If we think about an area that is popular for its tattoo studios then a lot of people will probably think about “Chonburi”, the land of the free where talented artists gather. Chonburi is a province in the east with a coastline and is one of the most important holiday destinations for Bangkokians. This is the reason why so many people drive such a long distance over to Chonburi. 🚖🚖
As there are many types of tattoos and it is something that will stay with you forever, driving around for a crazy amount of distance to look for a studio that clicks isn’t something as crazy as it first sounded to be. If you are planning to come to Chonburi and need a superb studio with an affordable price then today is your lucky day! The Lifesara team has put together 9 of the best tattoo studios in Chonburi for you. All of these studios will surely make you give them a 10/10 so let’s go and have a look!
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For the first studio in Chonburi we have Sweet Home Tattoo by Master Bank, a Muji styled tattoo studio with a fuzzy feel. This studio is well known for their minimalist style in color and black & white which are combined with sharp fine lines to create a signature aesthetic.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind design such as Realistic Geometric or Quote Watercolor then Master Bank can also craft out one for you. With more than 10 years of experience and the ability to create any style, this studio is a must visit for you!

📌Promotion! :
– New customers 20% off ✨

📍Location: The Plant Nongmon-Chonburi 140/23 Mooh 1 Muang subdistrict, City district, Chonburi 20130

📌Contact Informations
IG : Sweet_home_tattoo_bangsaen
Tel : 06-4964-9790 (ช่างแบ้ง)
Line : @sweethometattoo



Let’s change to something that had made all the Chonburi girls out there smile with glee, Swenthy Tattoo Studio. This studio is akin to that of a photography studio and is a confluence of 3 artists with 3 different styles. Although, their style is a total opposite of each other, their craft is the real deal and is nothing to sneeze at.

  • 🌻Master Ton: If you prefer a minimalist style with sharp outlines then this is the master for your work. Master Ton is capable of all styles while mostly specializing in animals’ imagery, stylish fonts, colored work and Korean style.
  • 🗼Master Sung: The master to choose if you prefer a cool looking Japanese style, geometric art, Roman motif as well as freehand arts that had won many repeating customer
  • 🌷Master Pang: A sweet and lovely master who can handle all styles but her best works that left many customers wanting for more are those of flower motif and larger pieces

– 20% Discount for new customers who added the studio’s Line

📍Location : Behind Laem Thong Bangsaen shopping mall

📌Contact Informations
FB : Swenthy
IG : swenthy.27
Line : @swenthy
Tel : 096-376-4027


Ars longa Tattoo Studio – Minimalist tattoo in Bangsaen Chonburi

Let’s continue with a trendy minimalist studio that has been in business for more than 3 years, the Arslonga tattoo studio from the Bangsaen area. If you prefer cute and tiny lines that get you all warm and fuzzy or bold lines that play with both color and grayscale then this is the place for those neat art. The studio can accommodate numerous styles and also offer body piercing services as well; making a single stop at their studio in Chonburi can cover all your needs!

The shop is composed of 2 master tattoo artists, Master Mild and Master Fight and 1 piercing artist (Master Boss). All of them are exceptional when it comes to their crafts. If you are interested then try checking out their Instagram and their work won’t disappoint you. Once you are hooked you can jump on to Line to make a reservation as well!

📌Service Pricing :
– Starting from 1,000 Baht

📍Location : 10 minutes away from either Burapha university or Bang Saen beach
(Parking available)

📌Contact Informations
FB : Ars longa Tattoo Studio – สักลายมินิมอล บางแสน ชลบุรี
IG : arslonga_tattoo | arslonga_piercing
Twitter : @arslonga_tattoo
Line : @arslongatattoo
Tel : 080-099-9069


Ken Tattoo Bangsaen

For this spot we have the famous studio from Chonburi, Ken Tattoo Bangsaen. This is a well-known studio from Bangsaen with only a single master artist that can produce all sorts of different designs. These designs include minimalist, old school, realistic, Black&Grey and Script Fonts among others. Whether you are a hardcore tattoo addict or just trying something cute, Master Ken of this studio can handle it all. This studio is recommended by both Thais and foreigners alike. If you are just starting out in the world of tattoo then you can ask Master Ken for some guidance as well and we guarantee that his quality and standards is unlike anything you have ever seen before too!🫶🏻

📍Location : 36/1 The Rich village, Bang Saen 4 road northern route, Saen Suk, Chonburi 20130

📌Contact Informations
FB : Ken Tattoo Bangsaen
IG : ken_tattoo_bangsaen
Line : tattooken12
Tel : 094-737-5448


Number4low Tattoo Bangsaen

If anime is in your blood, then this studio is heaven for an otaku like you! Number4low Tattoo, one of the wackiest studios out there in Bang Saen, is a studio that focuses on anime and manga styles. The studio’s precise detailing and attention to detail will ensure that you can carry around your favorite manga scene with pride; with no harm to your wallet too!

The master here is a passionate drawer of manga and cartoon art who had turned himself into a tattoo artist. The studio’s bold and striking choice of style has won them a lot of recognition; therefore, any otakus out there who need a tattoo of their mains really should check them out! Oh the AC is extremely cool as well! 😂

📌Pricing :
– ราคาเริ่มต้น 1,000

📍Location : Bangsaen, Chonburi

📌Contact Information
FB : Number4low Tattoo Bangsaen
IG : number4low_tattoo (Work Samples)
Line Official : @number4low_tattoo
Tel : 092-9745426



Next up we have 286tattoofamily from the Bang Saen area. This studio has 3 masters with 3 different styles that come together really well. If you are looking for a more artsy light and shadow play then try out Master Nat who is an expert on micro, realistic and minimalist style of work. If you want a cool looking style then check out Master Louise who specializes in Black and Dark themes. If you prefer something cuter and more minimal then Master Bung is the perfect choice for tiny and minimalist work. This studio can handle all sorts of aesthetics and also hold tattooing classes. The knowledge taught here is top-notch and is guaranteed by an instructor with more than 15 years of experience and more than 60 students. Check them out if you are interested in their classes or experience! 🔥🫶🏻✨

📍Location: Slightly opposite of Mooh Krata Soom Hua restaurant, Bang Saen

📌Contact Informations
FB : 286tattoofamily
IG : 286tattoofamily
Tel : 082-358-2700


Hoju tattoo

Do you love Japanese art? Check out Hoju Tattoo in Chonburi. This studio has been doing Japanese style tattoo for more than 10 years, gathering experience from the Australian tattoo scene and convention. If you are looking for a Japanese Style work or Irezumi style (traditional Japanese style) then the studio can do it all as they are the only studio in Thailand who can do the Tebori style of tattooing which results in a very unique looking tattoo. If you want something rare then don’t miss out on this studio!⛩

📍Location : Soi Khao Talo
Hoju tattoo (private custom tattoo studio)

📌Contact Informations
FB : Hoju tattoo
Email : hojutattoo@hotmail.com
IG : hojutattoo | bieesaetang


NTC Tattoo Chonburi

Next up we have NTC Tattoo Chonburi, a chillax atmosphere studio in the Muang Mai Marina village. The cute master here can do all types of tattoos such as stylish font work, minimalist, realistic or even black and gray. All of these styles are all minimalist to an extent. The studio also offers a cozy corner for you to wait as well, which will surely make every customer fall in love with the work and atmosphere. 🌻🌻

📍Location : 107,19 Soi Mooh Ban Muang Mai Marina Village, Samed, Chonburi

📌Contact Informations
FB : NTC Tattoo Chonburi
Tel : 081-429-4593
Line : ntctattoo
IG : ntc.tattoochonburi
Tiktok : ntctattoochonburi


DC.04 ink hunters

For the final studio we have the DC.04 ink hunters, a realistic handicraft studio from Chonburi. Be it big or small work, just tell Master Mark here and he will get it done. Although you only see these cool and stylish work here, the studio is also capable of different styles such as Minimal, Blackwork and Line tattoo as well. The studio also pays a lot of attention to the ink they use; only imported ink is on the list. This care also extends to the cleanliness as well. If you prefer a more historical looking tattoo then this studio can scratch that itch for you! 🏺🏛️

📍Location : Saen Suk, Chonburi 20130

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 094-846-5558 (ช่างมาร์ค)
FB : DC.04 ink hunters
IG : dc.04_ink hunters
Line : markdc04