Have you ever wondered why people went back to using film cameras? The camera’s peculiar smell, texture and the resulting photos are a mysteriously attractive item that when looked at invoked the memories of old and the desire to hop back into that particular moment. This is one of the reasons why people still choose a film camera

Even if a hundred or a thousand years had passed, people would still come back to this archaic photo-recorder. Perhaps, it might become a rare item and is worth more than some digital cameras. But choosing these film cameras also require a thorough understanding of the camera as they require a very high level of care; thus, buying a film camera requires that you have a specialist at your side.

We at Lifesara had put together 8 locations with genuine high-quality film cameras that match all the needs of someone starting to play around with film cameras or someone looking to replace an old one. Let’s look at these places!

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If you are a film lover, you should begin your journey at the Khonchobfilm (Film lover) store. The place is aptly named 😂 as we can tell how much the owner loves his films. This is another store that collects all the high-quality film cameras into one place.

For beginners, this is one of the best options as they issue a 30-days warranty for the camera itself as well as warranty for the first film roll should the resulting photo come out unusable. If you are interested you can set up an appointment to see the actual camera but only for those in Bangkok. ✨

📌Promotion :
– Store and Shopee discount available for new followers; a 129-baht discount and general discount of 100 Baht
– Accepts credit cards or installment payment through Shopee ✨

📌Contact Informations
FB : ขายกล้องฟิล์ม khonchobfilm
IG : Khonchob.film
Shopee : Khonchobfilm
Gmail : khonchobfilm@gmail.com


Unit Film Camera Bangkok

Unit Film Camera Bangkok is one of the most well-known stores amongst film camera lovers.They provide a wide range of cameras,and a comprehensive range of equipment for film camerasimported from Japan.The camera sold here rangesfrom high-quality second-hand products tothe premium quality camera.

These include models like Contax T2, Leica M3, Leica M6, Compact (Point and shoot) that are in high demand and necessitate a reservation beforehand. If you are a beginner, they also offer beginner cameras like Yashica electro 35, Olympus 35 DC and SLR camera, as well as the popular Nikon FM2, Canon AE-1 Program and the camera for 120 mm film (Medium format Hasselbla 500c/m), Hasselblad 503cx as well as many other cameras.

The shop also sells film camera lenses and all products are pieces with the highest quality possible with warranty. Each piece went through rigorous cleaning and inspection for basic inspection. If you are interested, you can come in for a tryout. The store is willing to help you with everything about a camera film.

⏰ Opening hours: Closes every Monday
Open on Tuesday – Sunday
Time: 11:00-20:00

📌Contact informations
Line : @UNIT_BANGKOK (Include @)
TEL : 02-252-3262
WEBSITE : https://unit-filmcamera.com/ or Order via : Shopee | Lazada



Unclefilmscamera is perhaps the best store if you are just starting out. This is a film camera store that sells only the product with the highest quality. The variety this store offers is also numerous; ranging from Compact Film types, RF films camera, SLR film camera as well as other more accessible cameras like toy camera and polaroid camera.

The shop mostly focuses onPoint and Shoot and Zone focus cameras as it is the mostapproachable type for a lot of people.They also offer additional peripherals such as camera sling, lens lid and even the camera model’s specific storage back.Top that off with 10 days warranty and boatload of advice as well as film camera basic operation and film handling instruction,there isn’t a real reason to overlook this placeif you are a newbie

📌Contact Informations
IG : unclefilmscamera



Looking for a minimalist camera? Try out Elevenfilm.store, a store specializing in Japanese cameras with minimalist design that really suits beginners who are starting out. If you have a particular camera in mind, don’t hesitate! Come over and talk to the owner who is a real professional that will teach you everything he knows as well as provide you with after-sales service as well as free shipping and a 14-days warranty as a cherry on top! A true godsend for film camera newbies. ✨

📌Contact Informations
IG : Elevenfilm.store
Line : @hix8865f
FB : Elevenfilm.store



Next up is the film.a.grain,a store every Youtuber has to smash that like button for.The store runs their own YouTube channel called “film a grain”with a series named “Pha Film Pai Feh” (พาฟิลม์ไปเฟ่)that aims to clarify problems surrounding a camera and a closer look at the camera model.Film lovers really should subscribe to their channelas every clip is packed full of information about new cameras and camera tests. If you are considering a camera, this clip will help you understand and make a decision on that camera you have been eyeing.

They are also very professional when it comes to their service as they are willing to admit the flaws on the cameras and give a thorough explanation about them and provide a warranty for even 2nd hand cameras. Looking for a film camera? Check them out!

📌Contact Informations
IG : film.a.grain
FB : film.a.grain
Tel : 095-941-5541
Gmail : film.a.grain@gmail.com
Youtube : film a grain 🔥


Mooji films and white balance

For this spot let’s look at Mooji Films, another film camera store that doesn’t sell only cameras but also acts as a café for you all content creators as well as a film development store named White Balance.

The store offers a comprehensive service starting from film sales, camera sales all the way to film development for all types of films such as movie, color, black-and-white and slides film. If you can’t be here in person then a postman delivery is also fine.

Another special feature of this shop is their signature“film dropping point” in many provinces that allows you to drop a film for development without charge.The provinces are as follows: Nakhon Sawan, Singhburi, Lomhsakh Petchaboon, Uthai Thani, Naresuan university, Lopburi, Buriram, Phitsanulok and Pichit.If it’s within your reach then feel free to go for them.Their film development speedis also very quick so you can wait to receive the photo within the day you visit the store. ✨The most comprehensive choice with the best price for your film photo needs. ❤️‍🔥

📌Promotion :
– Buy a film camera from moojifilms to receive a first-time discount for photo developments from 135 baht to 49 baht
* All Camera has a 1-month warranty
** Advice service throughout the camera’s life. All camera underwent CLA by the store’s technician
– Leave 5 films for a free delivery back and a free Push +1

📌Location: Store is in Chainat province
⏰Opening hours: 10.00-18.00 Closes every Wednesday

📌Contact Informations
FB : www.facebook.com/moojifilms
FB Film development Inbox : WHITE Balance
Tel : 087-314-0554
IG : moojifilms
Email : moojifilm@gmail.com
Youtube : Mooji films



Fell in love with tht mechanical “clack” of the camera? You might want to check out SomMild.

This store is set up by people who love the mechanical nature and charm of a film camera and thus understands everything about a film camera. If you are unsure of the type of camera that will fit your style, the shop can give you a few guidance on such a topic. On top of high-quality film and camera, the store focuses a lot of attention on after-sales service as they prioritize your feeling after the purchase too!

If you encounter a problemduring use or a mechanical stoppage,the store has a service-life warranty for the camerathus you can always send it over for a repairand also drop a few messageson usage guidance too!No more worries about looking for a place to fix your beloved camera! ✨

📌Contact Informations
IG : sommild_film
FB : SomMild – สมม๋าย ขายกล้องฟิล์ม
Email : 1776soontornsaltool@gmail.com
TikTok : sommildfilm
Youtube : Sommild



The last but not the least on this list is THE SHUTTER, an old brand within the film camera circle. Looking to buy, sell, trade or repairing your camera? This old store got you covered. They also have a variety of brands in their stock. Especially, top-of-the-line Leica in pristine condition that despite its 20 years old age, still maintain its quality as the store CLA’s service meticulously look over this camera. “Old is gold” really encapsulates this shops’ character.

If you have an old film camera that you might want to resurrect, the shop also has experts on cameras and lenses on hand to help you out too! If you have never used a film camera before, the store can also provide guidance on the matter as well as letting you tryout a few models. If it’s anything to do with camera and film, you can leave it to THE SHUTTER. No wonder they were the old guard for the film circle. 📹

📌Promotion :
– For purchases worth more than 10,000 Baht, receive 1 free film (Limited number)
– All camera have free peripherals such as battery, slings and product warranty

📍Location: Mega Plaza, Saphan Lek 5th floor

📌Contact Informations
Tel : 089-891-2786 (K. Tonkla) | 086-370-0326 (K. Tiim)
FB : TheShutter
IG : _theshutter
Line : talice