Are you looking for a trustworthy tattoo artist in Thailand? Someone who has an impressive amount of designs to choose from, while also capable enough with tattooing to bring your dream into reality?

Choosing a tattoo artist is the most important step to making your tattoo idea appear on your skin. The blueprint can be searched on the internet. The drawing can be remade over and over until you satisfy. But once the artist put the needle in your skin, nothing after this can be changed without a lot of tears, pain, and a towering medical bill.

This is why LifeSara brings you a list of 16 tattoo artists with creative ideas, distinctive designs, and the actual tattooing skill to paint a real piece of art on your skin that you can show proudly for a very long time! At a reasonable price, to boot!!



We’ll begin our list with a legendary team, Lonewolf_studio. The artists here are well-known for their creative designs that lots of younger people go crazy for, ranging from geometric, conceptual, brush, fine-line, engraving, micro realistic, to abstract styles.

Especially for Ton, the Lonewolf’s main artist, who specialized in ‘conceptual mixed geometric art’.

His design combined Minimalism with contour to highlight muscles and body parts, binding everything together with geometric shapes that tell your story in a way that no one else can recreate. Your tattoo design created by Artist Ton will belong to you alone, and will never become similar to anyone else!!

📍Location : Soi Sukumvit 101 – Buntima 4 building, Bangchak, Phra Kanong, Bangkok 10260

Tel : 089-520-0994
FB : lone wolf studio
IG : Lonewolf_studio

IG Artist
1. Artist Ton @Lonewolf_gd | @Tattooist.T
2. Artist Pop @Blxckdogink
3. Artist Palm @Lastmanink
4. Artist Boom @Boom.jrn
5. Artist Goog @Alt.G



If the tattoo in your mind is brimming with colors, you might want to visit Wishtatt, because this parlor is famous for its minimal/brush, abstract style tattoo that stood out from everyone else.

The artist here was a passionate undergrad who devote their lives to learning to tattoo and finding their own style until they finally discovered their talent with brushstrokes coloring. And that was the beginning of this home studio for abstract design tattoos with a special brushstrokes technique to set their tattoo apart from anyone else.

If you are interested, prepare to wait. This parlor is pretty popular with a 1-2 months queue time! But at least you can see now just how good this artist is.

✨Pricing detail
-Minimal tattoo starts from 1500.-
-Colored tattoo starts from 3500.-
-Designing fee 500.-

📍Location :

IG : wishtatt
FB : wishtatt
Tel : 093-904-1784
Line : @wishtatt (Reservation here)


Arslonga Tattoo

Do you like cartoons? Japanese or Western-style is fine because Arslonga Tattoo can make any minimal-style, cartoonish, or anime designs a reality on your skin!

Arslonga Tattoo studio 💖 is famous for its minimal, colorful designs with sharp and clear lines. Whether you want an anime drawing, realism portrait, or any other design, artist Fight and artist Mind can make them all into a tattoo you’ll enjoy🐈🌷✨

📍Location : Tambon Ban Puek, Amphoe Mueang Chon BuriChon Buri, Thailand

IG : arslonga_tattoo
FB : Ars longa Tattoo Studio – สักลายมินิมอล บางแสน ชลบุรี
Twitter : @arslonga_tattoo
Line : @arslongatattoo
Tel : 080-099-9069


Matatt Tattoo Studio

Our next studio is for people who love soft and light-colored line art tattoos. If you want a cute but not overwhelming tattoo like a Korean or Japanese girl would have, come to Matatt!

The owner of this studio is enthusiastic about botanical, lettering design, and any kind of work with dynamic color gradients or extremely organic forms.

Their love reflects in Matatt’s characteristic design in how they played with color gradients on their line art, creating a natural, flowing artwork that once it rests on your skin, will softly spread without a harsh, jagged point to break the tone. Their tattoo would look so natural on your skin as if it was drawn on a canvas.

When they design your tattoo, they can either work on Ipad or on paper. It is when they work on paper, however, that their specialty comes out to play through calligraphy. Their use of an authentic dip pen allows their awe-inspiring penmanship to be translated onto your skin as completely as possible.

Their seven artists bring seven art styles that are unique to each person, so not only can you get choose a specific parlor for your style, you can choose a specific artist for even more suitability!! If our description piques your interest, then you should visit their IG right away💕

📍Location : 3rd Floor 8/3 Rungsijaroj Alley, Bang Chak, Phra Khanong, Bangkok 10260

IG : ma.tatt
FB : Matatt Tattoo Studio


Simple but elegant, doing less but worth more, these phrases are totally the description of our next tattoo parlor. is famous for its cute minimalistic or micro-realistic tattoos, both in line only and with coloring as well. ><

The artist here is very skilled in color play, being able to put different colors together in contrasting yet satisfying designs. Their craftsmanship can be seen in a long list of customer queues, as the artist can works magic on every design, whether you bring it yourselves or pay them to create for you. 💕

-Bangkok: Lam Luk Ka, Si canal
-Kamphaeng Phet city

IG :
Line :


Wine tattoo studio

Once again we’re here with a minimal-style tattoo studio, but this one is different because its lines are colored in pastel tones! So sweet, so precious😍

While this artist can do any minimal design, their passion and talent lie in the unique botanical tattoos. Their pastel-colored flower tattoos are a cute combination of minimalism and gradients play, resulting in special creations that are very difficult to be copied.

So if you’re looking for an artist to make an adorable minimal flower tattoo for you, look no further 💕

📍Location : 108 Soi Sukumvit 101/2, Bang Na, Bangkok 10260

IG : winetattoostudio
FB : winetattoostudio
Tel : 089-451-1491


Otaku assemble!! is where you can get cool anime/manga tattoos!! Or any other detailed portrait is fine too because their specialty is the rich coloring, thick and clear line art, that also perfect to recreate a Japanese cartoon on your body!! ><

Whether you want a drawing of an anime hero, a special scene in manga, or elaborate line art, as long as your design can be made in just black and red, Yensoart can make it happen!

Unlike other parlors, Yensoart based its price on the time each design takes to finish. But if you want to do more than one tattoo, you can hire them the whole day too! One price for as many tattoos you can squeeze in a day! The wholesale tattoo promotion🤘🏻

📍Location : In an alley next to Assumption University Suvarnabhumi Campus, Bang Na.

IG :
FB : yensoart
Tel : 094-553-9549



If a tattoo with impressive line art makes your knees go weak, Tatchtoo will be your heaven with their gallery full of meticulously detailed line art tattoos!!

No one out there can match Tatchtoo in its Fine Linework. Their single needle tattoos can draw out every single detail down to the tiniest dot to create an awe-inspiring geometric mixed with micro-realistic with depth and sharpness so spectacular you become a walking optical illusion.

If their works themselves haven’t convinced you, then you should know that the artist here used to work on many Hollywood stars, famous celebrities, and many influential figures in the US entertainment sector!! They even have a certificate from the US!

📍Location : Berendoblock (private studio) Sukhonthasawat Rd. Near The Walk (Kaset-Nawamin).

IG : Tatchtoo
FB : Tatchtoo

** Queue reservation through IG only.



>//< Their drawing and coloring skills have made plenty of adorable tattoos that melted everyone’s heart!

That’s right! Pon.sstudio’s specialty is in designing a sweet and delightful tattoo in a shape of a pet, flower, or just soft line art that is unique for every customer who hires them. And that design will be used only on that customer only, never being reused on anyone else. So if you love cute, little things, Pon,sstudio won’t let you down❤️

📍Location : Sena Nikhom)

IG : pon.sstudio
Twitter : @Sstudiopon
Line official : @ponsstudio



We have taken a look at many serious style specialists, so let’s take a break with a playful but reliable shop in Bangkok, Nothin.tooit!

Nothin.tooit usually working on minimalistic doodling or lettering designs with simple coloring and freedom to exercise their own drawing style. This artist is very serious about plagiarism, however, so they won’t work on any design copied straight from the internet!

Either you draw it up yourselves, or just hire them to design it for you, just like most customers here have done. But if you like a funny, cheeky drawing tattoo, Nothin.tooit can make it happen!

📍Location : Klinsri Plaza, opposite of Central Pinklao

IG : nothin.tooit


Hello Tattoo

Hello Tattoo doesn’t exactly come from Hello Kitty (more like “Say hello to our tattoo!”), but they’re very skilled in making cute, brightly, colorful tattoos that make you squeal like Sanrio’s cartoons anyway. ><

Their unique style indeed leans heavily on their color plays and characteristic line arts that become a playful tattoo that draws everyone’s eyes upon them with their cheerful “Hello!” that’ll make their heart flutter.

📍Location : BTS Sena Nikhom, same place as pon.sstudio

IG :
Twitter: @helloootattoo
Line official : @317jxcmp


Divineink Tattoo Thailand

The twelfth tattoo parlor on our list comes with dark and cool designs. Divineink is well-known for its realistic and Japanese tattoos, with the intense art style in both the drawing and coloring that’ll make you feel like a real gangster.

This parlor’s roster is full of artists with more than ten years worth of experience and each one also carries many awards and certificates from both domestic and international competitions. Divineink itself also has a certificate from the Thai ministry of health and environment for its cleanliness and safety.

The four artists here are each specialized in their own fields; Realistic tattoos, Japanese tattoos, Black&Grey tattoos, and Backward color tattoos. Their reputations are indeed well-earned, with a long list of previous clients including many singers and other national idols.

Their first parlor was actually on Khaosan road, but they have moved to ChangChui market instead thanks to its calmer and quieter atmosphere. More relaxation for their customers, and definitely more concentration for the artists!

📍Location : ChangChui market (Previously on Khaosan Rd.)
Open from 12.00-20.00

Web :
LINE@ : divineinkthailand
IG :
Tel : 02-001-5450 | 099-982-9664



This vintage studio is for realistic-freestyle tattoo enthusiasts! Whether you want the same thing from a photo you found, draw it up on your own, or let them design it for you, 434studio can make them all just the way you want💕

Although to be honest, the artist here can do every style you could have wanted, like cartoonish, minimal, dot work, etc. Anything depends on your briefing, really✨ But their needlework can truly shine when it is realistic-freestyle, where you bring them a picture and they’ll put some design on it to express a specific mood or message you want. That is exactly what sets 434studio apart from other parlors out there. 👏🏻

📍Location : Chim Phli, Taling Chan, Bangkok

IG : 434studio
FB : 434 Tattoo Studio
Line : 434studio
Tel : 099-1612414


Klom karn tattoo

Once again we’re here with a minimalist tattoo artist, but this time he comes with a twist! Because this artist can turn your precious memories into a simple but meaningful piece of art to always remind you of the good old day❤️

Artist Karn, the owner of this private home tattoo, is very talented in turning your family, your loved one, your friend, your beloved pet, or even just a photo of a moment into symbolic or minimal line art that will stay on your skin for a very long time, so you can keep a piece of happiness closed to your heart at all time.

And Mr.Karn does not take a design fee, too!! So you can just pay for the actual tattooing, and got a tattoo that never is the same to anyone else, tailored specifically just for your memories alone. But you can come here even without specific memory in mind because Mr.Karn can also work on botanical or colored tattoos as well!

Even better is that this studio is very relaxing and private! Mr.Karn only accepts one customer (and their followers) per day, so you can chill here with just you, your artist, some people you want to spend your time with, and some relaxing songs in the background.

P.s. …And cats. Two cats, in fact. So if you’re a cat lover as well, this studio is totally worth your money.

📍Location : 111 Thetsaban Samrong Tai 6, Samrong, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130
> > BTS Bearing, exit number 3rd. Hire a motorbike taxi into Golden Town village.

✨Free parking!! >> In the village behind Imperial World Samrong, through Wat Maha Hong alley (P.s. Ring up the artist if you can’t find it☺️)

Tel : 094-291-4659 | Line @
IG : klomkarntatt
Twitter : @klom_karn
Website : Klom Karn Tattoo Studio
Pinterest : Tattoo by Karn (Previous works gallery)


Rubb Tattoo Space

Our fifteenth parlor is a cool space with a cooling drink. Rubb Tattoo Space is a secret parlor in a village with four artists and their skills in four tattoo styles.

Notwithstanding the tiny and out of the war parlor, these four artists are the old hand at tattooing, having worked in this sector for more than a decade. You can be assured that your tattoo will be done by a real professional.

These four artists are also very famous among Thai tattoo enthusiasts for their specific styles that covered nearly every designs possible. So no matter what tattoo you had in your mind, if you come here you won’t walk away with empty skin or regret.

The four artists are skilled in the following styles (visit their # for their gallery)
-Artist Tee (#TeeRTS) = Japanese, realistic blackwork, Thai tattoo, other Asian tattoos
-Artist Yean (#YeanRTS) = Old school, Calligraphy
-Artist Bozo (#BozoRTS) = Minimal, micro realistic, neotribal
-Artist Cheer (#OldwayRTS) = Neo tradition, Blackwork, Anime

If you get thirsty after the briefing, there’s also an outdoor cafe zone to serve you some drinks, too! Check out their secret bar here:>> Rubb bar (IG : rubb_bar)

✨Don’t miss out on their summer promotion! Every tattoo customer can get one free drink menu!! **Until 30 April only!!!!

Even if you don’t plan on getting a tattoo just yet, you can come to survey the place and chill here in their outdoor cafe! Just sipping some Rubb bar’s drink and drinking in the atmosphere is already satisfying!!

📍Location : 125-137 Soi Yu Ruai 1, Lane 1, Khwaeng Anusawari, Khet Bang Khen, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10220
-Near BTS Sai Yud 🚈
-Can parking in the alley
Open Tue-Sun from 11:00-20:00 (Closed on Monday)

FB : Rubb Tattoo Space
IG : rubbtattoospace_
Tel : 061-162-9966


Buburin Mhoobintattoo studio
(Thai name:สักกับหมู)

Our last parlor is the professional when we talk about colored tattoos. If you want your tattoo to have intense, vibrant colors like never before, Buburin can put the fit the entire wonderland on your skin thanks to their US imported color pigments!! 💕

You can brief the artist with as much detail as you like, then the artist will work their magic into your plan and bring it to life with HD line arts and so many colors even Barbie would be proud! And their parlor is clean and comfortable so you won’t feel stressed when you get your tattoo.

Buburin’s preferred style is cartoon tattoo where their skills with colors can truly shine. But other than that, the artist here can also do micro realism tattoos☀️, and new school tattoos🌈, along with others.

No matter the design, however, Buburin can put so many colors into your tattoo that it’ll snag everyone’s attention just from a glance, that’s guaranteed🌟

📍Location : Nakorn Pathom city, near Silpakorn University (Sanamchandra Campus)

IG : mind_kkn
FB : A’mind Sajjapakasit