What else is better for a film camera than a scene of vibrant colors and a beautiful centerpiece, like a bridge with special architecture, a rustic vintage building, or something that evokes strong emotion in the viewer? We Lifesara understand your craving for fabulous places to put on your film roll and flex your skills, so we put together 10 destinations with unique landmarks and a bursting amount of colors you can visit and put your camera through its pace.


Rod Fai Park

This public park next to Chatuchak market is the hotspot of various activities and special scenes rustic lovers will want to put into the picture. From a field of sunflowers to remnants of old train carriages where the park got its name, this nature retreat in the heart of urban life is a good warm-up for every amateur photographer, whether to put a new camera through its pace or learn which lighting and perspective for best result you want.



Tha Maharaj

Depending on the time of the day, Tha Maharaj can either be a vintage-style open-air mall, or a neon punk’s heaven with vibrant color lights lit up the whole river bank. Pick and choose the scene you like, or camping there the entire evening and get both. However you choose, you can never walk away with an empty film roll.



Yaowarat (Chinatown)

No matter what time it is, this street will never be colorless. Ever. From countless neon signs to the tiny red lamp and golden stickers on the wall everywhere, Yaowarat is sure to breathe life into every photo you took here. Make sure to bring every camera and film rolls you want to experiment with you because there’s no better place to go if you want to learn how far your film and camera can go.



Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

If you want to pretend to be a National Geographic photographer, this aquarium is your chance! With wide glass windows looking out into the ocean enclosure, and the longest underwater tunnel in Thailand, you will get plenty of chances to be up close and personal with all the fishes and sharks without fearing for your camera’s life. Now pick the right film and let’s find out which shark will be the next IG star.



Chaloemla Gardens

This public park is… a bit abstract in its definition. You won’t be seeing many trees here, but instead, this patch of grass surrounded by buildings is filled with lots of graffiti from top to bottom. It is not only very colorful but also somewhat organized, so you can pick a corner with color shades you like and start snapping that shutter of yours as much as you like.



MOCA Museum

A minimal-style modern gallery with many artworks within. The building itself is already worthy of its own spot on your film roll, but everything inside will fill up your space very quickly, too. So if you decide to come here, don’t come with just one film roll.



Chong Nonsi Skywalk

Technically only meant to be a walkway, its unique structure turns this skywalk into one of the hotspots no photographer can resist. Especially once the nightfall and all the skyscraper lit up the night, Chong Nonsi Skywalk quickly cemented its place in the heart of neon punk everywhere.



Lhong 1919

What is better to go with film roll’s natural vintage filter than a scene coming straight out of a period movie? Lhong 1919 answers that question with its victorian era architecture, thanks to its history as a steamer boat pier where all goods from as far as Beijing or Malaka once enter Siam right here. From the 19th-century warehouses to a tavern you can see in old Chinese movies, this cultural heritage attraction will meet your vintage camera halfway with its own classic era charm.



Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

Another teenage hangout with many artworks to choose from as your model, this gallery in the Siam area is also a photographer’s playground. The artistry you can put on your film begins from the very sight of the building, and the exhibitions inside that constantly changing will make you keep coming back here over and over.



Science Center for Education and Planetarium

Just the planetarium itself is enough to make your photographer’s spirit salivate, as the wonder of the universe is brought down close enough to be put in your film roll from many lightings and angles. If the stars are still not enough to fill your film roll down to its last length, the science center next to the planetarium is also full of science gadgets and inventions that’ll put your skills to the test.