Does anyone plan to go to Singapore? Once you have a chance, you might want to make it worth the trip because we don’t have many chances to travel. Besides taking a photo for memory, another thing that can’t miss is getting souvenirs or gifts for an important person.
Most of you might not know where to go or sometimes the price is too expensive or items are not matching your will. It’s a problem that we can’t let pass through. Today Lifesara has brought 15 hot souvenir shops in Singapore that you can’t miss in Singapore. Each shop is cute and reasonable to get it back as a gift. Let’s keep reading about what interesting shops we found.



Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant

Let’s start in the Chinatown area with Sichuan cuisine for people who love spicy food. How is this restaurant related to souvenirs? Because at the front of the store is what we want to present as “Tanghulu.” Some might have seen it in Anime or TV series, but didn’t have a chance to try. We recommend that there is a package to buy it back as a gift here. Don’t be afraid of melting, you can put it in the fridge once you’re home.

Old Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant 老成都川菜馆
Hours : 11:30-01:30
+65 6222 6858


Lim Chee Guan New Bridge Road Store

Continues with a BBQ pork store that has been open for more than 80 years in Singapore. Selling as a package or kilos for you to choose from. If you like flavorful and dense BBQ pork, you must try it. If you come to Singapore but don’t get BBQ pork, it looks like you haven’t reached Singapore because it’s very famous. There are many branches but where we went was in Chinatown.

Lim Chee Guan New Bridge Road Store
Hours : 09:00-22:00
6933 7230


Bee Cheng Hiang New Bridge Road Store

This one is another legendary BBQ pork store in Singapore. Many products to choose from such as kilos sell, packages, pork floss, and chicken floss; they’re yummy!!! If you don’t know what to get back, let’s try this one, it’s so nice!

Bee Cheng Hiang New Bridge Road Store
Hours : 09:00-22:00
6223 7059


Thye Moh Chan – Chinatown Point

Moving to a big department store, Chinatown Point. This shop is located on the 1st floor selling Teochew pastries. It’s been open for 80 years with so many flavors filling it such as durian, pineapple, salted egg, bbq pork, sweet and savory, or snow cake with cloud pattern. Also, there is a package bundle set that really suits buying as a gift to your home.

Thye Moh Chan – Chinatown Point
Hours : Mon – Thu, Sun 10:00-21:00, Fri – Sat 10:00-22:00
6604 8858


Yue Hwa Chinese Products (Chinatown)

The next one is a department store in the metropolis. It’s not big compared to other departments, but it’s full of souvenirs from cheap to expensive. Items selling here are about daily life facilities, herbs, set plates, perfumes, condiments, and many more. If you don’t know where to get souvenirs in Singapore, you should try coming here. It’s easy to find just across the street from China Point!

Yue Hwa Chinese Products (Chinatown)
6538 9233
Hours : 11:00-21:00


Chinese Products

This shop is located in a department store like Big C or Lotus, the same as in Thailand. The specialty is Singapore signature items such as instant food, condiments, Singapore snacks, etc. It’s a shop that suits budget people. It’s near People Park near Chinatown and Hawker full of local food that you should try.

People park ft.1 : Chinese products
Hours : 11:00-21:30



Another souvenir shop in Chinatown. Everything about Chinese tradition is in this shop starting from cheap to expensive chopsticks, fans, scarfs, unique plates, and bowls. It’s good to buy for elders. This shop is in the PSSF-65 area which is easy to target with the number on the shop sign.

Chinatown Singapore


Hock Wong Foodstuff Chinatown Branch

Another delectable BBQ pork shop in Chinatown. You have to be quite observant because it’s a secret shop. It’s famous for selling kilos of BBQ pork and separate packages, the package is cute. The pattern is about gods and dragons in cartoon displays. If you want to buy cute souvenirs, this is the one for you.

Hock Wong Foodstuff Chinatown Branch
9146 9879



This shop is full of trivial souvenirs with adorable prices. They all are signatures of Singapore such as chocolate Merlion, glass Merlion, toothpick with famous landmarks patterns, postcards, and cute little lamps. If you didn’t know yet what to buy, you will have so many things you want to bring back with you.😂 It’s at the PSSF-60 block in Chinatown.

Hours : 10:00-22:00


Perfect Shop

This one is the main shop and biggest shop in Chinatown. Most items are souvenirs such as chocolates, glasses, brooches, postcards, hats, belts, perfumes, jars, and other facilities. Also, if you want to shop for clothes, underwear, and socks, everything here is on a budget.

Perfect Shop


The Tintin Shop

Once we see this shop, you might think it’s not in Chinatown because it’s so cute. It’s a souvenir shop in Singapore selling legit products from Tintin, just like a secret shop in Chinatown.

There are postcards, folders, figures, books, and mugs with many patterns. If you like the cuteness of this movie or even if you don’t know but want to bring vividness back to your lovers or for yourself, you have to take a peek at this shop and you will be screaming with cuteness overload.

The Tintin Shop
Hours: Mon – Thu, Sun 11:00-19:00, Fri – Sat 11:00-20:00
8183 2210


Chopsticks Store

Another souvenir shop in the center of Chinatown sells traditional pattern fans, unique pattern ceramic cups, pillow sheets, fine sewing, and charming design chopsticks like in the dynasty. If you’re looking for something that has meaning in its design, this shop is open for you.

Chopsticks Store


Zhen Lacquer Gallery

If you want souvenir painting styles, Chinese drawing, postcards, Chinese word charms, ink brushes, and hand-paint bowls. We recommend this shop. They’re so exquisite, suitable for people who want to bring something back to an important person. And the price is not expensive at all, you should check it out.

Zhen Lacquer Gallery
6222 2718



Continue with Scarlet, a souvenir retail shop with so many products such as condiments, seasoning, Mala, Mama, famous Mala noodles or snacks, yams, and chocolates for you to shop. The prices are cheap and good deals. If you like to carry lots of items home, buying a package is worth it. It’s located in the TSSF 01-01D zone, don’t forget to come.

Scarlett Supermarket
Open 24 hours



Ending up with a legendary BBQ pork with so many branches in Singapore. Apart from selling kilos of BBQ pork, there is also a package to select from. There are cassava snacks, flavorful fish skin, and many more. If you pass Chinatown, it’s close to the street and easy to come to. Thumbs up!

Fragrance Bak Kwa (Chinatown)
+65 6327 1961