If you believe in Chinese astrology, then the 🎊Chinese new year🏮 can either brings you much joy or dread. While many Chinese, ethnically or just culturally, decorated the street with red and gold, while also watching acrobatic lion dances, just as many people must race to the holiest temples to pray for the gods to take away their misfortunes🌟 Because the animals in the Chinese zodiac are not there just to be cute but also to be the sign of fates that will come.

In this year of the tiger🐯, all people born under the monkey🐒 sign are destined to divine scrutiny with extreme prejudice, the fate that is partially shared by those of tiger🐅, pig🐖, and snake🐍 sign. To be under divine scrutiny means that all your deeds will receive twice the consequence. So if you’re doing good, then great fortune will favor you. If you did wrong, however, the ten-fold misfortune will be upon you, regardless of your intention. This is why we at Lifesara create a list of temples being famous for warding off bad luck for you. Come with us and make sure that this year must be the best for you!!


Chao Pho Suea Shrine

The famous temple is dedicated to the patron god of the Teochew people. The name ‘Tiger god’ came from a local legend of a tiger that jump into the funeral pyre of the man who raised it. Today, Chao Pho Suea is famous for his power to ward off evilness, so many misfortunate will come to pray for his protection 🐯

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Wat Mangkon Kamalawat (Leng Noei Yi)

This Chinese temple right next to Chinatown is the heart and soul of all Chinese Thais🥡🥢 Wat Mangkon have been designed in accordance with Chinese geomancy and built with authentic Chinese architecture. Every Chinese god you’ll need to worship for any reason can be found here, especially Caishen, the god of wealth. It is a common ritual for many Chinese families to spend the last day of the Chinese new year festival coming here.

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Wat Borom Racha Kanjanapisek Anusorn (Leng Noei Yi 2)

The biggest, grandest, Chinese temple🏮 you’ll ever see in central Thailand. This temple is a collaboration between Chinese-sect Buddhists in Thailand and Taiwan, so it was created in an image of Taiwan’s most famous temple. The sight of this building and the number of holy relics and idols housed here will make you wonder if this is what Chinese heaven looks like.

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Wat Bhoman Khunaram

This marble temple🛕 is a combination of Thai, Chinese, and Tibetan architecture in the most wonderful blend, from Thai-style temple structure, Chinese paintings on the wall, to the buddha image sculpted with Thai art, but wearing Chinese clothes. Also, this temple is the resting place of the most famous Chinese-sect monk in Thailand as well.

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Wat Thiphaya Waree Wihan

The name ‘holy water’ comes from the natural well inside this temple with its own water source👀💧. Aside from the water, this temple is also devoted to the green dragon god, the patron god famous for his blessing of fortune. So this is also a good place to visit if you wish for your life to be the most fabulous as it could be this year🌟

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