Singapore is the top developed country in Asia with a small area which makes travelers be able to simply go across the country. Today, LifeSara has a suggestion for a way to travel across the country which is SG Bike. Let’s see how we can register that.


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Download the application to rent a bike

Firstly, download the SG bike app to see all the SG bike stations, so we can pick it up there.


Create an account with a phone number

Create an account using the Singapore phone number that we bought to register. Then waiting for OTP to verify your phone number to access.


Connect with your wallet to rent a bike

Add money to the wallet by credit or debit card.

Access the main page and select 3 lines symbol at the top left and click My Wallet to add money > Click Top-Up > There will be options $10, $20, $50, and $100, we suggest adding just $10. If you prefer the bigger bike, it will cost a bit more but the small one is sufficient.

**SG bike is a bike rental company that does not require a deposit.


Scan the QR code to unlock

Once we arrive at an SG bike station, pick the one that you like. Then search for the QR code behind the bike seat which will still have a lock.


Waiting for the download to complete and having fun

Click Unlock at the main page > Scan QR code > The application will display the Unlocking process with % > Wait until it’s unlocked > Once it’s unlocked, the money will be counting > The cost will depend on how much you ride.