Having a dog and a kit in your care, can make you not want to part with them for a single moment. But we know that’s not possible due to our work, social lives and other stuff! This made us worried sick about our pet! For any pet owner out there, an 8-hour wait is already a long time for our four-legged friends to be waiting

What if we have to go somewhere really far away and stay there for a long time? What if those places don’t let us bring our pets in? Leaving them at home with no one to care for them is an even more worrying situation.

So if you have to go somewhere for a long time with no one to take care of them then Lifesara has got some solution for you! We will be recommending some “Pets hotels” in Bangkok! These places offer places for both cats and dogs. They are all beautiful places that your four-legged friends will love; suitable for leaving them there for a few days. A stress relief for both the owners and the pets! Let’s have a look at these places.

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Catnimal Cat hotel

If for some reason you must be away from your furry friends, then come to Catnimal Cat hotel in Bangkruay. The hotel’s atmosphere is lovely with minimalist decoration that gives off Muji brand-vibes and homey feel. Relax and feel at ease just like back home!

The place is designed specifically for cats. Their main consideration is to make the cats feel relaxed when they have to be away from their owners. A lovely place to stay will help make them feel relaxed and happy without any stress.

The caregiver will also pamper your car with all the services they would ever need, such as cleaning, trimming, food and cleaning. They even have a nicely partitioned room with a tranquil atmosphere for your pet as well!

📌Service price : :
– Standard Room 350 /Day holds 1 pet (2nd pet, add on 50 baht extra)
– Balcony Room 550/Day holds 2 pets (3rd pet, add on 50 baht extra)

📌Promotion :
– 10% discounts when booking for more than 5 nights

📍Location : 134/4 Pruksa Town village Next Tiwanon-Rama 5

📌Contact information
FB : Catnimal Cat hotel – โรงแรมแมว แคทนิมอล รับฝากแมว พระราม5 ราชพฤกษ์ นนทบุรี
Line | Tel : 083-074-8819


Cat and Dog friendly

A minimalist pet hotel from Cat and Dog friendly from Ramkhamhaeng 124. This is a really cute hotel with a fuzzy atmosphere that has been operating for more than 8 years. The services are well-rounded for all your cats and dogs. They also offer delivery service and bathing services for your pet as well.

The place also has an air-conditioned zone. The pets aren’t cramped together and won’t be playing together all at once. Cleaning service is provided regularly with CCTV surveillance throughout the 24 hours. If an owner has no time to care for their pets then this establishment is one of the better choice out there.🐱🐶


Koii Doghome

Next up let’s look at Koii Doghome from the Charansanitwong area. The place is a high quality cat and dog hotel with a beautiful room. The pets aren’t cramped together or loaded into a cage but have their own air-conditioned rooms. They won’t be put together with other pets and have plenty of space to play as well. Rest assured, as there is always someone caring for them.

For pet mommy and daddy with no time or need to go out and work somewhere far away this is another good option to take care of your pets. Every room is monitored with CCTV so you can see how they are doing. They also offer bathing and delivery service via Grab pets as well so you needn’t worry.

📌Promotion :
– Price depends on animal weight; starts at 500 Baht, next pet gets a 60% discount

📌Contact Information
Tel : 095-595-5355
Line : @koiidog
FB : โคอิด็อกโฮม โรงแรมสุนัขและแมว ดูแลใกล้ชิด ถนนจรัญสนิทวงศ์
Web : https://koiidoghome.blogspot.com/


Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat

Let’s move on to a pet hotel with a cafe and chill atmosphere from Ratchathevi. The place isn’t just an ordinary cat hotel but is also a homemade brunch cafe, where every cat’s servant can gossip about their overlord’s plan while sipping on some coffee and stare at the majesty of their feline masters. Or if you are just bored and looking to change the atmosphere of your workplace while looking at kittens, then this place isn’t a bad choice either!

The services for the cats are also comprehensive as the hotel is staffed by caregivers who will care for the cats 24/7. They will clean, brush, and rub them everyday. On top of that, they also provide food and drink services like a cafe, making them a community cafe for cat lovers and coffee lovers of sorts. Another pet hotel that ticks all the boxes for the owner and the cat!

📌Promotion :
See the link for details

📍Location : 480/52 Petchburi road, Petchburi road subdistrict, Ratchathevi, Bangkok 10400

📌Contact Information
FB : Bad Habits & Sleepy Cat
Line : @cathabits.bkk
IG : @cathabits.bkk
Tel : 082-624-0739


Ai-neko cat hotel

If you plan to travel to a different province or another country then visit the cat hotel on the way to the airport, the Ai-neko cat hotel. A cat hotel with a Japanese theme and a cutesy and fuzzy atmosphere.

The highlight of this hotel is that pet owners can deposit more than 10 cats at the same time! Really good choice for people with a lot of cats who need to travel far away that can’t take care of their cats. This place ticks all the boxes and takes all your worries about your cat away. 🐱

📌Service Rate
– Cat room starts at 380 per night

📍Location : Sutthisan Vinijchai road, Dindaeng, Bangkok, 10400

📌Contact information
Tel: 081-173-9715
Line: @aineko
FB: ai-neko cat hotel
IG: ainekoth
Email: aineko.cathotel@gmail.com


Kaneko cat hotel

Kaneko cat hotel’s service is one of the best as they have a lot of staff who will always take care of the cat and a 24 hours CCTV surveillance. On top of that, they also have a health checkup service by a veterinarian who will keep your cat hygienic at all times! A really good choice for your impawtant friend!

Kaneko cat hotel’s service is one of the best as they have a lot of staff who will always take care of the cat and a 24 hours CCTV surveillance. On top of that, they also have a health checkup service by a veterinarian who will keep your cat hygienic at all times! A really good choice for your impawtant friend!

📌Service rate: :
– 1 night 350.-
– 3 nights 799.-
– 5 nights 1,199.-
– 7 nights 1,499.-
– 10 nights 2,000.-
**Prices are for rooms with 1-2 cats

📍Location : 4/1396 Nawamin road, Khlong Klum, Bung Klum, Bangkok 10230
Opening hours : everyday 10.00-19.00

📌Contact information
Tel : 083-706-0056
Line : @konekocathotel
FB : โรงแรมแมว Koneko Cat Hotel รับฝากเลี้ยงแมว


Meeplatu hotel and spa for cat

For the last spot we have the MeePlatu hotel and spa for cats (We have mackerel). This is a cat hotel on the Thonburi side of Bangkok. The hotel has a natural atmosphere that reminds you of a cool backyard garden that will help the cat relax worry-free while their owner is away.

The highlight of this place are the connected rooms, nature-view rooms and private rooms. The rooms are clearly separated and there are no cages in every room thus making it extremely safe for your cats.

The rooms’ themes are also varied, depending on your preference. These themes include: astronomy room, inspection room, pilot room, princess room, prince room, hiker’s room, scientist room, magician room, meteorologist room and a whole host of styles the owner can choose from.

The hotel is also loaded with facilities such as air purifier, dust mite vacuum cleaner, clean drinks, wheat, fountain or a central area for all the cats to exercise. Trained staff are on standby with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. Cat owners in Thonburi shouldn’t miss out on this shop!

📌Promotion :
Size S
: Small room 1.25*1.5 m, astronomy room theme, inspection room theme suitable for 1-2 cats
Size M
: Room size of 1.3*2 m, pilot room theme, meteorologist theme, science room theme maximum 2-3 cats
Size L
: Room size (1) 2.25*1.5 m , (2) 1.3*2 m , magician and hiker theme room, suitable for cats that loves climbing, up to 3-4 cats
Size XL
: 2.0*1.5 m, Prince and princess theme room, up to 4-5 cats

📍Location : 691 Phutthamonthon Sai 3, Salathamasop, Thaweewatthana, Bangkok 10170 10170
Opening hours
Opens 09:00 – 20:00
Start check-in at 09:00
Spa opens at 10:00

📌Contact Information
Tel : 098-236-3515
FB: @MeePlaTu
LineID : @MeePlatu
IG : @MeePlaTu