Even though Singapore is a hotter country than Thailand, the environment here is fantastic. There are many fascinating check-in spots, especially around Marina Bay! Hence, Lifesara encourages you to try biking around Marina Bay as a 1-day trip! It will bring all of you immersed in the views and environment capturing the moment and Singapore culture in 2 hours plus it’s an exercise for your health. Let’s follow up on what we have.


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Places on the list today are mostly in the Marina Bay area

– Marina Bay
– Marina Barrage
– National Stadium
– Singapore Flyer
– Bay Grandstand
– Esplanade
– Merlion Park
– Street views

Before our journey, we will bring you to rent an SG Bike first. It’s convenient to just register via the application on your phone. If you’re ready, let’s search for SG Bike.


SG bike at Flower Dome

How to go to where we park?

We rent a bike at the Flowers Dome area by taking the MRT blue line to Bayfront and walking to Marina Bay Sands hotel > Take the footbridge to Garden By the Bay and go straight to the destination, assuring by pin GPS to Flower Dome.

On the way to Flower Dome, a magnificent greenhouse building, you will pass Marina Bay Sand and Garden by the Bay to capture a photo and beautiful scene. There is a stop selling some drinks, but we suggest you carry drinks on your own. Then walk to where you see the red bikes park, and turn the SG bike app on to double-check with the location of the red bike pinned.

For the rental SG bike process, start with downloading the application first. Then create an account with your phone number and connect to your wallet for the payment. By that, you’ll receive a QR code to unlock a bike. Now you have a bike to ride all across the city, super convenient.

It’s done once you unlock the bike with the QR code

Now we’re ready to have a ride. Bottle ups and let’s bike to the right!


Skydeck view from Marina Barrage

Keep biking and the first stop you will arrive at is Marina Barrage, it’s a rest area and viewpoint. The bike can be parked at the front and then take an elevator to the top or walk if you wish.

There will be a lot of people, especially around 18:00 to see the view; however, the area is huge enough, so you won’t feel crowded. Then, let’s take some photos before moving to the next stop.

On the way down we will bike past the barrage and see the view of the lake and ocean.

Pinned it down and get cool pics
Location : Marina Barrage


The most gorgeous views around Marina Bay

Then you will see the most gorgeous view here because it’s the opposite of all landmarks surrounded by greenery, flowers, and skyscrapers with the orange warm tone of sunset at dusk. How gorgeous it is huh?


Chill out and explore new places

The location of each landmark looks close by, even though the actual biking route is far. More than that, what we see on the way are various unfamiliar places, views, and the way of life of Singaporeans.

It’s something that is fascinating. At first, we thought of just going to every landmark, but on the way, there are unexpected remarkable views to enjoy.

Many people bring their dogs to walk and all of them look well taken care of, have leashes and don’t get zoomies and barks. Maybe because of their laws to control stray dogs.

So here is another place we’ve visited and we didn’t even plan, but it’s too bad not to capture this view. If you come during the night, you will see the view with glittering lights. oo bad that we’ve arrived when the sun is still up.

And next, we see the bridge that connects us to our next stop. The scenery is very beautiful. Once you arrive here, there will be an off-bike sign, so you have to walk your bike crossing the bridge.

Time passes by and it’s almost dusk. It was a happy moment that we turned our faces looking at the view of the sky and the surrounding people, middle ages, and families playing with their kids. (P.S. It might have a Loi Krathong event here).

Keep going straight and we’re heading toward National Stadium


Visit the National Stadium, the enormous stadium that can contain more than 55,000 seats

We’ve been passing through many shopping areas and playgrounds for volleyball. Now we will stop by Singapore National Stadium, 310-meter height and on-off roof function for the weather uncertainty. It’s enormous and can hold people for more than 55,000 seats. It’s usually use for football and rugby competitions or concert tours such as BTS, Billie Eilish, and the latest one was Blackpink.

Location : National Stadium

After we left the Stadium, it got dark. Nonetheless, we prefer this rather than during the day because we will see all the light on the building along the way.

We rode past Formula 1, Singapore Grand Prix, the place tha competition field which made us so excited!

We also enjoy wonderful views and massive fields that many people come for skateboards and bikes.


Singapore Flyer, pleasant Ferris wheel

It looks big since we see it from a distance, but it’s so gigantic when we see it up close here. The time we arrived was at night, which made the mood and tone really good to get a shot. Anyone who wishes to get a ride can go for it, but we just stop by to see how gigantic it is with the lights all over.

Location : Singapore Flyer


Bay Grandstand, a car racing field that can compete all day and night

In a short time, we arrived at a famous Singapore racing car field. If there is a racing competition, they will be open all day and night. If you are in the audience, you will be able to immerse yourself in the beauty of the night view from the grandstand seats. Spectacular!

Location : Bay Grandstand


Esplanade, performing arts center

While we’re biking, we will pass by luxurious restaurants, see people chill in good surroundings, and then we will meet at the shopping area where the Esplanade is located. It’s a top performing arts center in Singapore where your eyes will automatically catch it. Because the building is so prominent, it has a pointy tip like a golden durian. There are 1,600-seat concert halls and 2,000-seat theaters to hold many styles of concerts. Shopping centers, restaurants, and cafes are also available for you to enjoy or come to the concert.

There is a performance at the front, pinned it down to watch

Location : Esplanade


The final part of the trip at Jubilee Bridge

Now is the last section of the route we’re taking, Jubilee Bridge. There are plenty of people here, because it’s the best view spot ever with Merlion, a famous landmark of Singapore.


Get a shot with Merlion Park, you won’t reach Singapore if you don’t see it!

Here is our last landmark with the view of Marina Bay and the lights on the building reflect glittering water in the bay, so magnificent. No doubt that’s why there are so many people at this time. You can come during the day for the less crowded.

Location : Merlion Park

On the way back, we will find a parking spot near MRT because we’re heading to Marina Bay Sands, the triplets hotel. You will bike past many skyscrapers and luxurious hotels.


End of the journey

At twilight, we’re looking for a bike parking station which we can search on the application and find a gray P which means you can return your bike there. So we parked it behind Marina Bay Sands because there is a QR code to return a bike on the floor.

Procedure to return a bike

  1. Press the lock behind the seat back to the original position after you park and put the kickstand down
  2. Access to SG bike app and click End trip
  3. Searching for yellow frame QR code on the floor
  4. If you can’t scan, try to park your bike close to the QR code or send a report to the application and take a photo to prove your return
  5. For those who can scan, click End trip to complete your return

End of the journey, it’s a good experience to bike around Marina Bay seeing views and exercising at the same time.

We rode it for 141 mins which cost $4.33 plus burning calories. If you’re interested, SG bike is an affordable bike rental company that covers many areas. You can get it for viewpoints, exercise, photo spots, or chill out with your friends. Worth it!