beautiful beaches, delicious local delicacies, and many cultural attractions. Except it is quieter and much more friendly than other tourist traps nearby!

And since you’re going for a more private, quiet, but no less enjoyable trip to the south anyway, why not splurge a bit more and go for an enjoyable stay as well? Pampered yourself a little by staying here and chilling in this plush and comfortable hotel so you can go out fully energized, and looking forward to returning at the end of the day.


Songkla’s Well-Designed Deluxe Hotel With Complete Facilities.


The Hotel Room Where You Can Feel Right At Home


An Impeccable Restaurant With Professional Chef


Toasting The Moon With A Delightful Drink In Laguna Bar


Plentiful Activities You Can Spend The Whole Day Without Feeling Bored


Exhilarating Water Sports And Activities With Jet Ski And Paddleboard!


Start Your Day Right With An Exercise In The Morning Breeze


Follow Up With Some Caffeine Fix And Baked Goods At Awaken Cafe